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Witches: The Land of Skull
Author :Celandine
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3 Chapter 3

I was walking at the outside the Land of Skull, checking the situations. When I feel a presence nearby, I sense a strange power from it, I put myself in guard by pulling out my weapons, a double sword-staff with black and white dragon design on its holder and an energy absorbing crystal near both of the sharps end.

I put myself in defensive manners when I feel the presence is moving closer and closer. And I saw...




A boy? What?


You've gotta be kidding me...

Even more.....With a ceberus chasing him!

What a luck!!! (You do realize that it was a sarcasm right?)

Before I stepped out from the barrier, I made couples of barriers to protect the land.

Now, let's get dirty!!!

I step out and pointed one of my sword-staff at the Ceberus. I pointed it to its head and shot a sharpest thread to absorb its energy but it easily shake it off because of his sharp claws.

I sneer. What a troublesome fellow.

I look at the boy who was now fell on his knees, panting hard.

I quickly transported myself in front of him and defend him from Ceberus's claws that are coming to tear him apart. Lucky me, I got to cut one of its claw.

"Run straight! Don't look back!!" I yell at the boy who hid behind me who has those fear in his eyes, without turning my back to the enemy in front of me.

Luckily he obeyed and runs into the barrier without so much trouble getting in. Interesting. Sometimes, when a human wants to go inside, they'll got burned, and the other trials that could kill them in seconds from the barrier power but if it's a witch, they wouldn't got so much trouble getting in. Half-witch? They got slightly burned.

I snap from my thoughts when the Ceberus attack me with his carnivorous fangs. I jump away from it and transfer my many of my mana to my sword-staffs, I charged into it and slashes it into pieces with a blink of eye. Its blood poured down like a rain on me, luckily it's not toxic, in fact, it recovers half of my mana when it touch my skin. I put the blood sample and its mutilated body into my rate-dangerous container, for precaution if something happened.

I burn the remaining blood in on the ground to erase the smell by oil it and burn that ground while I walk away from it. Then blend it with the normal ground putting the rains essentials on it, on my weapons which have a little damage on its crystal, and on myself. I erase the boy smells to by blending the remaining rains essential in wide range air with my power so they couldn't step their foot into this land again. I walk away and step into the barrier.

After I'm inside The Land of Skull area, I look at the boy, he was shaking uncontrollably. He is dripping so many blood from his scar, I bent down, "Come here." I said to him. He looks scared, and a little reluctant to come to me but in the end he comes to me. I looks at his bleeding knees and scar ob his hand, I cast a light magic on him without spelling it since I'm high levels magicians. And in second, his wounds closes by itself.

"What is this places? And who are you?" He ask.

I stood up, "Welcome to The Land of Skull, the witches land, and I'm Lavender Rose, one of the Great Five." I smiled.

His faces looks surprised. His tiny lips was wide open. I pat his head and see his ears poking out from it's places... it was a.....

Fairy ears!

"A Fairy huh, no wonder you got inside easily." I mumbled. "But you're a little different from them... I wonder why." I said looking at the two tiny fangs.

"My father is a vampire while mother is a fairy." He said.

"Interesting indeed." I said as I studied him. He has a red eyes, paler skin than normal vampires, white hair, his fairy ears, his clothes and cape had been torn apart showed his small body.

"Where are they now?" I ask

"Mother is dead. As for father, I don't know, there'll be a war on our land and he send me here in order to escape. I also bought my relatives here." He said as he open his cape, There's 3 fairies coming out and 2 bat coming out.

The both of bat turn into a young boy like him but I think they are younger than him. They are twins. They have red eyes like him, one with blonde hair and the other has black hair. "Brother are you alright?" The blonde hair twin said.

"Yeah, I'm okay." He said.

"Thank you for saving my brother, we didn't know how to repay your good deed." The black hair said as the fairies circling my body.

"They said thanks." The boy I saved said, explaining the fairies behavior.

"Said to them your welcome. I think I a favor from the vampires would be nice and I think I know what the fairies could repay me." I said while smiling

"What do you mean ?" The black hair one got into defensive manners.

I laugh at him, "oho~ don't worry, I'm not like those evils being. Well, I want the fairies to grow the plants we,the witches, needed." I said.

"Didn't you already made a deal with fairies continents though?" He asked.

"They betrayed us. They are working hand in hand with the darkness." I said while gloomy aura surround me.

Their mouths agape, "Then lets go to the heart capital to discuss about this with others." I said as I lead them to the heart capital and send a telepathic signal to other Great Five.

"Have a seat." I said to them.

This is heart capital, where the most respected witches and sorcerer works and have meetings at. The building itself had touches of Romes, Europes, and Greek style.

I looked at the blue, red, and yellow colored fairies. Blue one usually have power to control the water for plants irigation, power to plant the water-based plants, and weather controllers. The Red one usually have power to give enough lights and vitamins to the plants, to heat the temperature when it's cold, plants the fire based plants, and to burn something. While the yellow one could grow tropic based plants and rare plants.

Nice huh.

I snapped out from my thoughts when the other Great Five appears one by one.


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