Young master Damien's pet
106 The lie told- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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106 The lie told- Part 1

~We are holding the #2 position well~

Penny was in shock. Trying to process what just happened after noticing that they weren't in the room anymore of Quinn's mansion but in the village, she used to live with her relatives. How...What just happened? Unable to process and come up with the right explanation she looked at Damien, her green eyes brighter than any time before. 

"How did we come here?" she asked even though the back of her mind had started to piece things together which made no sense to her. 

"Teleporting is one of my abilities. To move through space without any interface, I can go and come anywhere I want at any time," Damien answered her question. When she took one step forward, she felt her head go dizzy, "Careful," he held her arm so that she wouldn't fall by the swaying of her body, "When you are closest to the initial generation of the pureblooded vampires, the rare gift some of us receive is much stronger and different to things one would consider to be unique. The farther the generation falls, the ability only drifts to form a different kind with every new generation. Si?"

Penelope didn't know what to make of it. IT was as if she was being gifted with one information after another for a few days which her mind was finding it hard to catch up with. Was that how he had caught up with her the first time she had tried to run away from him? Oh dear, God. This meant that even if she wanted to run away there would have been no chance for her. 

It wasn't that Penny was looking for an escape route anymore. At least not since she found out about her being a white witch whose neck hung below the ax which could be let loose anytime if a whisper about her was heard by the villagers or townsmen. She wasn't a fool to go running into a den of cavemen who would not think once before throwing kerosene and burning her alive to set another example. 

Turning to meet his eyes, she asked, "W-why do you make use of carriages then?" why would one spend their time over traveling in a carriage of closed room when they could apparate and disapparate from one place to another with the whim of their mind. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Good question, mouse. Life would be nothing but mundane if I did that every time. There are times you need to walk the path which is walked by the rest, else you will turn to a foreign object who will fail to see and live, to enjoy what others do. And I love the carriage rides, it gives me time to ponder over things," he said, his shining with mirth but he wasn't finished. He continued, "With the ability comes limitations."


Damien nodded his head, "The blood that we consume is never enough after making use of the ability. It is an energy source which we need to keep feeding and I cannot always find blood that I want. So what do you think about my ability?" he asked her where Penny parted her lips, breathing the words,

"It's brilliant," she agreed. To go wherever one wanted to go, she would have loved to have a gift like that for herself, "Is it a secret?" she asked him. Damien stared down at her for several seconds, 

"What if I said it is. Would you be able to keep that a secret?" he asked her, his eyes and voice testing her.

"I haven't told anything to anyone so far," he gave a nod to her answer. It was because there was no one to tell the secret she knew.

"Remember, Penny. Secrets are everything here. You let it slip out and you will find yourself in a disadvantaged situation with the other person," Penny was aware of it, "Where is that pouch of coins you told you hid. It would be unfortunate to leave it hidden here when it can be put to good use. But then I think about it, you don't need money. At least when I am here to provide you," Penny gave him a look, "You don't agree? What do you need the money for?" he asked her. 

"I think the money is safe the place where it is now," it was one of Penny's saving and the last thing she wanted was to let it slip through her fingers. It might have not been much in Damien's eyes but in her eyes or livelihood at least it was a lot. 

"Suit yourself," said Damien before switching their conversation to what they had come here for, "Which is the house here that your uncle and aunt live in?" he asked, his eyes scanning the houses while they stood at the edge outside the village where they were yet to step inside.  

It would be a lie if she said that she wasn't curious about what her relatives were up to after selling her to the merchant who had, in turn, sold her to the slave establishment. She didn't answer to Damien but instead decided to take him there, "The condition here seems much better than the one you used to live. Was there any trouble here?"

Damien if the previous villagers had an inkling of who Penny was or who her father was due to which she had live with ire of hate. But at the same time, he doubted that they would have had any proof against them. With Penny and her mother not knowing who she was unless her mother did know but failed to mention it to her daughter, there was no way the villagers would have been able to know anything. But then there was no smoke without a fire. In this case, the smoke being her father. 

"Nothing. It was quite peaceful," answered Penny, looking at most of the villagers who had woken up early to start their work so that they could start earning for the day...
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    《Young master Damien's pet》