Young master Damien's pet
220 Bottled person- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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220 Bottled person- Part 2

"You are going to die. You want me to be happy about it?" she questioned wondering why Damien was not worried about his own life. Was this how every pureblooded vampires lived? Not caring about when they died because they were satisfied over the years they lived on.

"What does it matter to you?" Penny heard Damien say. His head had tilted while looking at her keenly. What did he mean by matter to her? With the choice of his words, she felt a prick in her heart. The feeling turning heavy and her breath switching to a shallower one. 

"You will be gone." 


Penny didn't know how to react to it. Damien would not be there? After a few seconds passed she heard Damien who started to chuckle as if unable to hold it in his head fell back to laugh loudly, "Oh dear mouse of mine. Aren't you just adorable? Tell me you are going to miss me and who knows. By the love you hold for me in your heart, God might take some pity and grant me more time," she stared hard at him. 

Her eyes narrowing at him before she picked up the nearest object which was at the table and to her grasp which was a book he had started to read recently. Taking it in her hand, she used it to hit him angrily but Damien used his hand to shield her soft hits that hardly affected him. Penny went on to hit him with it before realizing it was doing nothing to him. For a pureblooded vampire like him, her hits hardly affected him. 

"Taking out bottled anger is a healthy way of living," placing the book back on the table, she turned away from him to walk towards the bed. He had been teasing her. She heard him say, "People who don't often put out their anger then and there, there are tendencies where they keep it in. Collecting and placing it in their hearts thinking that's the right thing to do but it is the same people who after a certain point turn violent. 

I know you are angry," he poked her. 

"I am not going to kill you, master Damien," Penny stated, taking a seat on the cushioned, soft bed that dipped down along with her. 

A grin came to form on his lips, "How oddly specific. Who knew that, that you were plotting my death," she rolled her eyes with her head that faced looking at the ground. She was angry but she wondered if there was any point of being angry right now? 

"Is there any other witch whom I can take guidance from if not Bathsheba?" asked Penny. She didn't know why but somehow she felt that Damien hadn't actually been joking. There was a possibility of him having his heart corrupted. He had told her it didn't affect him as expected but what if there was something worse than what was to be expected? There were so many questions yet hardly few that could be answered. 

"Right now no. She was the only black witch. Though, there is one white witch who the councilmen like Lord Nicholas and the Duke visit. She is considered to be good at her work," he replied Penny. Taking the materials he had made use of, he closed the box and placed it back in the bathroom. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"But she's not safe?" asked Penny seeing him uninterested to take her. 

She could hear him speak from the bathroom, "It is not about her being safe. I haven't got to speak to her directly as most of the time I visit the church she is on errands and it is the next priest who we speak to. For the record, I am not fond of the church in general," he said coming out and stepping back in the space as her, "The problem is that if I take you there, we don't know if we will encounter a witch hunter who often keeps an eye on the church."

"Do they have nothing better to do?" asked Penny for him to grin. 

"I guess they don't. The witch hunters like to hunt every possible witch down."

Penny asked, "Is there no way then?" she asked him. 

"We can have an appointment fixed for you. Maybe you can get some insight into your ability," said Damien to receive a nod from Penny. There was something more that he wanted to ask but right now it could wait. Penelope needed the rest, her mental health being one of the concerns, "I will get you the medicines later. You need to rest right now," he suggested.

"Will you be going somewhere?" she asked him. He could detect the jittery nerves of hers. 

Damien didn't have to imagine too far on how nervous his absence made Penny feel. A good rest would help the recent event fade away slightly which would do her good. 

"Do you want me to accompany you in bed?" he asked her tastefully but what Penny took him by complete surprise. 

"If you don't mind," she looked at him. Damien didn't answer her but removing his shoes off his feet. He first pulled the blanket to cover her whilst helping her sleep on the bed on her side so that she could let her back heal. Walking around the two-bed posts, Damien placed his one knee on the bed and the other followed, getting inside the sheets.

Laying his body on his side, he looked at her where she was yet to close her eyes, "It is only a matter of time."

"For what?" she asked him. 

"For this phase to pass," he said looking into her jade green eyes. Penny didn't respond to it and instead stayed quiet. Looking at him, wondering how much the gore might have hurt him when he was a child for his body to turn to corruption. 

"Are you a bottled person, Master Damien?" her words pulled one side of his lips. 

"I used to be. Not anymore. Sleep now."
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    《Young master Damien's pet》