Young master Damien's pet
190 Gentle hands- part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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190 Gentle hands- part 1

When Penny had woken up, she had been surrounded in utter darkness, where even with her eyes opened, she could see nothing. With the village-like town that had turned to a no man's land, there was no one to live and no one to put up lights in and around where she was. The entire place was built compactly as if there had been scarcity when it came to space. With only a few meters away from one another, the buildings were tall to let any possible form of light to touch the ground or any other lower part of it.

She had been scared. Even when she had been placed in the cell room for her brash behavior in the slave establishment, Penny hadn't been worried. Maybe it was because of her lack of knowledge of how this side of the world worked.

A human lived a life of bliss. Not knowing the dark deeds that took place behind the curtains and when a person stepped on this side of the world, there was no returning back to a normal life. She had seen death more than twice now which reminded her what world she was part of. Gone were the days where she only wanted to go to the theater to turn to one of the renowned actresses so that she could earn enough money and make her life better. But she was no more the human Penny to have simple dreams. She now was a white witch who couldn't divulge herself in such whimsical wishes and had to look for her survival. The stench of blood that was previously not there in the air was now potent making her nauseous. 

She knew something bad must have taken place. The last she remembered was the smoke before something touched her head which now hurt like hell. She cringed in pain, trying to move her head carefully while trying to see if there was a way to call for help or to escape as her hands and feet were tightly bound. 

Whoever had done it, had made sure she didn't escape. And if the prisoner was still around while she was trying to crawl her way out, Penny had no clue what was to come. Where was Master Damien? It was unlike him to leave her unless something had happened to him. Sadly when Damien had picked the switcher without realization and left the village, Penny had woken twenty minutes after that with no one around her. 

She tried to remove the bounds of rope that had been tied but it was useless to do anything. Hoping to work on her legs, she tried it for minutes. The struggle making her tired before she came to realize she would have to crawl. What Penny had not realized or seen was that this was a pitchfork room. 

The room was used as a shed by one of the families where the main door was now broken. Neither the switcher nor she knew of it as the room held of no importance which looked empty with little spread of hay around the floor that made the ground dry instead of the wet mud. 

She had waited for Damien to come. Hoping he would come and take her back to the mansion as this place was creeping her with the utter darkness. 

Wanting to move out of the room so that she could get out of there and ask for possible help, she started to move her body but there was a wooden looking board that stopped her from moving forward. Wanting to push it away, she leaned back suddenly to cry out in pain due to the metal that pierced through the upper layer of her skin. 

With the pitchfork that stuck to her back snuggly, she stayed still. Tears falling down from her face one after another with the sudden intrusion. She took a deep breath, not knowing what it was. Her being the only one in the room it was obvious that it was an object. She couldn't turn back. Even the slightest movement right now as she had to breathe in and out turned to be difficult as with every inhale she could feel whatever had pierced her back stuck closer to her body bringing ever more pain. 

The painful cry broke through her lips, whining as she moved forward to feel the sharpness of the pitchfork to come along with her before it fell to the side. Tears poured down her cheeks. The sting and burn on her back with the sharp metal that made way into her skin now hurt. Unable to handle the pain which she had never gone through before she tried to calm herself by taking deep breaths to soothe her erratic nerves that were consumed with pain.

 She could feel her back throb. Not moving anymore she sat quietly until she heard a pair of footsteps that she heard walking. 

Not knowing if it was someone who had tied her here like this and left her on her own, she didn't call for help. Waiting to see someone enter the room who was none other Damien himself. 

Having him come here finally, she didn't know why but she felt her eyes tear up again but the tears never fell. She knew it was him because of the silhouette. 

Seeing him walk towards her and untie her while she sat silently, she couldn't stop the tears when he placed his hand on her cheek. The touch was tender which only made her that much more emotional. She didn't know where he was before and what had kept him from fetching her from here but now that he was here, she felt her chest fill up at the sight and actions of his.

Why was he being so nice, thought Penny as tears fell down? When did this mean master of hers turn gentle? He wound his hands around her gently which made her eyes burn further.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》