Young master Damien's pet
249 Forbidden magic- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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249 Forbidden magic- Part 1

By the words that were exchanged now, Penny gathered that the white witches couldn't use powers like that of the black witches. To clarify she asked, "I thought the white witches couldn't make use of it," Father Antonio smiled. 

"It isn't that we can't. Being born the same as twins. One with good and the other with bad qualities, both have been gifted. It is just that white witches believe in not tapping into the black magic," he explained to have more curious on her toes. 

"Why not?" If it was going to benefit and repel the black witches, wasn't it good? She looked at Damien who looked as if he already knew the answer to it. Though he knew quite a few things about the witches, he wanted her to learn things directly from a witch and not himself. 

Father Antonio walked towards a plain wall, pulling a folded chart that was at the top with the ring to hook it below. Picking up the lump of coal which was lying around, he drew two stick figures, "This is the white witch and this is the black witch," he drew a moon and a sun to emphasize it more, "We have codes here when we speak so that we don't have any witch to pick on what we speak."

Penny knew that, "The moon is the black witch," she said.

"Correct. The moon represents the black witches and the sun represents the white witch. Here is the black magic which is made of pure darkness," he made a scribbled circle on the plane, going to draw as he spoke, "The white witches know about it. At least a lot of them who have lived in the same coven unless they are orphaned or haven't been told their origin on what they are or where they come from, where the information is lost. Leaving them completely clueless and live the life of a human. Some find out about who they are and are burnt alive because of the very trust they keep with the humans they have grown with."

Seeing father Antonio look towards Damien, Penny instinctively looked at him where he had been listening to the priest speak with an uninterested face as if he already knew about it. Looking back at the man who had looked at the pureblooded vampire, he said,

"Mr. Quinn has more knowledge about it than I do. He has been walking on these lands for a long time before I even came to existence," that was taken for granted thought Penny to herself but now that she thought about it, did the witches live as long as the humans or more than that? 

Damien spoke from his seat, "The witches came to the existence the same time the pureblooded came to be known by the humans. The witches were all white in the beginning. Though there are some stories or rumors of the existence of black witch coming forth to be different, each and every version you hear will be different. The question is which one do you believe?"

Penny waited for him to continue, her attention which was held by both the men who were speaking about the very first existence of the white witches and black witches which she was sure no one would know for sure as what the truth was. 

Leaning back in his chair in a way where the front two legs of the chair were left hanging in the air with the back legs of it supporting, "Humans, witches, vampires, each have their own version but even witches have their version mixed which you will find faults in. Like Father Antonio said, both the kinds are gifted equally because they are part of the same coin," as Penny heard Damien speak, she saw the priest drawing something more in terms of lines between the two stick figures, "The black witches when they first arrived, the truth was already known but the white witches had hid it from most of us. The truth is the black witches were once white witches."

A deep furrow formed between her brows, taking in what Damien just said on the black witches. The black witches were once white witches?

"How can that be possible?" she asked not able to grasp it. Everyone knew how different the witches were, and though they were different, the witches were burnt after finding them from hiding. 

Father Antonio stepped back in the conversation to say, "It is the black magic," she saw the arrow being pointed towards the white witch and then the black witch, "The white magic and black magic are things which are not to be tapped."

"Not even white magic?" she raised her eyebrows to see the man nod. 

"The magic is accessible to us but that doesn't mean you can take and make use of it. Using white magic in minute quantities will not harm one. We make use of it here to build the necessarily needed weapons. One of the white magic is the holy water which the humans very much seek to protect themselves. Just because the water comes from the church doesn't make it holy. The prayer that is used is nothing but a spell used by the white witches," Father Antonio placed two glasses of water for them to drink on the table,

"When a white witch starts to stray from the expected path, tapping into the forbidden magic which is the black magic, their body composition starts to change before they turn to a black witch. Mr. Quinn is right though. There are many lores that surround the black witches. Some who call them the Satan's children while some say they are born that way and maybe they are."

This meant there was more than one way the black witches came to existence, thought Penny to herself. Still thinking how unexpected it was to have the white witches turning to black witches. 

"Let me show you," said the priest, untying the robe that he wore and then the button which had the cross mark on his neck. He pulled one side of the dress that he wore to reveal the severe pigmentation that now covered on his skin which looked similar to the black witches' true form.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》