Young master Damien's pet
184 Pile of them- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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184 Pile of them- Part 1

The girl who looked like Penny looked back at Damien with eyes wide before the expression started to change one of mockery but it was a short-lived expression where Damien pulled the cork further back, "I know your kind. Switcher," he announced for the girl's smile to slip out of her face, "Your kind has been causing nothing less to the trouble of what the black witches are up to but who knew that both of you would be working together."

"You cannot kill me, Damien," the girl who posed to be Penny touched the gun, ready to push it away but Damien was in no mood to play cat and mouse when his actual mouse somewhere else here.

"What happened to calling me Mr. Quinn? I don't take disrespect well."

"I don't think you need one now that we know I am not your lovely girl," said the switcher girl who had impersonated Penny. 

"The witches are trying to use humans to gain their powers back. What is it in for you?" asked Damien without missing a heartbeat. Switchers were another type of creature where one of the council team had discovered recently. They were the kind who took on the appearance of the others, living others' lives whilst killing the person to avoid being caught. Lately, there had been many murders in Bonelake and Valeria. Melted bodies found in the forest and behind the houses like a reptile who sheds their skin seasonally. 

There had been suspicion raised the very first time since he had bought Penny from the black market. The death of the woman that was discovered by Penny.

Thinking back on the day of what happened he remembered Penny having to go to use the bathroom while he waited for her with the meal. Call it the sixth sense but something felt odd in the air, like the wind that carried itself had something different which had him walking out of the private room he was seated in. 

Stepping out he looked around the different passage and the stairways that led up and down the lavish building. A woman appeared from the other woman, she was a human and by her clothes, the person wasn't of too high status. And though there was nothing that caught his eyes, there was still something in the air which he couldn't point. 

Walking further, he had found Penelope who had discovered a dead body at back of the large house. The woman was none other than the person who had walked by him in front of the room he was assigned to. Having the exact two faces, clothes, and appearance was uncanny which was when he found out that there was a creature who possessed the ability to shapeshift. The matter was conveyed to the Lord of Bonelake, Nicholas Rune as he was the person looking after the East land. 

"Wouldn't you want to know everything," chuckled the girl, "I have heard quite a few things about everyone and it is surprising I have met you here." 

"Are you going to speak or should I blow your brains out?" 

The switcher twisted her lips, the green eyes looking at him, "Let me go and I shall offer you with information which will blow your mind instead." 

"I am all ears," he said waiting for the switcher to start speaking.

"What are you doing here? Taking the girl's appearance and baiting me in here just to convert the humans and the rest of the species to a dead land."

"I wasn't told anything clearly about the plan." 

"How odd. You didn't care or you were only tagging along?" he questioned the switcher as she continued to answer him. 

"The black witches were hiding in here and I decided to tag along due to the recent death that happened in the other land."

"Whom did you kill?"

"A Duke's daughter," Damien shook his head, "So what is this information which you plan to let me in on for your life," the imposter Penny stared into Damien's eyes, wanting to make sure the man would let her go instead of killing her right here and now. 

"How do I know you will let me walk free from here?" 

"No ever spoke of letting you walk free. It will purely depend on if the information which you are going to share is worth sparing your life or not," said Damien, taking one step closer to the girl, "Start speaking. Don't think I am playing around here. The bullets in here will work on you or any other creature."

"I overheard from that witch," the girl nudged her head towards the first witch who Damien had torn the face into two halves horizontally, "That there's a witch. Blue eyes but I haven't seen her."

"How do you know she has blue eyes?" Damien questioned him.

"Women are not quiet and like to speak a lot. It was something I picked on. You were only going to be a puppet in the show. But the main black witch is planning something big," said the girl.

"You are not a female."

"No," the person replied back, "She has already sent one of us to the council."

Hearing this Damien frowned. It wasn't possible that the 'us' meant a black witch. Witches couldn't step in or around the council but Penny being a white witch was able to step on the ground without any problem. 

If he were to know before that Penny was a witch, he would have kept her in the mansion without bringing her anywhere close to the council. 

The ring of stardust was added in and around the council so that the witches would never be able to step inside to harm or manipulate anyone with their black magic or white magic. It was something that was created by his very aunt and mother of Lord Alexander, his cousin. She was considered to be one of the highest white witches who must have appeared to be a threat to many people who had ill plans in their minds for their own benefit.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》