Young master Damien's pet
244 Eat you- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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244 Eat you- Part 2

"I can hear your heartbeat," Damien ran his finger back up to her neck to have her breath hitch in reaction. Leaning back close to her ear, "My sweet girl, I can feel your emotions. Tell me the truth and I will grant the wish that your skin so seeks right now."

Penny closed her eyes, wincing when Damien bit on the upper lobe of her ear. With the pain came pleasure when she felt his warm mouth which sucked on it. A sigh escaped her mouth. 

"Do you like me?" he asked her

"I don't know," Penny looked away to hide the blush that was creeping in. 

"Is that another form of yes?" he asked, biting her ear harder this time which made her whimper. When an inaudible whisper of yes came, a smile formed on Damien's lips. His lips pulling on either side, "That's what I thought," he said, his lips suddenly turning gentle where he kissed her ear. 

Trailing back his lips to her own soft ones, he kissed them to pry them open. Penny could feel her body and her mind turning light. Her thoughts turning fuzzy with his hands and lips ministrations. The fire that had been lit, Damien was only blazing it more where she could hardly think right now.

His tongue slipped into her mouth, rubbing his tongue against hers which probed and sucked hard. Tasting her one lick after another and not getting enough of the girl who now laid beneath him on his bed. 

His hands had a mind of their own, one hand of his trailed down again this time instead of placing it on her waist, he placed it on the side of her bosom which made her gasp when he used his hand, gauging the size of it with his hand which felt full and soft. 

This only gave him more access to her beautiful mouth that often had a mind of its own. Though he enjoyed her remarks and her little expressions as if she were talking to herself in her mind, he couldn't deny that this was one of the things he enjoyed. Kissing her like there was no tomorrow. 

Just as he squeezed her breasts, he pulled away from her lips to hear a whimper escape her sweet little mouth that was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. He could feel himself turning hard. Her eyes looking dazed and her lips parted as she tried to breathe in and out with her cheeks that had turned pinker than ever. 

Penny felt utterly embarrassed right now with Damien's hand that was holding her breast. Unable to look at him, she looked at the top of the bed to notice the way he held her right now which only turned her already warm body even warmer if it was possible. 

Damien, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of what was there in front of him. His eyes burned with need. He wanted to consume her to the very bone until there would be nothing to keep him apart from her. Leaning back down, he kissed the corner of her lips, his lips sweet on her skin as if it were whispering the words which hadn't been mentioned yet but what it was looking forward to doing with her. 

His lips traveled down to her neck, giving out little bites that felt like a cat that was gnawing on the skin that had Penny's body turning putty under Damien's lips. 

Just as his lips were being gentle on her skin, Damien bit right into her neck which had her clutching his shoulder tightly. She could feel him suck on her skin to draw the blood into his mouth. The movement of his lips tried to the sooth the quick prick of her skin by his fangs. 

He didn't drink too much, retracing his fangs back, he licked her skin. His coarse tongue lapping on the remnants of the blood which was there on her neck. Running it in the direction from down to up where he took a large bite on her skin playfully before letting his teeth graze on her skin. 

When he palmed her breast in his hand, feeling the softness of it every time his hand contracted and released. A hitch erupted from her throat and she gulped it down. 

Leaning forward, Damien captured her lips again. To taste and tug on them, pulling her bottom lip with his teeth while biting it before letting it go. He continued doing it to finally let go, leaving her lips sore and tender where she could still feel his lips on her even after he had withdrawn his head away from her. He let his hand slide down to fall on her waist, pulling her towards him. 

Her jade green eyes looking bright and alive with her lips parted as she looked at him. 

"Was that a good start to learn how to kiss and seduce?" he asked her. It was more than that, thought Penny to herself.

She nodded her head, averting her eyes from him. The kiss was really something. Her lips felt numb right now.

To change the topic, she asked, "Will you go talk to her now?" 

"How unromantic," he commented, not exactly chirpy with his sister brought between them, "I will go," he agreed which brought a smile on her face. She saw him pull away from her and helping her sit up. 

Before he would leave the room, he took the coat that was hanging on the stand, wearing it he found Penny sitting on the bed the way he had left her who had a dazed look since he had kissed her. Her pale skin had caught some color of red. Her hands holding each other on her lap as if she were shy. 

His mouse. 

Before leaving the room, he said, "This was just the start of it, mouse. I will soon have you in every possible way," he walked out of the room, leaving Penny with her mouth open.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》