Young master Damien's pet
281 Meadow- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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281 Meadow- Part 3

A small grin made way on his face and he said, "This is me making up for those times. But if you think about it, I was worried where you would turn to be a black witch. Imagine the joy I felt when you climbed the tree," he said proudly for her to shake her head. She didn't know how she did it but if someone were to ever ask her to climb a tree she doubted she would ever be able to do it, "We both were strangers before but now we have passed on to be a very lovable couple."

Penny who had only sipped her tea about to swallow it, started to cough. Damien patted her back gently.

"C-couple?" she asked him, continuing to clear her throat while looking at him. 

He tilted his head, "Are we still on the master-slave relationship? I don't mind that either," he took the cooked meat and put it in her mouth to see her reeling with the word 'couple', "I like you, you like me, we have kissed. We share the same bed and blanket. What else is there?" he questioned, his eyes already holding the answer where Penny this time decided to not run her mouth to give the answer he was waiting for, 

"You were speaking about the amazing me. Continue."

"The person you appear to be is you but there's another side to you. With the way my first week passed by with you, I don't think you would bring anyone to a meadow." 

"I try my best," he shrugged his shoulders making her smile again. She had been smiling more freely now. Like the smile, he had caught when he had seen her standing in the rain with an umbrella in her hand. 

It had been weeks, no not weeks but months since he had seen her smile like this. Her unbridled smile that had caught his attention time after time before they met each other. 

She truly did look beautiful. Of course, the initial plan had been to go to the local theater which she once used to work but buying her the dress with necessary altercations and size with the way he wanted it, he had decided to turn around the plan so that they could spend their time together. Alone without any distractions. 

He heard Penny continue to speak with the same vigor but this time she had set the teacup down and stopped eating the food, waiting to continue to speak, "You are a strange man, Damien. Strange doesn't cover the person you are, I think weird might be more suitable," she said thoughtfully. 

"Hmm, I am not sure if you are praising me anymore," Damien gave her a look but she shook her head. 

"It is the truth," and she said, "You are a strange man but in truth, you are like an onion," Damien's eyes narrowed at the reference she made, comparing him to a mere vegetable, "You have different shades once a person gets to know you. You are mean but at the same time you care in your odd way."

"I am listening," Damien leaned closer to her, giving her all his attention, "Thankfully, you didn't refer to me like a carrot."

"Carrots don't have the different shades of layers in them," she reminded him for him to go 'Oh' dramatically, "I never thought you had it in you, to take me to a place full of butterflies or here. You appear more simple now, someone I can understand. It wasn't much but you treated me well and helped me. Accepting me being a white witch, which is hard but you helped me ease into it with everything around, I don't think many people do that. Not even our blood or relatives who claim that they are close to us."

"I am glad that you have finally understood my worth," Damien's words came out to be more dramatic, "You never know if someone will come and steal me right under your nose while you are still wondering if we are a couple."

She blushed, her eyes looking down at the teacup, picking it up. Before bringing it close to her lips, she said, "I thought the secret kisses would be enough," she took a sip, her eyes looking somewhere else and her expression coy. 

"You will need more than the secret kisses. Do you know how many women want me?" he asked her. 

"I wouldn't doubt that, Master Damien. You might have charmed them like a snake before pushing them away," Damien rolled his eyes. 

"I did nothing of that sort," first it was a stinking onion and now she had demoted to him to snake. At the same thought, something came in his mind when he heard Penny say,

"What happened to Lady Ursula and Lady Yuvaine? Are they still chasing you?" she asked only for him to grin.


Penny frowned, asking, "Why would I? They give me no reason to be jealous," both of them appeared to be spoilt and dimwitted ladies. Penny knew she was far better than them even though she didn't inherit a mansion or a bag full of gold coins, "I have a sane mind compared to them."

"Says the one who tore the dress which I was supposed to give to the lady," Damien saw Penny's eyes stray away from him.

"Nobody ever asked you to make me wear it if you were only going to give it to her."

"If I am an onion you must be the bitter guard right now. Who knew you would be upset over it," he teased her, seeing her take a bite from the baked bread he laughed, "By the way, there was something I wanted you to look for in the church."

"The church? Haven't you been there?" she asked him. 

"I have but the time spend there isn't long enough and I don't have the Knowledge even if I did find it," he said making her curious as to what he wanted, "There must be a hidden shelf there. Nothing that you see in the eye but a shelf that holds a set of books, they will contain incomplete information too but I need you to see if you can find them."

"What am I going to look for?"

"Something about moon signs..."
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    《Young master Damien's pet》