Young master Damien's pet
232 Butler wants to quit- Part 4
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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232 Butler wants to quit- Part 4

Durik couldn't believe what he just saw. He blinked his eyes a couple of times, rubbing one of his eyes with the heel of his hand to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. His eyes moved left and right, looking at the empty corridor where there was no one around. With the rain that continued to fall down on the grounds as well as the mansion, pittering on the large windows a loud growl of thunder shook the windows as well as the half-vampire butler.

He was definitely sure that no one had passed by. At least his newly acquired vampire ears would have picked on something but then it did pick on the sounds of the footsteps that walked on the floor. What had been soft turned heavy as the intensity of the footsteps had reduced to walk to the other side of the corridor. His heart started to thud at the thought that there was a ghost living in this mansion. How else could he explain the watery footprints on the marble floor? Gulping down the fear, he started to follow the footsteps that trailed in front of him.

It was the time of noon yet the sky had certain darkness in it that diminished the light from the sky and turning the atmosphere dark and cold.

Picking up one of the lanterns which were burning warmly on the wall, the butler unhooked to take it in his hand. Carrying it with his hand, he raised it up and placed it down constantly to see if he could catch the person who had intruded the mansion.

If there was a thief, the butler couldn't wait to catch the person. He would be rewarded for keeping the mansion safe but then this was not the case. His hand shivered along with the lantern, letting the metals of the handle that was attached to the bottom of the lantern to make a sound. The clouds in the sky continued to clash against each other and growl with the sight of no one in front of him.

Trying to brave, the butler continued to walk when he felt something in the wind. His footsteps that were following the trail slowed down in thought while trying to figure out what was poking from his subconscious. His hand raised, bringing the lantern forward while waving ahead of him. Unfortunately, he lacked the ability to fall unconscious so that he could let whatever that was happening right now pass.

He stopped walking when the sounds of the thunder lowered down and again heard the footsteps. It didn't appear to be diminishing. Rather it was increasing with every second that the butler's head felt fuzzy out of fear.

The sound of the footsteps turned louder and heavier, approaching him and then it stopped leaving him to the mercy of the rain that was pouring outside. To Durik it felt as if the invisible walk had been approaching him but like the last time, there was no one would be seen. Turning his upper half of the body along with the lantern he saw no one sight when he heard a breath of air near him.

Gulping down again, he turned back his body to the initial form, lowering the lantern to see footprints in front of him.

Not that there wasn't a pair of footprints earlier when he was still following it. It was just that the footprint was not in the walking away direction but rather was facing him with no other watermark on the floor.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Snapping his eyes close, he opened his mouth to say, "Oh God, that we pray and know of. The God of Wovi-" he suddenly stopped realizing this wasn't Wovile but Bonelake. The land of East, "Bonelake!" he corrected continuing to recite the words, "Please, drive away from the spirits that haunt us and show us some mercy. Protect your children from the evilness that is trying to sway us into darkness. I abide by your words and rules and to never stray away from the path. Please, please, please," he prayed, hearing his heartbeat ringing in his ears.

He repeated a few more lines before standing still and not opening his eyes immediately. Letting a few seconds pass, he hoped, praying that whatever this spirit or ghost was would be gone. Finally, Durik did open his eyes, a sigh escaped through his lips when he noticed that the water footprints around him had disappeared. When the next sound of the thunder shook the lands, the butler bolted from there. Running from the top floor as he had never run before with his feet carrying him away from there, he reached the large stairs to run down.

What had been lurking in Quinn's mansion, had not left by the meager prayer which as offered in the air. Whoever it was, the person followed to walk with one step after another until it reached Damien's room. The footmarks went inside the room without the need to open the door. 

It walked, getting closer to the person who was on the bed. 

Penny was on the bed with her back resting against the headboard with a stack of pillows as she played with the comb she had picked from the dressing table. Running her fingers on the tips of it while she daydreamed about what Damien had told her this morning. 

When the bed next to her dipped down, she suddenly sat up and forward. Her heart skipping with the sudden movement which didn't come from her. The white sheet that covered the bed looked slightly wet and the bed sprang back making Penny open her mouth at what she saw that was in front of her or who.

A lady stood in front of her as if made of pure and clean glass. It wasn't glass but water. Her body like water and her hair flowing down but with not a single drop of water that fell down on the ground. 

Who was she or what was she?!
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    《Young master Damien's pet》