Young master Damien's pet
119 Deserved heirloom- Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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119 Deserved heirloom- Part 2

Penny's hand had gone cold hearing that an entire village was wiped out by the black witches. Where they that powerful? "What do the witches gain out of death? Resources can be consumed and extracted in other forms."

"True, but there's nothing that can replace life force especially when it is a large one which is purer in forms."

"Pardon me, master Damien, but is it only the humans?" 

"Unfortunately, yes. Humans are easy to fool. Do you remember the body you saw down in the council?" he asked her to see her nod, "A few years ago some of the witches were caught so that they could be brought to the council where the council would hold it's court of meeting accordingly on what would be done to those witches. Sadly, they escaped."

"Are they the ones causing the trouble?" asked Penny.

"Just one of them. The other black witches were killed but one escaped and now she is bent on creating ruckus all across the four lands- Valeria, Bonelake, Mytheweald and Woville. There are some symbols that were marked around the land."

"A witch's markings?" 

"Yes. A black or a white witch is no God or Goddess. No one has ever reached that point and if there was anyone it was Lord Alexander's mother, Isabelle Genevieve," Penny looked slightly taken aback with this news. Lord Alexander's mother was a witch? "She was a kind woman who was killed by the hate and wrath of humans. If she were still alive, getting you answers and help would be easy with respect to who your father was but with her gone, your best bet is Bathasheeba." 

As the night passed with Damien who hadn't moved from his previous position as he continued to lie down on the bed without bothering to remove his shoes that dangled in the air a few distances away from the bed, Penny walked around to remove the shoes that he wore. Removing one after another, she removed the socks that he wore.

Once she was done with that, she stood up to see him looking up at the mirror. She wondered what he was thinking about. It was very rare to catch him looking so in thought with his normal behavior. With Penny only heard about what was happening in the outside world, she could do nothing but imagine it. 

"Master Damien?" 

"Hmm?" his eyes shifted to move from the mirror to look at Penny. 

"Did you have your dinner?" She asked him to see him smile. 

"I grabbed dinner on my way. It was a warm and juicy dinner. Did you eat?" 

"I did." 

"I see. How are your classes going on with Maggie?" the thought about her sister went back to the questions the vampiress had asked her before she left the room. Damien who was a shrewd man sensed and asked Penny, "What happened? Did she do something?" 

"Ah no," Penny spoke hurriedly to make it even more suspicious, "Could I ask you something, Master Damien? The pendant that I am wearing... why didn't you give it to Lady Maggie?" Because in truth, the pendant and the chain belonged to Maggie as she was the late lady's daughter while Penny was only a slave. 

Damien who had stayed on the bed pushed himself up. He looked at the fireplace that was crackling with the woods and fire dancing around it, "In our pureblooded world, partners cannot live without each other. And when one dies, no matter if there was a bond or not, it affects the other. When my mother passed away, my father decided to throw away every single of the last object in this house that reminded him of his deceased beloved wife. My sister didn't bother to fight for it but I did and got it up in the attic. If you can't fight for something, then you don't deserve to be around to touch, see or even remember it. Maggie knows it well that she will only find the words of mockery if she is to wear the family heirloom which belonged to mother and knowing her she wouldn't be able to wear handle it. It appears that you have something to say," his red eyes looked dark yet gold due to the fire burning in the front.

Penny was aware that Damien wouldn' like what she would say as it wasn't her place but he had given her the freedom to speak if not for her life to leave, "You are very harsh on her. She was young. Children take time to get attached while some find it easy to detach to cope with the pain." 

"Maybe," he folded his legs in such a way so that he could place his hands on his knees while leaning his body forward, "Would you throw something that was precious to your mother?"

Penny understood where he came from and also his feelings. Given the opportunity, she would have saved every single little item that belonged to her mother but the circumstances had been hard on her where she didn't have that privilege. Sadly, in her case, she had to give away and sell them all. 

"Maggie is smart to not ask about why you are wearing. The maximum one can do is stare at it but not touch it," Damien smirked looking at Penny, "By the way..." he said gaining her whole attention, "I sent out a letter to Alexander a week ago to see if he finds anything about your father. He's good at finding things, I tried looking into it in the black market but there was nothing I could find and my time is limited due to the council work I am assigned on."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Penny nodded her head, her chest feeling a little relaxed, "Thank you for it," Damien didn't have to do it but she was somewhere happy that he had put in a word to the Lord of Valeria to search her father who had disappeared a few years ago.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》