Young master Damien's pet
157 Trapped- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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157 Trapped- Part 2

"I know she is a witch. A smart one I should say, were you there that day? You should have been there when I came in search of you. How funny and here I thought you weren't there and almost bought the story that was told. A good bunch of actors trying to stray me off my path," Eugene chuckled, "Hurry up now, you little witch. Where can I find this sister of yours? I will be sure to hunt her once I am done with you." 

"In heaven," answered Bathsheba making the man give her a confused look and she then continued, "Not the place you will be going," and with that, Bathsheba hit his face from the bottom and took a step back to kick him on the side of his face. 

The hunter hit his body on the tree and fell down on the ground. He looked up at her even more confused, his eyes darting towards her face and then her chest where the blood continued to flow down her chest, dirtying the front of her dress. 

"Don't look so surprised," Bathsheba gave him a sweet smile which didn't look sweet at all with her current black witch features, "Calling one an idiot without gathering enough facts. How pitiful," she tched, "Did you think I would die that easily? I made some preparations beforehand. Though it is quite sad that you did not take the drink I offered you. All you had to do was drink the offered water and leave but nosy hunters never listen do they. Wondering why I am not dead yet?" 

The huntsmen picked up his gun, clutching on it and pulling the trigger for it to only make snapping sounds with no bullets. He had used every bullet inside and had to reload it before using it on her. Without waiting for time, he pulled out his bow and arrow that was hanging behind his back. Aiming the arrow right at her. 

"You know what is the main error that the humans cause on himself? Believing that he knows everything and he is in a superior position than the rest in the world. Do you know what your foolishness was? To think I was a naive black witch with no knowledge about your kind of people. I am much older than you thi-" the man released an arrow at her and she stepped away from it, letting the arrow pierce through the air and hit itself to the trunk of the tree behind.  

"I aimed your heart and you lost blood," murmured the man confused at the sight of how she looked agile right now. Just a few minutes ago she had been struggling and was in pain, how was she standing up unaffected now?

Bathsheba didn't bother to explain to him before he could draw out another arrow, she ran right towards him with her knife in her hand. The man stopped her, blocking her from attacking him with his bow and twisting it when she tried to get through him. 

Eugene used her twisted hand in the bow to ram her against the tree over and over again before he could jab her with the arrow he had pulled out from behind the black witch took her knife stealthily and pushed it to his chest. Twisting it as she saw him struggle to push her hand away. 

"Don't think you will be let off e-easily for this," said the hunter as he continued to struggle, "The higher-ups will know what you have done and will come for you. The person in charge of the witches. They will come after both of you," he threatened her. 

Bathsheba had no words to spare for him apart from smiling, "Then I better kill you sooner," she pulled the knife out before slitting his throat, blood spurted out from his neck on her.

Once his body stopped moving she dropped him on the ground. The black witch had been meticulous and if there was a reason why she was still alive, unlike her other sisters who fell for the trap, she had been extremely careful all this while. Mingling and blending with humans like them. But she knew about the witch hunters which was why a few weeks ago, she had pushed her heart to the other side where the human's heart resided instead of keeping it in the right. 

She used her feet to check his signs, seeing him not move from where she stood, she looked around the forest while keeping her ears open for any signs that they were being watched or followed.

It was truly sad about how the man had died. She wasn't exactly fond of killing people but she had to survive. Once she had fixed his body where no one would ever find while it would take its time to decompose, she walked away from the village. It wasn't safe anymore to go back and it was better to move to another place than be caught and killed. 

Unfortunately, while Bathsheba thought herself to be smart. There was another witch watching them who had perched themselves on a tree, looking discreetly as the talk and fight took place. 

When Bathsheba took the body, dragging the dead man to hide him elsewhere, the person who was on the tree jumped down. Straightening their body as a sinister smile came to form on the lips of painted red lips. The woman had brown eyes and black hair, her body petite figure and her dressing that appeared to be one of a commoner. 

"Well, what did we have here. Witch hunters coming here?" spoke the woman, her voice that appeared to be young, "I should probably step to another land before coming back. But of course, not before setting this one up," smiled the woman, her eyes shining as her tongue slithered in and out of her mouth. 

With that constant smile, she walked away from the scene of a murder that had taken place a few moments ago.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》