Young master Damien's pet
266 What happened- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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266 What happened- Part 2

"Will you be going?" asked the other black witch seeing Ester start to pick up the things she would need before placing them in a bag. The young black witch looked at the person who appeared to be older than her in appearance. 

Her expression was calm and sober. Her eyes looking at the black witch to say, "Is there anything else you need?" though it was a simple question there was something very eerie about the way she asked, resembling nothing less to a dead corpse who was being made to talk. 

"No, we should be fine. Have a good journey," the black witch tipped her head seeing Ester starting to walk away from there, "Where do you think she is going?" asked the female to the male black witch who stood next to her. 

"Who knows. She never tells us and we never ask. Come on, we have work to do," said the black witch male, their appearances turning back to one to adorn the human form. It was much easier to blend in and have the humans not know who they were so that they could slowly start to turn every human into a half-black witch before infecting the other towns. 

Taking the man to the other side of the forest along with them while two of the black witches stayed back, the young girl with blue eyes walked on the other side. Her shadow-like body drifting in the forest ground. 

She continued to walk in the deserted forest, trees being the only companion that she had learned from a very young age. Years passed by, but the bitterness that had brewed in her mind only increased with every other day for what happened years ago. 

'Her family consisted of her parents and her older brother. They lived happily like any other family in Woville but at the same time, there were some things they couldn't enjoy like the other families. Coming from a family of white witches who weren't of high value but rather poor people, her parents worked hard enough to feed them and keep their family intact. 

One day something happened. It was when she was at the age of seven, when her father and her older brother invited a man to their house. He was a councilman who had come to offer protection. In return, he would offer them safety and protection. The man belonged to the land of Mythweald. A human. 

Many of the white witches were sought out in need of making use of their magic for the other party's purpose while offering protection from being harmed and killed. And this was decades ago. Ester was much older than she appeared to be without many people's knowledge. It was the appearance of deception. 

"Where do we go after that?" asked her father in question when the councilman gave the task which was assigned down by the council. 

"You will find a man who goes by the name Hectorman. Give him the package as I won't be available and will be traveling to Bonelake. We have some new edicts that need to be placed to make sure the vampires there don't kill more people."

"But what about the witch hunters? We heard there are far too many right now who guard the borders," asked her mother, her blue eyes looking worried at her husband. 

The witch hunters had only arisen, getting alliance from the council which was what was told to people around the witches were aware of how things worked. No matter if it falls under law or not, the witch hunters were created in the intention to kill every witch possible unless given a direct order. Which was why there was a lack of trust. 

"You don't have to worry about it. We have made sure to tell the council, relaying the message on your husband who will be giving it to the lord of Valeria, Zachary Delcrov. I am sure it shouldn't be of any difficulty once you state your name and purpose," assured the councilman with a stoic expression. 

"That's good to know," answered her father. Ester stood next to her mother, clutching on to her mother's leg as she was young, her blue eyes which were acquired from her mother staring at the man who had come to their house. It wasn't often that they had visitors to their humble home. 

"I take it that you are willing to accept the work?" the councilman confirmed to see the man give him a nod, "This is the initial payment. The rest of it will be given when you complete the work."

"What about moving my family to the land of Mythweald?" it wasn't just gold coins that were being given to them. The councilman had also given the opportunity for them to move down to the southland, a place where there was less suspicion of being witches than here in Woville. 

"We'll do it once you've completed the work. The potion is a disinfectant from the black witches' bite. So make sure you get it right and have enough of it as you carry. I will see you once I am back here," saying this, the councilman left their house. 

"Do you think it is safe?" asked the wife worriedly. 

"The borders are not safe," she said.

"You heard the councilman. The orders have been given down by the main council."

"Yes, the council who is full of pureblooded vampires, People who one ought to not trust. They are only waiting for an opportune time to kill all of us," she walked to the door, shutting it close and turning to her husband, her blonde hair which stood errantly though it was tied into a bun, "So many have gone to complete tasks and jobs which have been offered to them but none returned. Don't you think it is suspicious."

There had been cases before, some of the white witches who had gone missing after involving themselves in jobs.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》