Young master Damien's pet
154 Hunter X Witch - Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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154 Hunter X Witch - Part 1

Hello readers (don't worry about the SS of this chapter, I added this section after publishing the chapter so that it doesn't affect the SS and will remain the same for the chapter content only)

Apologies for not giving an early heads-up about the vacation, I did let people know on the Discord server. I had first been busy with wanting to give a mass release for the new year and then lacked time. Webnovel usually hosts award for the top author (I didn't get one and was only called to be present there) to Shanghai. I think the award is usually given to the author who reaches the #1 position as well as who earns well for the company through the book. The schedule was full there and I didn't have the energy to write once I got back to the room. I will post some pictures on the Discord server and also on my Instagram profile, with the other authors and the food.

I hope you enjoy the 12 chapters mass release.


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Eugene had been convinced in the beginning since the time he had met the other woman in the village which resided next to the Isle valley. He had taken for the word that the beautiful woman he had come across was a human who was getting married to a pureblooded vampire. After all, it wasn't uncommon for vampires to take humans as their partners but the only sad part being the humans didn't live too long. Not because of the mortality but because of the humans often well ill and died at an early age or time right after the wedding. 

The witch hunter would have agreed to every word but after he left the village in search of the next witch there was something that had been hovering over his mind. It was the darn windows he couldn't get his mind off which had been closed shut and hadn't been cleaned.

The next time he had returned when the woman had left he had hovered over the house again. Looking around and walking through to find burnt ash that had trailed towards the forest. It was very little but something that had caught his eye. He who was skilled and had a piece of good knowledge about the witches, it didn't take him too long to know that this woman was not any ordinary witch. 

He could be wrong that someone had set her up which many witches did to throw the hunters off but if she really was a black witch, then that would mean there was more than one witch in here. The woman who had spoken to him, the one with green eyes who was as beautiful as this one. 

Wanting to talk to the person again, he decided to follow her. His footsteps were discreet but not enough as it had caught the attention of Bathsheba before she went to her house and locked the door. 

Eugenie himself knew that the woman had been alerted which only made him that much more suspicious about her. With the humans who were not on this part of the village as most of them were at the heart of the village witnessing the death of the human girl and the black witch who had been caught. Going to stand at the front of the house, he readying the ax he carried behind his back which was covered and hidden. 

Raising his hand he knocked on the door, where the woman who went by the name Airen opened the door to him. 

Bathsheba, on the other hand, knew the man would come to stand at the front of her door. Opening the door, she gave him a look as if she weren't expecting him.

"Airen?" asked the man as if to confirm it was her. He appeared to be in his early thirties, his brown hair standing straight on his head.

"Yes? How many I help you?" asked Bathsheba as she took in the witch hunters' appearance. 

"I had something to ask you, your sister. Does she live here?" 

"She only recently moved from here." 

"Ah, I see," the man nodded his head as if trying to grasp while looking slightly disappointed that he couldn't see the girl, he then smiled to ask, "Do you mind if I step inside for a glass of water?" 

Bathsheba knew that all the man was looking for was confirmation about her existence being a witch. It was a double-edged sword where bringing refusing would mean raising his very suspicion while inviting him in would let the man see what was there in the house. 

But the black witch was brave and cunning. Just because she wasn't able to fool the councilman whom she owed her life as he had spared hers while taking and giving equal information and things which worked both ways, it didn't necessarily mean she was a good person, "Please come in," she smiled at him, pushing the door further open so that he would step inside the house. 

It was a routine for her to clean everything before she left the house which was why right now the living room and kitchen looked as good as a human household would. The potions and other vessels with ingredients hidden from sight. 

"Thank you, my name is Eugene," he introduced himself, "I was hoping to meet her as I met her last time but it seems like I missed the opportunity. How are your wedding plans coming along? I heard you are getting married. You must be brave," there was a hidden meaning in there which was intended for the black witch.

The witches, hunters, and vampires had always been on a run of cat and mouse chase for a very long time. Though many knew that hunters sought and killed the witches, there were some hunters who often killed the lone vampires. After all, in the end everyone wanted their own race to prevail while the others bow down at them. 

"Brave?" asked Bathsheba wanting to know what he meant by it. Both the black witch and the hunter knew what the other was while also having an inkling that the other might already know who they were, testing the very same for confirmation. 

"Yes, it is not many go to get married to a vampire. Especially knowing the vampire nature and their very dynamics when it comes to the humans being their food source...that is why you are brave," said Eugene. 

The witch hunter walked in, looking at the living room which looked clean. Maybe extra clean which made him wonder if it had only been cleaned before she had left home. His eyes taking in the objects that were in there while he took a seat on the wooden chair. 

"He is a handsome man, I couldn't refuse his proposal," Bathsheba smiled. Her face still covered with an opaque veil as she went to fetch water for him.

"Of course. Good looking man," replied Eugene with his eyebrows that were raised as they scanned the room before shifting it on the woman. Her movements were delicate as she walked around, fetching a glass and filling it with water, "Good men are hard to find."
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    《Young master Damien's pet》