Young master Damien's pet
90 Present - Part 2
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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90 Present - Part 2

Damien instead of answering her, raised his hand, placing his finger on his lips to say, "It's secret that's not to be spoken of," he gave her a smile before continuing to say, "Tell me, mouse. What do you think you will receive today?" Penny wished there was an option to say nothing but knowing Damien that option didn't exist on anything. 

"How would I know, Master Damien."

"Close your eyes then," his voice demanded her to do what he wanted. Turning around and closing the trunk, "Sit here. It will be much more comfortable," he said looking at the top of the trunk. Penelope was skeptical, more than necessary. 

It had been not more than twelve days since he bought her from the black market and twelve days weren't enough to get comfortable with a person. But did she have a choice? asked Penny to herself. As she walked towards the trunk, turning around to sit on the trunk which let her feet hanging in the air, she closed her eyes. 

What was Damien planning? Was he going to snap her head? Or was he going to give her the supposed present he spoke of which could either be the mark or the collar? With her sight that had turned dark, Penny heard the sound of the rustle which was accompanied by the little metal sound which made her heart sink. 

It was a collar. 

She then felt his hand touch her hair, his fingers gently brushing her hair which at first made her stiffen. Feeling him gather all the hair, she heard him say, "Can you hold this up for me, Penelope," it wasn't a question but a sweet demand as his voice caressed her without even touching her, his voice holding a sweet melody like he was coaxing a child, "Don't open your eyes," raising her hand, she took hold of her hair which he had bunched together for her to hold. A few pieces of strands came to fall out from her grip. 

She felt his hand go around this time again but this time it wasn't to pull back her but to put the collar around her neck. Penny could already feel the heaviness that was forming in her chest and the invisible weight of the collar which she would have to carry around her for the rest of the time she would be here to continue to be a slave. 

She felt something fall on her chest, where Damien said, "You can open your eyes now." 

Penny didn't have to be told twice as her eyes snapped open with her hand which was holding her hair dropping down so that she could feel the leather-like, thick collar around her neck. But instead of a thick collar, she felt a thin chain where she finally looked down with her hand still continuing to touch the chain to see round locket along with it. 

"The markings there is something which defines the Quinn family. A lot of pureblooded families have rings, necklaces, pendants, and seals to identify the family they come from. The pendant is a little odd but it stands out like a sign for anyone who would want to try playing with you. It once belonged to my mother and now it is around your neck," said Damien to walk around to face her.

Penny was confused. It was definitely a family heirloom and if it was, especially something that belonged to his mother...why was he making her wear it? 

She looked up at Damien who now stood in front of her, his dark red eyes looking at the chain around her neck and then up at her, to meet her eyes. 

"Not happy with your present?" he tilted his head in question. 

Damien had really given a present to her. Was he only playing with her, trying to scare her and raise her anxiety when he had given the options of the collar and mark? 

"This is your mother's...aren't you supposed to treasure it..." for someone special, Penny completed the rest of the line in her head. What was the meaning of this? Unable to resist of not asking the question, she breathed the question, "Why?"

"Why do you think?" he questioned her question. It was one of his many habits where Damien often questioned others than answer their questions that were directed to him, "I am sure you will find out the answer if you think hard, mouse. Unless it is going to hurt your head."

What did that mean now?

"We won't go down from here until you don't answer for your own question," Damien was back with his mischievous smile, his eyes sparkling as he waited for her to speak. One minute passed and then the second minute passed before he asked her, "Did you fall asleep again, mouse?" she could hear the impatience in his voice. 

What was he getting so excited about?

Before either of them could speak anything, a loud growl of thunder could be heard, resonating through the glass and the walls as if it was trying to shake the very mansion that stood on the stony hill. Soon the rain started to pour down furiously, cleaning the mansion all over again while the raindrops hit the window panes of the attic. 

Penny who had been distracted by the rain suddenly felt Damien walk towards her in just two steps. Leaning forward as he placed a hand of his to her side. She held her breath as he stared into her eyes. 

With him so close to her face, she could see the swirl of red in his eyes which were prominent. At the same time the darkness it held in a few specks, she saw herself being reflected through his eyes. The smile on his face had vanished, his eyes staring and catching every movement of hers which she was aware of making her queasy but not uncomfortably. 

"You dumb mouse. How hard is it for you to figure out?"
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    《Young master Damien's pet》