Young master Damien's pet
161 Possessive master- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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161 Possessive master- Part 2

Penny stared at him. Was she imagining or was Damien being jealous? The thought itself made her stomach stir fuzzily which she didn't understand.

"I am a possessive man, Penny. Did you think I would be okay with you on the stage where there will be millions more attracted to you?" he cleared the air and question that rose in her mind. Damien bent down, his forehead almost touching hers, "Do you want to know how and when I fell for you? It's about time I confessed to you properly," he whispered looking into her jade green eyes. 

"I think it's okay if you don't," Penny blurted out. This master of hers was going to embarrass her to the point where she would die out of sheer embarrassment. 

He clicked his tongue. As she raised her hands up, he caught them with a charming smile to pin them on the bed. Bending down further, he bit into her skin on her neck making her cry. Licking the spot, he soothed it. His coarse tongue taking its sweet time on her skin, "What a rude pet I have. Should I show who is the master here? Hmm?" he murmured as his breath blew on her wet skin making her shudder. 

"Penelope, you are mine and as much as I love to show off, there are certain things I don't like to do. At least not to display you on the theater with other men flocking. Of course, if it was possible we could do it together. I could be your forever Romero with a happy ending and you be my Julieta. But theater is fun to watch but to take part in it to entertain others is not my forte. I rather have it the other way round. Do you understand?" he lifted his head, his glasses still continuing to be there on his face which had slightly slid down on his nose. 

He stared into her eyes as if he were looking into her very soul. The dark red unblinking eyes continued to stare at her with the time that stood still, his face inched closer to her. 

"I cannot bear the thought of you being ogled by others when you aren't next to me," he whispered the words to her.

Penny found it daunting that the man who had appeared to be frivolous in his actions. Taunting and teasing people for his own entertainment was now being possessive as well as jealous about a simple matter of her working in the theater, "Don't you think you're going too far ahead with your feelings, master Damien?" 

"Am I?" he questioned her back. His usual way of dealing things on asking a question on another question, "It's logical if you think about it. You are my woman," he attacked her with his words. He leaned closer to her lips and Penny could feel the heat from his lips passing on to hers. Her lips parting to take in a large amount of air. 

Oh, master Damien, show some mercy!

And he did by saying, "It is much more sweeter than what you think it is to be. Don't refuse," he placed his lips on hers. He licked her lips playfully to hear her breath hitch and he sucked on it. 

With Penny's hands pinned on the surface of the soft bed, and heart thundering in her chest she was at the mercy of the man who had caught her hand, kissing her sensually with his eyes opened which was what had turned it that much more intimidating. She knew her struggle was futile, he was a pureblooded vampire who would only play with her until she was tired of moving her arms while trying to slip away from him. 

She felt him suck on her upper lip, one count going to the next until she had stopped counting or had lost the count. Her lips felt numb as he continued to suck on them, her toes tingling and she gulped when he pulled back to see her. 

With her mind fuzzy and out of focus, she felt her body starting to melt under him. 

Penny could hardly think anything, every single thought started to fade and slip away from her mind in the art of his seduction. His eyes didn't leave her like his hands that were on her wrists. 

"I might torture you, bully you but is only one of my way to shower you with my affection," he said pecking on her lips. Looking into her eyes, he noticed how dark and heavy they looked which meant his preservation was working well. Penny was a strong-headed female, someone who tried to control her emotions. He could see the feelings starting to brew in those green eyes of hers but she was holding back as if scared of what might happen if she let it down. 

He kissed her cheek, a light kiss where his lips didn't linger for far too long. There was a mixture of emotions in her eyes right now. 

Before he could go down further to kiss her, there was a knock on the door. Penny's thoughts were broken with what was happening and she this time tried to move but Damien had no interest in the person who stood outside the door. All he cared right now was the girl who laid beneath him, her body warming up along with his. 

"There's someone at the door, Mas-mmm," her lips were shut closed with his own as he kissed her lips again. His lips turned out to be much more aggressive this time. Kissing and probing her lips open before his tongue slipped into her warm mouth. 

Instead of letting her go and answering the person who was at the door, Damien continued to kiss her. Letting go of one of her hands, he went to curl it around her waist. Pulling her up along with him such that they sat on the bed now. One of his hands still holding her hand while the other continued to hold her waist.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》