Young master Damien's pet
83 Guests at the Quinn“s- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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83 Guests at the Quinn“s- Part 1

"I don't know what you are speaking of, Master Damien," Penny kept her ground, willing her heart before it even started to thump in front of his curious eyes and ears that were attuned to her right now. 

The smile that was on Damien's lips didn't change, staying right there on his face which made her wonder what he was up to now. The man took a step forward, almost close to her to say, "Shall we rewind back the time and see what happened to get your cheeks red? What a dainty little mouse you are. Oh, pardon me," he said as if in an apologetic tone, "Big mouse. I am a good master which you need to appreciate or which owner would go changing the names just for the sake of his or her slave. Right?" 

"Please don't call me big," it not only sounded odd but came out really oddly through his mouth as if he was trying to annoy and get on her nerves further. 

"But didn't you object of me calling you a little mouse?" his head cocked. Now that he stood near her for longer than the time she had stood previously, she could smell the soapy smell that came emitted from him. The fresh and clean smell which would have made any women drawn in closer to him but Penny was no ordinary girl. 

"Apologies for the earlier remark. Master picks the best names," Penny praised him, lowering her head to hear him chuckle where she lifted her head. 

"I know," leaning closer to her only made Penny to move back where her back leaned for him to say, "Lean any more than that and you will fall back right on your bottom. Penelope," her name rolled on his tongue, his eyes watching her. 

"Yes, Master Damien?" 

"Do you remember what I told you a few days ago?" he didn't answer her, waiting for her to remember while making sure she was good at listening and following his instructions. 

"To not wander too far and stick by close," her answer was satisfying to his ears.


As the sky continued to grumble, she could feel the clouds that friction against each other drawing closer the lands nearby where one could see it much clearly. It was as if the clouds were trying to draw in closer yet they didn't come near and stopped where ever they were. Her hands pressing on the edge of the window from which she saw, she heard Damien say, 

"The celebration will start soon," and at the same time, she heard a bell ring loudly, the sound of it resonating across the entire mansion like a beacon to everyone who was far away and to let the ones who were entering to know. 

Straightening his back, he turned around leaving her standing there while getting ready for the party that his family had arranged. Penny wondered why Damien had been stressing about it. It was the second time for him to remind her to stay close to him. 

What was he worried about? asked Penny to herself. Damien was an odd man whose mood didn't fluctuate, rather it stayed on the crazy side of the scale which was most of the time constant. She wondered which other vampires were going to step in here today.

But the vampires and vampiress which Penny was supposed to keep a watch for had already entered the mansion. It was only time when they would come to meet each other.

By the time Penny stepped out of the room with Damien in front of her he was dressed in a suit with his red shirt that was tucked in. A black coat that hugged his shoulder and top of his body which was left unbuttoned without care. The newly bought leather shoes slipped on to his feet which only looked chic with the attire he wore. His usual hair which often dropped on his forehead was now combed back. 

As they stepped down, Penny caught sight of the many guests who had come to attend the birthday of the late lady. Unlike many others who were dressed to the notch, Penny wore her regular slave clothes which were the oddest among the rest of the people who had come to Quinn's mansion. While a lot wore expensive clothing, the dress that she was looked nothing less to a vegetable sack. If she didn't know better with Damien who had bought her two pairs of shoes which she was yet to wear, she would have guessed that in the name to save money he had pulled out the sack and made clothes out of it. 

Though the guests greeted Damien, bowing their head no matter how old or young they appeared to be, it seemed like the man was well known who demanded authority in his presence. After all, this was his house and party though he hadn't helped in getting any of it ready.

"Master Damien, happy birthday to your mother," two women who had been standing talking to each other turned to wish him. Their eyes were red but not red enough to hold the same status as him. But their clothes were made of fine material which could be considered to have been purchased from Isle Valley town.

Penny had expected him to give his thanks by taking the wish but instead, he walked right past them as if they had not been there at all. She wasn't one of the two women who had wished him but that didn't mean she didn't feel the awkward atmosphere that had been created with his aloof or prideful behaviour where he didn't consider to give a look at them. Walking behind him with her head bent down, she decided to quickly follow him than let the awkwardness hit her too. Walking past the women whose face had fallen, she saw the proud back of Damien, his shoulders wide which was covered in the coat that he wore. 

She was only following when she caught many eyes that fell on not only her master but also on her, their eyes lingering longer than necessary which made her feel extremely uncomfortable.
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    《Young master Damien's pet》