Young master Damien's pet
145 Witch hunter- part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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145 Witch hunter- part 2

Both Bathsheba and Damien stood behind the wall which connected the door. Listening to what the man and Penny were speaking about. 

Gingerly, her hands went to hold the cloth which looked like a kerchief that would have belonged to a woman. Penny wasn't judging but did black witches us kerchiefs? It rather not only sounded strange in her mind but it also seemed to be an odd thing for a black witch to do. 

Bathsheba had told that she didn't recognize the man but the man insisted that they had met and this was hers. As her hand clenched on the cloth, she noticed the way the man stared at her. A smile upon his face as she stared back at him in a look of innocence. For Penny acting out the scene was something, she could have done in her dreams too. Her talent was not a waste. 

With Penny who had known herself to be part of the humans all this time, she had never known the kind of life a witch would which made it that much more easy to act out so that it would throw off this man. She could see there was a slight disappointment in his eyes when the seconds grew longer making her give out a questioning look, "Is there anything else you would like me to assist you with?" she asked appearing to be polite to him. 

The man smiled, letting the disappointment from his eyes vanish which Penny had already caught on to, "May I ask the fair lady for a glass of water?" asked the man. 

She could tell that this was a persuasive man who was trying to find and make sure about something. That something being the black witch who lived here. By asking water the man would have a way to take a look at the house by merely peeking in. And if he did peek in, he would come to see Damien and Bathsheba in the house. 

She didn't know what to do. If she refused, wouldn't that look suspicious? After all which person ever refused a person a glass of water when he had only come to return something which belonged to the owner of the house. 

Penny smiled, trying to keep her shoulders and face relaxed, "Of course," she said. 

When Penny and Damien had arrived, Bathsheba had given her a glass of water that had been left untouched on the table. She tried recollecting where she was suited previously. If she was quick enough, she would be able to reach for it and hand it over to him before he had the chance to step inside. 

At the same time, the thought of why Damien had hidden too was something she didn't understand. Was it because it would look strange as a couple here while all this time there was only a woman living here? If he was here, the man would have been scared away than having to deal with him. His intrusive eyes and nature didn't go amiss. 

"Let me get it for you," Penny's eyes were as mesmerizing as the black witch's face which she used as a decoy to hide her true self. Without breaking eye contact, she spoke to the man making the man lose himself in them for a mere second until she turned to get the water.

Having been entranced with her eyes for a second, Eugine had forgotten about his purpose and had stared into her. Snapping away from it he saw her back face him. Her blonde hair covering the upper half of her body. He took three steps forward, one step inside the house but before his eyes could pick things up Penny had already turned to talk to him, her eyes back on him. Thankfully there was a cupboard to cover the other people in the house.

"I have never seen you here before. Are you a traveler?" she asked to throw him off. 

Before Eugine could take the glass from her, Penny had taken two steps forward which made the man take two steps back pushing out of the house. The man noticed her behavior as if displeased with his action of stepping inside her house.  

"Yes, I am a traveler. Unfortunately, I couldn't meet your sister to return it back? I was also hoping to see her-"

"Mister, are you trying to sway my sister's emotions for you?" asked Penny with a cool voice, crossing her arms across her chest she stared at the man to give him a look, "I must say it is quite a poor excuse that you come up with," the man chuckled, opening his mouth to say she had misunderstood but Penny continued without giving him the opportunity to speak, "There have been plenty of men who have knocked on the door. Trying to woo my sister but my sister has no intention to marry anyone but the man she has chosen for herself."

Eugine was confused for a few seconds, wondering how the conversation had turned one where he was trying to woo the girl he had suspected to be a witch. To Eugine, it didn't matter if it was a black witch or a white witch. He killed them all. The world needed balance and it would happen only once all the creatures apart from humans would be killed. 

Wanting to play along, the witch hunter said,  "Haha, you got me," he scratched his neck, "She's an absolute beauty."

Penny narrowed her eyes further, "That she is," he harrumphed, "But I must say like many I have already told, she is going to marry the man she's in love with who loves her back. If you have been following her you should already know who the man is. He even visited a few days ago." 

"Oh," the man replied, chuckling with a slight embarrassment and Penny could tell what a terrible actor he was. If he were to work in the theater, she would have made sure that he got to play the bark of wood that laid dead on the ground, "I must have missed it. May I know who he is?" asked the witch hunter much more in intrigue but holding a slight disappointment in his eyes. 

"He is one of the pureblooded vampires. You must have heard about Damien Quinn," Penny boasted as if Bathsheba was her very own sister and she was proudly stating who her brother-in-law was. 

Bathsheba who was listening to Penny along with Damien glanced at Damien who stood still listening to his pet slave girl. His eyes turned narrowed at Penny's words. The woman's lips twisted in amusement. It was very rare to find Damien in an annoyed state and to think it was a white witch he had picked to stay beside him who had only used him in the pretense, she found it to be laughable. But Damien didn't share the same feelings as the black witch. 

He had asked Penny to deviate the man's attention as something about the scent behind the door appeared to be heavily surrounded by holy water. The humans never carried one unless there was an alert in the villages and in the towns which were always in small quantity. 

"Both of them are going to get married soon," he heard Penny continue with her tale. It appeared that his mouse had forgotten what punishment meant.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》