Young master Damien's pet
89 Present- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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89 Present- Part 1

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Damien waited for Penelope to reply back to the two options he had given her, waiting for her to hear her say, "I...I don't know," came out her whispered voice. How would she know what was the right one to pick? Closing her eyes, inhaling softly, she breathed out to say, "You can choose which you feel to be right."

After she said that, Penny who had not been looking at him previously looked up to see him continue to stare at her. There was something in his expression which she tried to understand, like a little shock at her words which was a mere flicker that came like a blink of an eye to disappear in the very haste. 

"Why are you looking at me like that?" questioned Penny wanting to know what words of her caused the current expression on his face. 

"Do you know what you just did?" he asked her. She didn't, "You suddenly turned obedient and are giving the very freedom you have asked for him a few seconds ago to give it back in my hand when I so benevolently gave you the options," but did her master give her the option to opt-out of what he had presented to her? 

"Master Damien, I don't know what the marks represent. The only mark I have heard is of the slave branding which makes me unsure as to what this mark is that you speak of," Penny spoke to him truthfully. Coming from a place where there weren't many vampires or pureblooded vampires but only humans, she didn't have any idea about the mark which Damien had said which was understandable in Damien's eyes, "It might not matter much to the owners but making a person wear a collar is only you reducing the remaining value of the person to nothingness. It is not only lowering the value but also further degrading the person's state. I don't know which one to pick out of these two..."

"That's quite understandable," Damien nodded his head, "Follow me, I have decided what to present you on this beautiful day of my mother's birthday. Come," he said when he started walking to see her still standing there in a still state.

Penelope started to follow him, her footsteps quiet and cold on the marble. When they took another path in the mansion, she realized that Damien wasn't taking her to his room but somewhere else. 

Present is what he said, thought Penny to herself. But was this present the kind of present a normal person could expect or was it something that only Damien Quinn saw to be present. 

She had often heard of how people belonging to the rich often gave out presents to the poor. Though these presents were poor which were used they were given down to the servants which made the poor happy as they could have never be able to afford such things. Penny could only hope for Damien to present her some clothes maybe? Was it her wishful thinking? Yes, it was, she thought to herself with her shoulders slumping down. 

The further she walked with him the farther away they got from the guests who arrived at the mansion. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As they walked did she notice that Damien was taking her up to the place which she had heard from Lady Maggie that Damien disliked anyone coming up here. Touching things that were in here was not something he liked which made her wonder if Lady Maggie had been spared from his anger. But had she ever seen Damien angry? She hoped she didn't have to see. 

A man like Damien reacted differently than what a normal person would react to. Opening the door to the attic, she stepped inside for him to say, "Close the door," his voice was quietest right now. There was no music, no words of whispers which belonged to jealousy or cunningness of people who now were at the mansion. They were far away from it. 

Silence enveloping both of them, the peaceful atmosphere somewhat making Penelope's heart quiet now just like the surroundings to harmonize with it. 

Damien walked around the room. Walking somewhere far and deep where items were placed in there leaving Penny standing until he returned back with his hands in his pocket. 

"Let me enlighten you on the marks that a vampire or a pureblooded vampire can leave on people," said Damien walking towards her to only deviate and open the trunk which had been unopened the last time when she had accompanied Lady Maggie. Her eyes looked at Damien where a shadow cast itself with the minimal light that came through the windows.

"The most basic marks are the temporary bond which can be erased easily. It is a protection bond which is placed to let others know that the person who has been bitten is now under the protection of the person who has bitten him. Next, the master-slave bond. As the name so implicitly states, this bond is given by the master to his slave. The purpose of this bond is that a master can know and find, feel the intentions of his slave if ever someone has thoughts that contain malice. It is much easier to get rid of people that way. You must have not heard but there was this one family who didn't leave the master-slave bond. Most of the time, especially in the case of purebloods, they don't take the chance. The family had been liberal which led to deaths because of their housekeeper who had poisoned them." 

Penny understood where he was coming from with the examples he gave her right now. She wondered about the poor family who had gone through the loss of the family members. It was understandable where Penny knew that every side had good and bad. There were servants and slaves who wanted to get rid of their masters while on the same lines there were other masters or mistresses who didn't mind getting rid of a meager servant especially if it were a human. 

"There's the soul bond. It is a special bond in which only people who are in love can place the marks and the feelings need to be mutual. You cannot mark someone to call them your soul mate because it would never work. The soulbond is such that if one of the people dies, the other soon follows. Though I doubt it happens every time. There have been rare cases where the other person has lived but it is a belief that both of them are meant to be together in life or death, following each other for eternity..." Damien paused for a few seconds, seeing if Penny was following what he said. Her curious eyes continued to follow his actions as he rummaged through the things inside the trunk.

Penny, on the other hand, could feel her palms sweat which she subtly tried to rub against the dress that she wore. Digesting the new-found knowledge, she came to believe that Damien was going to leave a master-slave bond on her. 

She then heard Damien chuckle to say, "Did you think that was all?" there was more? 

"There's one bond which many people aren't aware of. Some of the most ancient pureblooded vampires of existence. The first race that ascended down to these lands, they had another bond which has never been passed down and has been left as a secret."

"What is it?" asked Penny out of curiosity. Was it something dangerous?
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    《Young master Damien's pet》