Young master Damien's pet
67 Trouble- Part 1
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Young master Damien's pet
Author :ash_knight17
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67 Trouble- Part 1

She saw him close his eyes, one hand of his placed above his eyes so that the little amount of light that was present in the room would stop falling on his eyes. Penny didn't know what to do now that Damien had gone to take a nap.

As she was still standing there with the boxes of shoes which Damien had got for her, she sat down on the ground. Taking one of the boxes and opening it to see the heel like a shoe which was very similar to what the lady had made her wear in the beginning. Though Damien had asked the store woman for a cheap shoe, Penny could tell that this was nowhere to cheap by the looks of it. The shoes looked as good as the other one. Maybe the stores in Isle valley didn't have any low goods which were affordable for people like her or the lower or the middle-class people. 

The question was where and how she was going to make use of it? For a person who had never worn anything like this, she was slightly worried that it would break. Keeping it aside, she opened another box that he had given her. Opening it, she was surprised to see a pair of flat boots that had laces at the center part of each shoe. When she had asked him, he had denied it but in the end...Damien had bought it for her without discussing it with her while she had been waiting outside looking at the people passing by whilst the people gave her looks with their eyes narrowed that looked down at her. 

Taking her feet that she had hurt which in turn Damien had pierced his nail into where the wound had closed, she looked at it wondering if the wound was still there. With a little circus, she pulled her foot to have a look at the sole of it. 

Yes, the wound was still there but it appeared to be healing now. Closing the box as she knew she wouldn't be able to wear them not unless her foot healed completely, she pushed the boxes to place them close to the wall. Standing up quietly, she caught sight of the vampire sleeping soundly. 

Damien's eyes were closed, his pitch-black hair covering his forehead with his chest moving softly up and down as he breathed. Who knew that the immortal creatures could breathe and had a temperature of their own. All this while when she was still living with her relatives, she had falsely gained knowledge that the vampires, as well as the pureblooded vampires, were cold-blooded creatures in the literal sense.

She should have noticed it that day when he had her in his arms sleeping in the early hours of the day. Penny shook her head immediately. Why was she remembering that day? How embarrassing, she said in her mind while wondering what her future husband would say if he found out about it. 

It was today when he had given her his hand to stand up that she had noticed his warm hand. 

She looked outside the large window. The sky that had turned dark as the night. With all the climbing and stepping out after a long time, Penny's body felt tired and exhausted. 

She wondered if it would be alright to take some rest on the bed. With Damien who was sleeping on the other side of the bed, she first stared at the empty space near her but instead of sleeping on the bed. She sat back down on the ground which was carpeted. Leaning her back on the bed, she closed her eyes in the peace and quiet of the room. 

Damien opened one of his eyes, looking at the reflection in the mirror as the person in the room had stopped moving. Her heartbeat turning steady in a rhythm. Opening both his eyes, he turned his head to find the girl's head resting on the bed as she snoozed in her sleep. Her breathing softly filling the room. The music coming to form that mingled with her and the sound of the breeze and the sea that hit the mansion time after time. 

He took a closer look at her face which laid half on the bed and a half almost about to slip down but it never did. Seemed like subconsciously she was still awake. Looking up at the mirror he found it easier to look at her and his eyes zeroed on her face which was relaxed. 

It seemed like everything had turned out well in the end, thought Damien to himself before his eyes shifted to look at the box that she had moved to the wall. His dear mouse. She came out to be strong but he could tell that with all the walls she had built not letting him crack it open, she had a terribly soft heart which she was sacred. 

Rolling out of the bed, he took hold of the jacket and stepped out of the room without waking the girl in his room. 

Damien stepped down the stairs, each and every step of his mimicking like one of the majestic cats in the forest. Licking his lips, he made his way down to find his step-mother and father talking to each other along with his elder sister Maggie. 

"Oh, good you are here, Damien!" exclaimed Maggie, "We need your help. They actually."

"How can I be of help?" asked Damien. 

Damien's step-mother was the one who spoke, "I believe you know Lady Ursula and also that she has a brother."

"Yes, Johnny Young," said Damien tilting his head, "What did he do?" 

"The problem is that he hasn't done anything," said Fleurance, "We have planned to build a family alliance with them. Grace has been trying to influence the man-"

"She has? What happened to the other man she was trying so hard with? The blonde-haired man. What was his name again? The councilman hmm," Damien acted as if he was trying hard to remember the name when he was already aware of what the man's name was...
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    《Young master Damien's pet》