Young master Damien's pet
202 Thirst- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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202 Thirst- Part 2

The black witches were going too far by trying to kill people who belonged to the higher outstanding of society. People who mainly belonged to the vampire and pureblooded vampire families. It was one of the easiest ways to infiltrate and cause the infection such that it would form a plague and wipe out the entire world except for the last standing people who would be the black witches. 

Her father was a white witch but her mother...Bathsheba had hinted on how she was a black witch. It was the only application with the empty casket that was left underneath the ground which had been buried for a few months now. But how far was it true? What was to be believed and what was to be considered false assumption was hard to say. 

She had been dreaming about her childhood, strangely the ones which she didn't remember. She wondered if it was because she was far too young to remember. Just when she was about to turn to place her back against the bed, she hissed in pain. Her back hurt which made it difficult for her to move around and her bending down previously had not been a good idea. 

Penny was sure the wound which Damien had previously wrapped and tended to had not opened up wider again as it burned beneath the dress that she wore. 

She waited for Damien that night but he was late. Late enough where Penny finally fell asleep with her side on the bed. 

When morning arrived, the first thing she did was to look for Damien's presence in the room but he was not there. Did he come and go? No, it didn't seem like it, thought Penny to herself. If he would have arrived she would have woken up at the slightest noise. 

She waited for him from the morning that had arrived which moved from an hour to another that it was noon and before she knew it, the day had approached night. During the absence of Damien, it was Falcon who brought her food to the room without her having to go down and ask. But now that the butler was dead and with the other deaths that had taken place, the house had been extremely busy while being quiet. 

As time passed, her stomach started to make sound and Penny started to grow hungry. She had hoped for Damien to return but now that he hadn't with a day which was almost gone, she wondered if she should go down to the kitchen to feed herself. 

With a soft sigh escaping from her lips, her thoughts went back to what happened yesterday. 

It wasn't just the dead bodies but there was something else that weighed on Penny's mind which she hadn't spoken about to Damien. It was the other vampire who had appeared at the lake of bones. Maximillian. Seeing the handkerchief fall on the ground, she had only meant to be polite and give it to him as he hadn't noticed it but it was when their hands met did she see something very dark that hovered behind him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It wasn't a shadow but smoke that exuded darkness which made her feel uncomfortable. It wasn't the first time that she had experienced it but the second time. The first time was when she was in the laboratory of the vampire doctor near the council building. She didn't know what it was, she had been too surprised and overwhelmed to talk about it. 

If Damien was back she would have asked him. 

Where was master Damien? 

She had thought that he would return in a few hours but those hours appeared to have elongated. 

It made her wonder about what was taking so long. Did he meet Falcon's sister and had decided to bury the butler at the time of noon? After all, the girl might have been fast asleep, thought Penny to herself. It was possible but with her master's ability, he should have returned back unless he had other urgent matters to attend to. 

When the time passed by, Penny stood up from the bed and decided that it was time to go get her some food. Every servant was provided with food so she should be able to ask for food by one of the servants right? Looking towards the wall where the clock sat on, she realized it was late. Late enough that the family members of the Quinn might have finished having their dinner by now and so would the servants which was even better, she said to herself.

Padding her bare feet across the room, she opened the door and stepped outside the room to see the lights that were dimly lit. The candle lights flickered as she moved past them, causing a small breeze when she walked by them. 

Her steps were careful even though there was no one in sight. Remembering the dead maid lying near the foot of the stairs, she suddenly paused to blink her eyes to see there was nothing there. 

Walking further down to reach the end of it, she made her way towards the kitchen and on her way she found none. As if everyone had gone to bed early and the maids and the other servants had disappeared to their quarters quickly to avoid the ill fate that had fallen last night. 

Reaching the kitchen, Penny went to look at what was available so that she could take some bites before heading back to the room. The lantern that was placed in the kitchen was running low with less light. As she rummaged through the vessels, opening them one after another, she finally found the pot that had meat in it. The smell alone had her mouth-watering.

Picking up a small bowl in one hand and the other holding the ladle, she was ready to add the food when she heard Grace's voice,

"Look at the thief we have here. Stealing food in the middle of the night when the rest goes to sleep," there was an evil smirk on her face as she stood there with her hands crossed against her chest like she had hit good luck finally.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》