Young master Damien's pet
95 The council- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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95 The council- Part 1

When they finally reached the council, Penny caught sight of the tall and wide building which looked white enough even in the dark. There was something about this place that made it appear daunting in her eyes. Once the carriage did stop, the coachman stepped down, opening the door of the carriage where Damien was the first one to step out. Not believing the coachman to handle the box, he pulled the box which slid on the flooring of the carriage before he picked it up in his arms. 

When Penny placed her feet on the ground, she felt a force as if it was trying to repulse her very leg when she stepped on the ground. At first glance, the council grounds looked serene and quiet. She could see some of the men walking by, in and out as if they had no time to rest with the work they were given. 

Walking behind Damien who took to his right where another building stood which wasn't as magnificent as the one in the left which appeared to be busy. Stepping inside the building, she was welcomed with a pungent smell of iron. Lanterns were placed hanging on the walls to light up the place but it wasn't enough to brighten. Enough to walk without stumbling through the passage. The smell that wafted across her nose had first made her think that it was the rods of iron bars that looked evidently rusted. That wasn't what the iron-like smell came from but the bodies that hid in the dark which were beaten up to unconsciousness. The people who broke rules and the law which was set by the council. People who didn't adhere to what was to be followed to the moral laws.

Unaware of the crimes as well as the people who were held in the cell, she continued to walk right behind Damien. Reaching the door, he knocked on it before stepping inside where a lean man stood in front of something.  

Due to the overwhelming smell of the iron bars which were terribly rusted, one couldn't have realized the smell that came from the other side of the room until they had stepped inside. Penny caught sight of the person who laid on the table but it wasn't any living person who laid there sleeping but a dead body that was charred. The smell that came from the decomposing body was hard to ignore and she had to raise her hand to cover her nose with it from inhaling it too much. 

With the closes not being worn, she noticed it was a man who had been charred. 

"Councilman Damien," the man in the white coat greeted Damien, his eyes merely taking the sight of the girl before his bright red eyes went back to Damien. 

"Good evening, Murkh. Who is this?" Damien tipped his head towards the dead body. Going to one side of the walls were the equipment and instruments were placed, he picked up the white gloves, "Looks like a vampire," he wore the gloves one by one. 

"He indeed is a vampire, his fangs were pulled out of his mouth," answered the scrawny looking man. 

"Penny meet Murkh. He is the man who looks after the bodies that come down here which needs further examination," said Damien turning to look at Penny over his shoulder.

"I heard you bought a new slave. Is she the one?" asked Murkh with a lack of curiosity as he seemed more interested in the body of the dead than the living. 

"Looks like the news spreads faster here in the council than outside. Where did you hear it from?" asked Damien, bending down he took hold of the body on the table. Opening the mouth and looking at the dead person's cavity.

"It was councilman Lancelot and councilman Creed," answered Murkh before walking forward to see what Damien was doing with the body. Usually, Murkh didn't allow anyone to touch the bodies which were given to him as it was his responsibility. The last thing he would want is for someone to contaminate the body and tarnish the evidence. He let a few of them inside while most of them stayed out unless it was a pressing matter that needed assistance with. 

But with Damien Quinn, it was a different case. In the past, there had bee times where the pureblooded vampire had helped him solve the mysteries of the body faster than him which saved a good amount of time. Also, another reason being Damien barged right into the room, looking through the things as if he were inspecting it before leaving the building. 

"It appears that Councilman Creed has been quite free with his hands and mind. Maybe it is time to put in a word with the head council about it than go gossiping like women. No offense, Penny," he said looking to his side but not meeting Penny's eyes.

"What does the case state? What is the offense? Did you check with the fluid test. Run me a background," Penny heard Damien say to the doctor who nodded his head. Rubbing his hands together the vampire doctor named Murkh went to tell,

"The case is being handled by Rigoen. The council had one trial until now-"

"Fresh case," chipped Damien.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Very new. The body came in here yesterday," Damien took another step forward, bending more before he took one of the small quill sized instruments to probe into the dead man's mouth, "It seems they found the body which was buried behind a wall that had been placed in the house. Behind a wall? Who committed the crime?" 

"It is a family of vampires. Currently, they are still trying to find out as I heard that the murder looked nothing less to a cold one. But speculations from the court tells that it was his brother who killed and placed him like this. Logan Wills is the brother's name." 

"And this is Lucas Wills. Is he the younger brother?"
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    《Young master Damien's pet》