You Are Mine
52 Revelations
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You Are Mine
Author :mockingbird81
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52 Revelations

"Right, I will just change", she said. She took random clothes and went inside the bathroom to change. Joseph went back in after he instructed the maids to wait for an ambulance and to prepare something they can use in the hospital. Although Joseph suspects that Celine is already dead.

"I'll check on Claire", Jolo said. He did not want Claire to witness this.

Joseph nodded his head in approval, he doesn't want Claire to be traumatized by this. Although Celine was not the ideal mother to Claire, he is sure that Claire will still feel towards her.

A few minutes later, the ambulance came and they were ushered inside by Joseph. They tried to revive Celine but she was not responsive so they had no choice but to rush her to the hospital after applying first aid. The ambulance sped away with Celine on it. Joseph followed behind with one of the maids. Jolo stayed behind to take care of Claire. Claire was oblivious of what is happening at the mansion and was her usual self.

Christine could not stand staying in her room after what happened so she asked Jolo if she could stay with Claire and he agreed. Everyone in the mansion was silent and have their own opinions of what happened. They were whispering to each other of what could have possibly happened.

"Christine must have had enough of Madam and she planned to kill her", a maid said.

"Shut-up! Christine could not do that", another maid said.

"How are you so sure? After she came, madam has been not herself all the time, she has always been violent", another one said.

"Because I was here long before all of you were here." Cecilia came out of nowhere and said it with conviction.

Everyone turned around and were surprised to find Cecilia standing there. They did not know when she came and where she went.

"Cecilia, where have you been? Madam was looking for you, you just disappeared?'', asked one of the maids.

"I had some important matters to handle", Cecilia said.

"So are you aware of what happened to Madam Celine at Miss Christine's room?" one of the maids asked.

"Yes, master joseph already told me and that is why I came back", she said to all of them and turned around to leave.

"'Hey, Cecilia. Can you tell us what is actually going on? Why is Madam hates Miss Christine that much??", asked Sheila, the youngest and newest of the maids in the mansion. She was only here for a few months and did not have a clue at all.

Cecilia returned to the group and took a seat. The maids gathered around her. They all wanted to know what is going on. They knew that only Cecilia and Gary are the ones who have been with the Arantes for a long time so they must know what is really going on between their Madam and Miss Christine.

"I think this is the right time for all of you to know so that you will not be accusing the wrong person. But I want all of you to promise me that you will not tell anybody about this", she said and looked at each one of them in the eyes.

Everyone nodded and were very eager to listen to what Cecilia has to say. Cecilia took a deep breath and tried to organize her thought, she doesn't know where to start actually. She is in the process of assessing what information can be shared to them since she wanted to keep the integrity of the Arante family, especially Celine. Even though Celine was not a perfect employer but she still feels a little sympathy toward her and she doesn't want to ruin her reputation in front of the maids.

"Come on Cecilia, you are killing us with suspense", Sheila complained.

"Yeah, spill it", the other maids said in unison.

"I know that some of you have doubts against Miss Christine but all I can say is Christine is innocent. She has the purest heart of all, she doesn't have any intention to do harm to anyone. In fact, she is just a victim here", Cecilia said

"Christine was only 15 when she came here when her dad married Madam Celine", Cecilia continued and everybody was silent, intently listening to every word she said.

"Since day 1, Madam Celine did not like Christine and even asked master Jordan not to take Christine here with them. But Master Jackson insisted since she was his only daughter so it was only normal to take her with him. She was just a minor and she was his responsibility", Cecilia continued.

"Madam Celine agreed to take Miss Christine with them but she started to forbid Master Jackson to spend time with Christine. The father and daughter have the best relationship when they came. They have a very positive demeanor and they always find fun in what they do. Miss Christine adored her father and so is Master Jackson", Cecilia continued and was smiling recalling all the happy memories that Christine her dad spent in the mansion and in the farm. The mansion was filled with laughter and everyone seemed to be happy.

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"Until one day, Madam Celine went to church alone because of Master Jackson not feeling well and decided to stay. Since her da was not feeling well, she volunteered to take care of him. She was such a sweet daughter and I know that Master Jackson was so proud of her and loved her dearly", Cecilia continued while they maids are listening quietly.

"I was there that day when Madam Celine has thrown Miss Christine out of the room when she came home from church", Cecilia paused and tried to take a deep breath.

" Why?", the maid said in unison.

"I honestly did not see what happened inside but Madam Celine was so mad and accused the father and daughter with incest", Cecilia sadly recalled that day.

"Incest?", Sheila repeated that word.

"Madam Celine accused Christine and Master Jackson of having an incestuous relationship", Cecilia said.

"You mean Christine has a sexual relationship with her father?", another maid asked while the rest looked at Cecilia with a silent request to clarify if it is true or not.

"According to madam Celine, she saw Christine on top of Master Jackson when she came into the room. But I was actually there a few minutes before she came. Christine was giving her dad a massage but she ran out of massage oil so she asked me to get some for her. I went out and the next thing I know was Madam Celine dragged Miss Christine out of the room", She said.


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