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Witches: The Land of Skull
Author :Celandine
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2 Chapter 2

I see many witches with humanity, but not human though.

-Lavender Roses-

(Witches: The Land of Skull)

To be honest, Great Five is the most respected witch besides the High Five. I, Lavender Rose, most respected though but I am too, the most feared among those bunch.

Everywhere we go, people always looks up to us. I was reincarnate into a curvy body with B-cup bra size, long wavy ombre blue hair with lavender color on the tip, wearing a revealing shoulders with long sleeves silk black dress, a cape, a choker, and a witch hat which looks like the cover picture, black heels.

I walked to the Marie Street to find my friend, Leon. He's one of the most handsom— I mean the best blacksmith in this Land. He's one person who didn't bound to any witch since the last master of his died because she gave him her life. Until now, he still looks heartbroken but better actually after couples of me, visiting him. Did I mention that he also has some obsession of explosions like that character in anime? Nope? Okay then. Let me tell ya something, his talent is Godly-like! I almost thought that he was a God or Demigod!

Then, let's talk about his Godly skill. He could merges, make weapons out of something, he even could add some additional toppings on our weapons as our request! Yes, toppings, like a pepperoni pizza, sugar, mint fragrance, vanilla icing, no, I'm just kidding. That's not what the 'toppings' are. The toppings is our request to power up the weapons, either it was being added with deadly poison, power of thunder, or turning into accessories to camouflage, anything you want really.

On the other hand, besides being the best blacksmith in this land, he has the power to make something like bombs but with magic effects on it. The effects could be space-time which means freezing your enemy moves in big scales of course, making the ball bomb which leaks out lava from it, or making a ball bomb that contains tsunami .

The more complicated the weapons, more time would be needed to make it and of course more price it would cost. Maybe around or higher than 1000 witch gold? Well, I don't really know since I rarely request him, but once I told him I want a weapon, he made it without complains and he even refused the witch gold I gave him. How kind of him! I feel like my son had grown into a fine man! I'm 1000 y/o or more remember? He could be my great-great-great grandchild or something but since he already lived longer than most human, I think he's around 589, he's not gonna be my grand child.. no no...

well, I don't know how but aging seems very fast here for humans, but very slow for witches. I still remember that I'm still 25 years old when I died... but in this world, suddenly I'm over 1000 years old since I borrow this body. I don't know but I reincarnated into teens around 15 years old with A-cup bra size, in the alley way, starving, and then I got chased by those humans with no humanity. I almost got caught if it's not for a little skinny boy who pushed me to a hide places and told them I've gone to the opposite way to escaped. After I thank the boy and promised him to pay him back, I run to this territory/land. I'm found by my master, one of the High Five named Pluto. He gave me shelter, food, and clothes. I'm grateful for it and promised to serve him but he declined my over. He says that I'm not a normal human, he said he sense that I'm a witches so he told me that he gladly accepts me as his student. I'm so happy and see him as my father figure since neither in the real world or the current one, I'm alone, I don't have father, or mother, or relatives that I could count on too. But the difference is in the past world, I had only one person who supported me who is my mother. My father left me since I was still in her tummy. My blood relatives are all like either two-faced person, liar, or backstabber.

Sometimes blood doesn't shows you that they really sees you as family. Only the one who thought you as family or someone important to their lives is sometimes the worthy person you could put your trust in.

And in this world, I lives as an orphan that escaped from death trials. I've already looked many deaths with my own eyes because those thing who called themselves humans. The human whom accused to be a witch got sold as slaves, experiments for those doctors who crazy about humans body, tortured, even being burned alive. Those memories giving me cringe. How about that boy who saved me you ask? Well, he got a good home and shelter in here, even though he's not human anymore.

I stopped in front of Leon's weapons shop, inviting myself in. "Hey!! Leon!! Looks who's here! Mommy is here to see you!~" I yelled jokingly. It's the best way to get him annoyed. Hey! Don't look at me like that! He's adorable when he's mad... or not...

"What do you want?" He said in calm demeanor. Even though he's wearing glasses, it feels like his red eyes pierced through it and pierced mine. His mid blonde hair which being tied in lose matter, his pointed nose, and sensual lips makes many of the witches fall for him but he never respond to them.

I grabbed my handkerchief, wiped a fake tears of my faces, and says, "oh my Goodness, my son has grown into a fine man."

Before he could protest, I shut him up with my fingers. "Shhh... I just want you to make an even more powerful weapons than you've been making until now."

"For what exactly?" Leon asked in stern tone since I looked serious and all.

"Too slay the evil demons that make contract with those filthy humans to slay our kind and about the new creatures that recently lurking around our area, it's just the matter of time they found us." I said

"What did you just say?" He sounds surprised

"Recently I told one of my people to spies on them, humans. It seems that a human make contract with the devils to fill his wish and in exchange he should made a books that contains false-rumors about witch, that makes more people despise us. Then more humans make contract with the devils, and they made a hideous creatures to hunt us down named Ceberus. It could sniff our smell and hunt us down, it has a sharp carnivorous fang, 8 eyes, sharp claws and could kill just by licking us. It saliva contains a toxic poison in it." I continues, "More importantly, it seems like the darkness side had won over us in the west side, The Land of Fairies, that made our situation more worse than it is."

The land of fairies is the land where the most magical herbs are planted, the poppy-japalebo, gigan mariena, lunix wultrus, etc. It's our main source of potions ingredients. I must tell you that fairies are hard to be negotiated, they are sneaky, liars, feisty, loves to trade with high prices, and have trust-issues. I'm not gonna judge them anyway since the humans always tricks them, see them as an object, and killed many of their races for their own good after all. It's like it was their defense mechanism.

"How did they won exactly?" He asked

"I don't really know the details but I think they signed contract but knowing the evil darkness, they would not fulfill with their own words." I said

He sighs, "Fairies... how troublesome." He said as he served me a cup of marionette girgan tea, which was the top quality tea in this area since it could replenish your magic power or I should say mana and even to boost up your moods.

"But I heard there are some fairies who didn't agree with it and fought them off, so we need to help them!" I said enthusiastically

He sighs longer than before, "You're too naive for your own good, Lave. Even if they fought against it, the darkness still won some favors from majority of the fairies. They'll beheaded if they made a straight rebellion."

"Well, I admit that your statement is true, I already thought about it too but it's benefiting to us too if we gain trust with those rebel fairies, after all the fairies could grew any kind plants. At least we need to make them to work with us." After I said that to him, I drank a cup of marionette girgan tea that he made.

"Okay then, but it would need some time but I'll make sure I made it as fast as I could." He said as he agreed to make me a deadly weapon.

"Don't worry, take your time ,Leo. I didn't want you to stress out, you're my friend after all." I said

"Great friend." He correct me

"Yeah, I mean great friend." I said. "Anyway, just told me what materials do you need if you're in hard time finding it, oh and how much do I owe you?" I asked him

"A kiss would be nice." He smiled.

Damn his playboy faces and his charm...

I kissed him on the cheek and says, "All done, I'm counting on you, my cutie son!" Then I went outside the shop and go to my home.

Unknown to me, who already go home, Leon muttered, "I don't want to be your son though..." he smiles a sad smile.


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