Young master Damien's pet
131 Meeting the black witch- Part 3
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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131 Meeting the black witch- Part 3

Bathsheba looked at Penny who didn't rake offense with what Damien just said. The woman pushed the clothes away from the other side of the chair. Both of them sharing a small table as they faced each other, "I won't eat you, witcher. Tell me why have you come here."

Penny parted her lips as she caught the woman pulling out the cloth where a crystal ball laid beneath it. The ball was made of glass which looked grey and dull in appearance, "I was told you are the person who could help me understand what I am and what to do with it." 

Bathsheba hummed in response, sinking in the words of Penny as she tried to weigh it in her mind, "I am only a black witch and my help can go only a certain direction before it stops because the ways of a white witch and black witch are two different paths. Do you understand that girl?" asked the person. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I will take the help and assistance you can provide me," answered Penny truthfully. For someone who didn't know where and what to look for, Penny was trying to hold on to something that would lead her to her lineage, "What is the crystal for?" she asked curiously looking at the crystal ball which Bathsheba held in her hands. 

"This is a crystal of answers. It is made of things that one cannot receive morally. Some deaths are required to obtain. Substances an average man would never look for, with the brewing smoke that lifts itself up in the lake of bones, it has those properties inside it. Do you know what the lake of bones consists of?" 

"Penelope isn't aware of the lake," interrupted Damien for the black witch to not respond back but to say, "Place your hands on the crystal. Both of them," Bathsheba picked up an unlit candle that laid on the table. Holding it one of her hand she searched for the box of match sticks before lightning it and letting it stand. The woman started to murmur things under her breath which sounded incoherent in Penny's ears even though she sat right in front of her whilst sharing the same table. 

Soon the crystal started to glow as if it had started to come to life with the smoke inside it swirling slowly. 

The change inside the crystal reminded her of the time where she had held one of the tubes which Damien had received and had to be sent to the council for testing.

"Ask me questions and I will try answering them," spoke the black witch. When Penny raised her eyes up from the ball to the white witch she found herself looking at the void blackness in the black witch's eyes. The wind around them which was not there started to move where Penny could feel the breeze passing around them. 

"Am I a white witch?" asked Penny wanting to confirm the information which was told by Damien. 

"Undoubtedly," came the answer from Bathsheba, "Penelope, you should be careful with where you go and what you speak. To avoid bringing attention to yourself. You might be doing it already where you are under Damien's protection but there is something not many are aware of." 

Penny's eyebrows furrowed together wondering what it was. Her hands were still positioned on the crystal ball that went to turn the smoke from gray to bluish-gray.

"It was one thing when you were ignorant about you being a white witch but now things have changed. A cat will think if it closes its eyes it will be safe but no one is a cat here," Penny didn't understand what the black witch was trying to say to her, "You were safe until you thought that you were a normal person. Someone who belonged to the lower society but with knowledge comes the revelation which gradually starts showing in the appearance. One of the lacking characteristics when it comes to the white and black witches are that the black witches can identify both their sisters." 


"Yes, the black and the white witches are sisters somewhere up the line though now they don't get along. Unlike the black witches, white witches can't identify by the looks of who is their fellow sisters which is where they fall under a major disadvantage." 

Damien piped in to say, "A lot of white witches are killed not because they lack in keeping themselves safe but it is because when suspicion falls under a certain black witch living in the same village, they often set the white witches up who take the fall before the black witches escape from there."

So that was what happened. Penny looked at Bathsheba who stared at the crystal, "What is the next thing you would like to know? Is it your father?" the woman asked surprising her on how she had guessed it, "Sometimes life is all about being intuitive around and you people who walk by you. Haven't you noticed what your master has been doing? He has mastered the art of intuition to the point that people worry to be seen by him at the fear that he might read every little detail of the person which includes their history."

Penny's eyes met Damien's who looked back at her. There had been many times in the past that made her doubt the ability he had spoken of before. Apart from transporting from one place to another, the man had himself said he had abilities and not ability which had made her often wonder if he could read her mind. Looked like that was not what it was but his pure intuition and observing skills he had been putting underuse.

"Not many allow themselves to make use of their bodies because a lot are unaware of it. It is very few people in the population who can do it," said Bathsheba before continuing to ask Penny, "Would you like to know about your father's whereabouts...?"
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    《Young master Damien's pet》