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Witches: The Land of Skull
Author :Celandine
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1 Chapter 1

I, Georgia Val, died. I was cold-bloodedly killed by my most trusted business-partner,Ryan. Here's the story of how I died.

I was walking along the road after the meeting with a client who approved to be our investor. I must say, I'm the one who made my— I mean our company names are known until now. I was happily walking on the side road until I feel someone grabbing my hand. Lucky me, I know some techniques to get rid of kidnapper or should I say adultnapper, harassment, etc. I kick his balls.

As I got free from his grip and hurriedly run to escape from the criminal but shame my luck, I got caught by one of his friends who waited on the dark side of the road. A handkerchief shuts my mouth and everything went black.

I woke up from the sound of rustling. I opened my eyes and see the two criminals are eating snacks while looking at their phone, playing mobile legends. I, on the other hand, sweat dropped at their attics. Suddenly the door opened with loud sound.

"What are you both doing, lazing around when I'm not around?! She could escaped without you knowing, you *****"

I'm surprised to see the partner I trusted a lot all this time, Ryan, standing there, yelling at the criminals whom he hired.

"Don't worry boss, she's still sound a sleep! Chill man!!" One of the criminals said

"Don't mess with me. I known her since we are small, she has her ways to escape from anything." Ryan or I should say backstabber said.

I shut my eyes pretending to sound a sleep. "Don't pretend you're asleep, Georgia, I know you don't." He said

I didn't budge, I still pretend to sleep. "Boss, I think you're too paranoid for your own good."

"No, I'm sure of it." He said as he got closer to me and pulled my hair. "Hey, Georgy, wake up, love"

I resist the temptation to yell and spit on his faces. But his annoying grip getting more and more making me want to punch his faces.

I opened my eyes and escaped from the chains I've been bound to chair. Sadly I need to force my left hand to free myself. With that one of the hand got free while the other still bounded to the chair. I kick their ass with the other hand which still bounded to a chair until the chair is broken.

With fractured left hand, I run outside and try to find the nearest police station.

But Ryan recovered from the hit so fast and run after me with pocket knife. Suddenly my leg got hurts, I see it bleeds. I fell on the hard ground and realized that my leg was stabbed by nails from the trap he set on the road I think.

Ryan got closer and stab my abdomen, tearing it apart until the insides are out. I want to vomit when I saw my own flesh.... And everything went black.

<<Flashback end>>

Now, I got reincarnated as a witch named Lavender Rose in those what you called 'medieval era' but different from game that make the one who have magics are favored, in this time, witchcraft is forbidden and worse, anyone who had magic will be killed in sight by those filthy humans. And please note I'm not an fictional character on games you played. This world I've been reincarnated to was a real world but with the different era. I think I'm in range of 15th century until 18th century where the witches got burned alive for doing magic/witchcraft.

Luckily I survived by run away to somewhere outside human reach called 'The Land of Skull'. Inside those area, there are rules:

First, for those humans who survived and escaped to here will be a pet or familiar of a witch who you meet at the first time.

Second, familiar must be obedience to his/her masters, if not, you'll get tortured as your master's wish.

Third, it's up to your master to take you as a pet or familiar or his/her student if you had talent of course.

If you refused to agree with this term, you're dead. of course if you accept this term there will be some benefits for you, such as the master must protect their pet from any kind of danger, you got feed, you got a place to sleep, etc.

Of course your race had to be tested, wether you're humans, half-half, or full ledges witches. It involves your spiritual energy and magic attributes. There are many types of witches, every year with different specialties. So don't expect having the same attributes with the other witches because every each of us have unique magic attributes/power. Some of them might have many attributes, they are called the Rare Oneself since it's just 0,000000001% chance to find someone who had many attributes.

For example, Téquila who has the power to talk to the sea animals, control any kind of waters and turn it to anything she wants ;Lilliana who has the power to control someone else's mind, Manipulates their will, controling everyone who have minds in the world including animals, and manipulates mana/magic energy around her; Reina who has the power to grow plants and earth, talk to plants, and order the plants to do something. Yeah you heard that right, she ordered them to make cupcakes, soup, coffee, and the other thing she wanted them to do, they gladly accept it.

And you could imagine, they've lived over 1000 years!

Old right? But no! Don't think of them as an old wrinkled woman who eats children, that sounds so wrong. In fact most of the witches have a gorgeous faces and cute faces. For your information, the witches bodies is hot, they mostly looks sensual in their clothes. SENSUAL NOT VULGAR YOU DIRTY MINDED READERS!!!

Ahem— so back to the topic. Now what should I tell you next? Hmm? Oh that's right! About the spiritual energy, there are two different energy in this world, the black/dark energy or the white/light energy. Spiritual energy effects to you attributes skills, that means if you had plants attributes but dark energy, you need to control your emotion, because if not you'll make those plants decayed without realizing it. You could make poison, etc.

And I almost forgot to tell you about this world, The Land of Skull. This places was because they found so many humans skulls in this area. then they decided to make this area as witch residence, with so many barriers they make of course. Who are 'they' that I mentioned, you ask? Well 'they' are the High Five. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking about having a high five with each of them right? Well that's not gonna happen since the last one of them died. Each of the Fives search for apprentice First one's apprentices is Tequila. Second one's apprentice is Liliana. The Third's apprentice is Reina. The Fouth's apprentice is Paul. And the last one apprentice is me. My master was the last one died. We called ourselves as The Great Five.

Most of them had Rare Oneself ability, it means the have so many attributes and I must tell you that your master power could be transferred to you when they said it in their last breath. Unless you hurriedly want to claim the powers to yourself and killed your master to received it but... I warned you that will only lead you to endless nightmares like your master is cursing you, even worse you could gone crazy if you couldn't take it. But if you could stand it, you'll obtain your master powers fully but remember to not being controlled by the negative energy that leads you to dark paths, beware to the darkness lurking around.

There are also the one who is very gifted by dual spirituality, but sadly most of them died since they couldn't keep the balance of the both spiritual energy.

How about myself you ask? Well, of course I have those powers too, but it would be better if you don't know anything about it, curiosity killed the cat after all. well I could tell you the age though, I think I look like in my 20's but in fact this body is over 1000 years old.

Most people might ask something like, "Why are the most of witch is a woman? Why not even single of them a man?" Okay, look at us for the example. In this witch world named The Land of Skull, the sorcerers (man) were wiped out since they couldn't resist the temptation to show humans that our races rules the world and they got captured by the humans for experiments, and slave.

You might also asked, "why the heck humans who survived the barrier needs to be a pet here?" Well the answer is simple, witches's land, witches rule. As simple as that really.

Sometimes, because the percentage of the female witches population is more bigger than the sorcerer which was like 70% to 30%, the witches who are single, and who raised their pet since they are small got marriage. Sometimes they do it for fun since they are always young and the humans always die fast anyway and sometimes they do it for their love for each other.

If you become our pet when you're still young at age, you need to wait until you reach 6 to be named and to receive your collar. What does the collar do you ask? The collar is like the bound that bound you, pet or familiar to only single masters. The collar must made by your own master.

Different from familiar or pet, Master could have many pet as their fate lead them. Remember when I say that the first witches you meet is your master? That's the answer tho why master could have so many pets. There is also the different between Master and Pet, If pet was bounded by Master's-handmade-collar, Master bound to their pet by a bracelet. If their pet is in problem, the bracelet will squeeze your Master's wrist to some extend according to their pet dangerous situation. Master and Pet only have Order and Obedience contract, so if your master said that you're wrong, you're wrong.


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