Young master Damien's pet
199 No one here- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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199 No one here- Part 1

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Let's aim for #1 in the power ranking. Four chapters have been updated...

The coachmen walked down from the edge of the cliff where their master, the slave girl and the late butler who was now dead laid on the ground. Their master didn't often bother with the servants, killed by others or himself it never mattered to him after all he was a pureblooded vampire. A kind that shared no empathy or sympathy. The dead were often brought here to be thrown into the lake of bones which not only formed a cemetery but also a way to avoid any blame being put. If anyone killed someone, it was easy to put them here to hush the matter. 

Unlike the humans who were scared to be caught and punished over a murder while also having their own assumption of the lake of bones, they were more well behaved in comparison to the higher people who knew how to escape. It was only problematic when the person who was killed belong to the higher society. The lives of the lower society who were poor and had no status never mattered much. 

Thinking that Master Damien would himself throw the butler after having a word or two with the dead in silence, the servants left them at the hill and took the hill like edge to get down and go back to the carriage to wait for the man to return. 

The night wind had turned stronger and colder, biting into Penny's skin where the quarter of her hands were not covered. With the Winter which was almost here, the cold had increased that turned her hands and fingers numb but she paid less attention to it. 

She looked at Damien who had ordered his men to leave to look back at the sea, the wind blowing his black mane as seconds turned to minutes where he finally turned to look at Penny, "His sister lives in the land of the north."

"Woville?" questioned Penny to see him nod. 

"Yes. I will have the coachmen to take you back home."

Penny frowned slightly. Not knowing that the butler's sister lived in another land and assuming she lived in Bonelake, she had decided to follow Damien, "Will you be going alone?" she asked him. 

Damien hummed, "Let me see you down and have you on your way to the mansion," seeing her give him a look, he said, "I don't have the time to take him in the carriage to Woville. It will take two days to reach there by which time the body would have turned bad. No one will be able to stand around it. Using my ability it will consume more energy and blood. Taking you and him together even more because of the number of people and the distance that needs to be covered."

Her eyes titered to look away from him, and she nodded her head as if understanding what he meant. 

"Okay," she answered him. Penny wasn't as close as Damien to Falcon. The only difference while compared to the rest of the people who lived and resided in the mansion, the butler was someone who had been kinder though quiet with her which was why she sympathized with him. 

Walking towards her, he took her back to the carriage where the coachmen were waiting for them, "Take her back to the mansion. I will be returning back later. I have elsewhere to go," he ordered them. 

Before Penny stepped inside the carriage where the coachman stood with the open door, she paused. Turning to look at Damien. She wanted to say something but the words never came as her lips never parted to speak. With her eyes looking into his which looked dark in color and his expression slightly on the voider side, she finally stepped into the carriage. 

Damien watched as the carriages left, both of them disappearing in the forest path and he looked up at the cliff he had come down from with Penny. In a blink of the whisper of the wind, he was back at the top of the cliff like a hill. Looking down at his dead butler whose eyes were now closed and looked less saddening to witness. For a pureblooded vampire like him who had everything from the power to money to status with immortality, the lives of others didn't truly matter. People died with every passing day, either by violence or by natural death which made on used to it. 

The butler wasn't meant to die but he died anyway. His life sacrificed to save his own family. 

Picking up the dead man from the ground. he placed him on his shoulder before vanishing from the spot to leave the cliff empty with no person to look down at the lake of bones which had the foggy smoke moving, the whispers of the people who were thrown and dead to leave behind their bones and memories that were almost washed away. 

When Damien reached the land of Woville, the temperature here was much warmer than Bonelake. 

It was the time of midnight. He walked in the alleyways of the village which looked much more in a slump than the last time he had seen. Some of the houses had the lanterns outside burning while others had it turned off to save the oil for the next day. 

With Falcon on his shoulder, he walked inside the village, his eyes picking on sight and hearing to see no one around and to only have silence as a company. Placing the dead man in the cemetery while noticing the WatchGuard who had fallen asleep deep on his chair which was situated in the corner, right outside the cemetery he went to the house which he had visited only once when Falcon had last visited which was years ago. The butler and his sister were half-blooded vampires with no parents. The only relative they had, had tried to rape his sister who turned dead. 

Walking towards the house which he knew belonged or where the other half-vampire lived, he knocked on the door.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》