Young master Damien's pet
114 Cinderella slave- Part 4
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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114 Cinderella slave- Part 4

"I believe she has poisoned it. The girl you bought as a slave wants to kill you," answered Grace with a serious face while looking Damien straight in the eye. 

For some time no one spoke anything and they were surrounded by silence until Damien started chuckling as if enjoying a private joke. The maids who were even thinking of passing across the hallways had decided to not intrude and step into the awkward atmosphere which was created in there. 

Maggie didn't look surprised and instead looked at her brother and her sister, her eyes darting to hear her brother say, "Were you the one who asked her to poison me?" 

"What? Why would I even do that?" asked Grace, "You are my brother."

"Grace is right, Damien," Grace's mother supported her daughter, "Grace would never do something so low. Both Maggie and you should know it by now that how much she adores you both. Yet you look down at her with every passing wakeful time of yours." 

"Apologies, mother. I was only joking. I see that you are going somewhere?" he asked the older woman. Fleurance's narrowed eyes didn't reduce but nonetheless she answered, 

"I have been called the vampiress' meet. We will be holding the Winter's ball in Wovile this time so we need to prepare the guest lists with the invitation."

"How lovely. Is Grace going along?" asked Damien. Before Fleaurance could reply to it, Grace interrupted,

"I am not. I have my hair to do. Who is the maid who got this slave's hair done? Send her to my room, I will be sure to get a better one before someone mocks us to say that the slaves and servants are dressed better than the rest," Grace let out hmph sound at the end. Her mother gave a look as previously Grace had decided to come along with her but now had suddenly changed her mind. 

"It wasn't a maid, I got a person to do it. A little girl like yourself couldn't afford it," one corner of his lips pulled up.

"Ha!" scoffed Grace with an unbelievable look on her face, "I have enough money to buy the person."

"I would like to see that."

Ignoring it, the woman said, "I will be leaving," she was already running late earlier and she didn't want to be more late than she was right now. Giving all of them a look, she took her to leave by turning around and heading out of the house where the carriage had been waiting there for half an hour. 

With the lady gone, Maggie said, "Well, I have been drinking this tea for far too long. I should take it back to the kitchen," she smiled before taking her own leave from the place as she wasn't involved in the conversation. Damien asked his younger sister, "What was this poisoning you were speaking off?" 

"You think she hasn't? She refuses to drink what is there in the cup when I suspected," answered Grace. 

"I am sure if she wanted to poison me she would have several other occasions for it. Little mouse, who made the blood tea?" Damien looked at Penny for an answer. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The butler." 

Damien hummed in response, his lips twisting and his eyes taking a glance at the teacup that looked beautiful in color. It was the same color as what he had been drinking since he had hired Falcon to be the mansion's butler. 

"I did my job of warning you. The rest lies in your hand." 

"Such a dotting sister I have been blessed with who cherishes and worries about me. I am sure I must be the envy of many sisters and brothers," Damien's eyes twinkled with his sarcastic remarks which Grace caught on immediately. 

"Are you being sarcastic, brother Damien?" Grace sent a quiet glare that went unaffected on Damien. 

"I am?" asked Damien with a shocked expression that switched to a dull one, "Stop bothering this one and find another hobby, Grace. If you are so bored clean the mansion for a change. It might help you relieve your boredom," suggested Damien, to take the teacup from Penny's hand and take a sniff at it. 

"I am not a servant here," Grave gritted her teeth to what Damien just suggested. 

"That what you say but who knows, you secretly envy a girl as you say is lower than you. What days have come," he whistled to annoy his younger sister further, "Unlike you, I have other things to do than nitpick on people for needless things. The next thing I know you will say the wall is plotting to throw a lizard in your food. Shoo."

This set Grace off and her eyes flared in anger. Her hands clenched together, forming into fists. Penny didn't know what happened but in there mere seconds that flashed through her eyes, Grace's hand had gone to reach Damien's hand taking the cup. 

By the looks of it, it seemed that the young spoilt lady had wanted to do something with the contents of the cup but her fingers slipped for everything to fall right on her dress. Oh dear, thought Penny to herself. The vampiress front was covered in pink color which wafted of the blood. 

"My, all you had to ask and I would have helped you," finding the butler who was passing by quickly, Damien stopped him, "Falcon."

The butler stopped with a slight grimace wondering if his master was going to throw him under the carriage like many other times, "Yes, master Damien?"

"Do we have more blood tea in the kitchen?"

"Not at the moment, but I can get it ready in ten minutes," upon the butler's answer where he found Lady Grace with a teacup in her hand and the blood liquid on her dress, Damien said,

"Please make some more cups while sending one to my room. The rest you can give it to Lady Grace who has decided to bathe herself in it."
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    《Young master Damien's pet》