Young master Damien's pet
273 Family that didn“t exist- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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273 Family that didn“t exist- Part 2

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The village was the same as they had seen last time. People there were always nosey but it was like that everywhere. The village folks and town folks were always more interested in others' lives than fixing their own. The ones who fixed never stayed behind here and instead moved to another town to have a better life. That was how it was.

Since the last episode that took place here, when they entered the village, people looked at Damien more than her. The man loved the attention which he received from the people around him, the stares hardly fazed him as they walked towards her uncle and aunt's house.

Penelope felt her nerves become jittery. She knew that her relatives would not take her presence well. If she were to come here alone, they would never open the door or have the door closed on her face. She also knew it wouldn't be the same when Damien was standing next to her. 

She caught sight of her aunt who was feeding the cow that was tied to a pole next to their house. Upon seeing Penny and the pureblooded vampire approaching the house, an expression of anger crossed the elderly woman's face. She walked towards the door and stood still. 

Ignoring Damien's presence, her aunt turned to speak to Penelope, "You have some nerve to show your face up here after what you put your uncle and I through," her nose flared as she spoke those words. 

"Haven't you shamed us enough?" asked the elder woman looking at Penny who was two-inch taller than her. The words were harsh for Penny to digest. To think of people whom she considered family all this while had only used her. Keeping her like a goat to butcher it when the time came for their own use. 

Trying to not take it to her heart, Penny said, "I come here to ask you some questions. It is about my mother."

"Neither do you or your mother have any place in here anymore! Leave before I use any more words that defines what you are-"

"It is not you who should be ashamed but me for what you did," Penny snapped back, her jade green eyes flaring up with a tinge of anger, "I speak to you with the respect that you are elder to me. That you are my aunt and my mother's sister."

"She was never my sister. Don't try to associate us," was this the truth? asked Penny to herself. 

She could clearly remember the day when her mother had been buried in the cemetery while Penny had been devastated with her mother's death. With no people around who had come to pay their respects as both her mother and she were treated as outcasts, the only people who showed up were her uncle and aunt. 

'You don't have to live here by yourself. Come live with us.' That was what her aunt had told her. 'This is what your mother would want too. She would be at peace knowing you are with me, with her elder sister to look after her daughter.'

"You are nothing but a bag full of lies. I wouldn't mind if he broke some fingers of yours too," Penny huffed angrily to have the woman look at her with wide eyes. 

"That's right. You are nothing but like your mother. Threatening me, my husband. We would think you would be grateful. If it weren't for us you wouldn't be even looking the way you are right now," her aunt spat back.

Penny frowned, "You sold me to a fucking slave establishment! What part should I be grateful for? If it weren't for me I would still be stuck there or would have been killed. Do you even know what goes on in there?!" she couldn't believe how her aunt had turned out to be. Or how she had failed to see the real person behind those smiles she had received a few months ago, "You have no right to ask for me to be grateful to you."

Her aunt raised her finger up as if to shush her to avoid her from speaking another word but Damien couldn't help raise his brow over how Penny was holding herself up. He was aware that she was internally hurting yet she was fighting with her aunt. 

Penny's aunt spoke, "If it weren't for us you would have rotten yourself in that village. Don't think we don't know what happened. It was us who came to your aid when you were alone and needed emotional support."

"Words that were nothing but empty," Penny retorted back, "I should have known. For someone who never came to see how we were doing all those years, you suddenly arrived when my mother passed away. Why did you even come if you had no intention of actually helping?" Penny was disappointed with the way her family relationships were, "You could have walked away," she whispered, a small prick in her chest as she uttered those words. 

Her aunt rolled her eyes, "I kept my distance and if it weren't for your mother asking to come to take you as she was ill, I would have never come for you."

"She asked you?" Penny had never heard about this before. 

"Yes, she sent me a letter. I still have it in here," the woman stepped inside the house and Penny and Damien followed the woman inside the house. She pulled one item after another, pushing them away to pull out the small hidden drawer case which held the thin letter in it. Turning around, she handed it to Penelope, "Take it," came the impolite tone. 

 Penelope stared at the letter before taking it in her hand. Unfolding the letter, she opened it to read,

'Dear Clara, I know it has been long since we last spoke and you don't want to talk to me but I am sick. So sick that I don't think I will be able to overcome it. I have a request. Please don't refuse it. My daughter Penelope, please take care of her. Your only sister.'

The writing was short. Penny reread it again to find something in there but there was nothing she could further decipher. Right now the letter showed as if her mother was concerned about her well-being. 

What was she supposed to conclude with this?
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    《Young master Damien's pet》