Young master Damien's pet
193 Gentle hands- Part 4
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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193 Gentle hands- Part 4

Dabbing the gel on her back to avoid any infection on it, Damien put the cap back on the tube as he rotated it with his lean fingers. Placing it inside the box along with the cotton which hadn't been used, he picked the stained pieces of cotton to place it away. With her back bare that was in full view for him to see, Damien took his time to admire the expanse of her smooth back which made his fingers itch to touch and tease her. Her shoulder wasn't as tense as before which was good, thought Damien to himself.

Penny who laid on the bed wondered if that was all, asking him, "Is it done?"

"All done," he said to see her try to get up but every time she tried the wound tried to squeeze itself to bring back the burning pain on her skin. 

Damien pushed the box below the bed. Climbing on the bed and next to her, he said, "Let me help," without waiting for her to protest which she didn't, he placed both his hands beneath her body to raise and help her sit from the side before she could sit completely upright. 

Penny had her hands holding the front of her dress so that it wouldn't fall off her body. Her eyes didn't meet his as her neck had turned red. Her eyes were slightly puffy due to the crying and her lips, her soft lips that he wanted to know more were pink in color. She looked delectable right now and he wanted to do nothing but devour her to the very ends of her soul. Unable to resist the temptation that was in front of him, Damien held her hand just when she was about to get down from the bed so that she wouldn't slip away. Not that there was any place he couldn't find her if she were ever to run. 

There was a mixture of question and anxiousness in those green eyes of hers. Her heart started to beat with every second that passed between them that he didn't have to strain his ears. Penny had always been an open book to Damien but the man had a keen gaze. 

"Master Damien?" she asked to gain his attention as he appeared to be in a dazed state. The more he continued to stare down at her, the more anxiousness built itself in her nerves that were going to bring a nervous breakdown. 

Her heart skipped a beat when the hand that he was holding on to was brought up. Bringing it up close to his lips to kiss her knuckles. His eyes were closed which made the gesture look that much sincere. 

"Fall in love with me quickly, mouse," she felt her heart slip in her ribcage as he said it, pulling his lips away from her hand to look up at him, "I won't promise to wait but I will try, so fall quickly. And I will be here, waiting to catch you," his voice came out huskier as he said this, bringing both of them closer. 

Damien had been worried not once but twice today. After realizing that the person in his bedroom wasn't Penny it had made him worried and Damien was never worried about anything. To make things worse the girl had injured herself in the room. The troublesome mouse of his. 

Penny didn't know how to respond. Usually retorting back with the bicker sufficed the atmosphere but words failed her with what he had to say or what he did. Instead the barriers she had built around her heart were falling one down after another where his words had started to sway and affect her. 

"I am affecting you. Just like now," this man didn't hold back anything. His words were daunting which made her heart shudder, "Aren't I?" it wasn't a question that had to be answered when both of them knew what the truth was. Penny had been quiet, for someone who had a lot to speak about but right now, she was speechless. 

Damien looked back at her to see her bow her head as much as she could to say, "Thank you for today," she was truly happy that he had come for her. Even her relatives who had sold her had shown little to no remorse when she had appeared on their doorstep. 

"I would do it again for you without thought but let us hope it doesn't happen," Her heart shuddered.

His hand ran through the back of her head. Touching and testing it to see her flinch again. There seemed to be a bump on the side of her head which should get better by tomorrow, thought Damien, his eyes shifting to smoothen her hair. When his eyes met hers, he saw the confused expression and smiled,

"Did you think I will only torture and tease you?" he hit the nail. These were the times Penny doubted that he could read her mind. He didn't leave room for any thoughts as he pulled her closer to him. Kissing her on her lips testingly at first to receive no resistance which made him smile into the kiss. Out of joy, he kissed her cheek before biting on it playfully making her yelp softly. 

"Why are you biting my cheek?" 

"I felt like it. Such a cute mouse, one can't help but gobble up at sight," his words turned her cheeks pink. He then asked, "So will you?" 

She looked at him quizzically. Did he ask her a question?

"When are you falling in love?" he asked making her want to drown herself in the bathtub right now.

"I-I don't know. What kind of question is that!"  she asked embarrassed by the answer she came up with making him chuckle. His chuckle came out to be free-spirited that caught her attention where she couldn't look away from him. 

Damien grinned, "Did you fall?" he asked, that had her eyes looking away.


"You don't have to admit it. Damien understands what his mouse feels," he said making her cheeks burn bright red.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》