Young master Damien's pet
147 Alignment of stars- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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147 Alignment of stars- Part 1

"A witch hunter often knocks on the door more than twice. Trust me you will have him here in less than forty-eight hours. This is precisely why you will have to make a move and so will Penny," Damien said walking towards Penny with an intended glare sent to her, "When I asked you to deviate the man I was talking about making a full-fledged story." 

"But isn't that good?" Bathsheba asked Damien, "To have a full-fledged story without any possible loopholes. She did a very good job."

"And how are you going to prove your engagement when I am not interested to play along?" Damien didn't show bother to cover up his lack of interest in playing pretense. Rather he found it quite troublesome, "Or..." he drawled thoughtfully before another smirk came upon his face, "You can let them know that I broke the engagement off and went for your other sister," he looked at Penny, his eyes sharp. 

"I will handle it councilman Damien," said the black witch. I will let you know in the next place I reside. As you said, the man might appear again. It is better for me to make a move," as she said this Bathsheba's eyes fell on the cloth which Penny had been holding, "That one definitely doesn't belong to me." 

"It belongs to the underground church. The ones that are meddled and handled by the huntsmen."

"So that was a witch hunter," it dawned on the black witch finally. She laughed in humor, one of her eyebrows raised. No wonder the man was persistent, though what she didn't understand was how the charm stone had not worked efficiently. Because with the power it held, the black witch was sure it would protect her from any suspicious eyes. 

"Witch hunter?" came Penny's question.

"They kill both white and black witches. Though they behave to be in alliance with the council's law they do things without our knowledge. The cloth he gave you was not any ordinary kerchief you would pick from the market or from Isle Valley. The very cloth is dipped and made with things that they witches are allergic to which makes it easier for the hunter to catch and kill." 

Bathsheba's eyes narrowed at the cloth and she snatched it from Penny who was holding it loosely in her hand, "This doesn't look like one," she commented continuing to turn around the cloth and look at it, "The cloth looks to be an ordinary one. It is as if it has been purified."

"Little mouse, you will be very helpful to Murkh. Let's make sure he isn't around you if he finds that you can purify objects," noticing Penny who didn't understand what was going on, he explained, "It looks like you have the ability to change a contaminated object or liquid to something purer. The liquid that day didn't change by itself but it did because of you. The little bottles were the potions that we have been collecting for a few months now. It is used to corrupt the vampire and pureblooded vampires."

Hearing this Bathsheba's face turned to look at Penny in pure surprise. Were there white witches who could do it? She had never heard about it, "Don't mind but keep a good distance from my vessels," 

Damien continued to enlighten Penny more on it, "Bathsheba said there has been an alignment of stars which took place a few weeks ago. Things that go unnoticed by the humans and vampires get caught by the witches reading as they have nothing better to but to gaze up at the sky," Penny wondered if it was necessary to put his point across like that, "These star crossed alignments have bought the readings of some of the people to be gifted with abilities which are rare." 

It looked like Bathsheba was used to the way Damien spoke and ignored his previous words, "The comets don't sweep across the stars, at least not that brightly. Though we cannot tell who were gifted or rather how do I put it...You can call it to be awakening. Something that you already had but never came to notice it before but now. Have you ever changed the color of liquid from one to another?" Penny shook her head. Not that she could remember. 

In question Penny quickly asked, "Do you think I can change anything?" there was eagerness in her voice which caught both Damien and Bathsheba's eyes. 

"We can try looking into it. Do we have time?" the black witch turned to Damien for him to give a curt nod. 


"What do you want to change? It must be only the purities we are sure of. From something bad to something harmless. We will have to see. Do you have anything in your mind?" Bathsheba saw Penny look around, her eyes narrowing when she went towards the potions and other vessels that were left for later use. Penny came back with the cup which previously had her blood in it. Adding a little water to it, she came back.

For many seconds Penny didn't speak but stared at the cup making the other two wonder what Penny was trying. After all, the blood there was a clean on without any impurities. Unless one considered the water to be an impurity right now. 

She wasn't sure if it was going to work. Having never tried it before she wondered if it was possible now. To change the blood completely to water. She got the thought of remembering the time when Grace had almost made her drink the blood which was meant for Damien. She was more than curious. After what Damien filled her in with the crossing stars, she felt some sense of hope. 

Not knowing how it worked, she tried to concentrate, one minute passing to another minute where nothing changed, leaving the blood mixed with water in her hand as it was. Penny's shoulder slumped like a child, thinking, there went her hope.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》