Weekend Reincarnation
1 Weekend Reincarnation
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Weekend Reincarnation
Author :CrazyTree
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1 Weekend Reincarnation

Everything went down the drain.

The moment I saw the System notification I understood that all was lost.

[Congratulations! You have advanced to the Foundation Establishment level and ceased to be a mortal. Reincarnation won't be possible in the future.]

'Sh*t! These f*ckers! They scammed me. I'll sue them as soon as…

'As soon as what?' I thought.

As soon as I am back?

But I won't be able to go back. Not anymore.

Because of the f*cking bug in their f*cking System, I won't be able to go back anymore.

It was supposed to be my holiday, and now I'm stuck here like an idiot, with a pathetic Foundation Establishment body.

What is that laughable option of being unable to reincarnate? How come I didn't know of it beforehand? There was nothing like that in the brochures!

"System," I fumed, "what the f*ck?"

[Sorry, I can't answer your question. You may want to try being more specific.]

"Are you kidding me?! What kind of stupid joke is this?"

[It's not a joke.]

"Why can't I reincarnate?"

[The Weekend Reincarnation only provides experiences of being mortal. As soon as you cease to be mortal, it's the breach of the contract on your part. You deal with consequences yourself.]

I cursed once more. What else could I do?


Was it really a bug, or was it intentional?

I remembered the brochure.

"You are too powerful and there is no challenge in this world for you anymore? The life of an almighty immortal is too boring and you want to take a break? You've come to the right place! Our weekend tours were created JUST FOR YOU!

Reincarnate into the mortal world. Temper yourself in the red dust. Strengthen your dao heart!

Unique backwater worlds, pastoral sceneries, unpolluted air and water, new treasures, ferocious beasts, tribal wars, beautiful ladies, new exciting challenges, and more!

All of these we can offer you just for a bottle of chaos essence.

The Weekend Reincarnation. We do it for you!"

It was a newly established entertainment company. And their services were going viral.

Several of my friends tried it already and were extremely satisfied. For f*ck's sake, I myself have already been on one tour and everything was fine!

What happened this time?


I went carefully through everything that happened to me in this world.

I was born in a little noble family. My family didn't have much power but it wasn't exactly no-name also.

I learned the aboriginal language and participated in poetry readings at my three.

At my five father insisted that I start tempering the body.

The methods to cultivate body were all very crude, but the System helped me to pick one of the more advanced ones.

The System is one of the features for these holiday tours. It lets you monitor your strength, gives you little quests and so on. Very entertaining thing.

When I was nine a neighboring tribe decided to go to war with us.

Despite mother's opinion, father insisted on me going with the army to war. He said it was good for a man to have battle experience.

I nearly died in my first battle. Thankfully the System provided me with bird's eye view of the battlefield and we found a way to turn tables on our enemies.

Nevertheless, father was badly wounded so we had to let them go.

Four years later I was sent to an academy where I once again met with my foes. Last time on the battlefield I didn't have time to trash them thoroughly so they thought I was a pushover.

I had no choice but to show them their place.

Funny people, if they didn't offend me, I wouldn't have paid them any attention. They brought this doom on themselves.

In this school, I met my first love. Well, this life's first love, ok?

She was a very beautiful and kind girl. Her name was Lily. Pity, she wasn't talented. I didn't mind, though.

We fell in love.

With time, my studies were successfully brought to an end.

I took Lily with me and together we returned to my home.

Father and mother were delighted to see me return with the girl.

Soon we married and had two beautiful kids.

I could've lived all my life simply and blissfully like that.

Unfortunately, a tragedy struck.

A wyrm decided to reside in the cave not so far from our town. Then this thing started to hunt.

Before we could do anything many people were eaten by it.

My son and daughter were on the travel around our lands at that time.

Their group was attacked and annihilated.

When I heard of it, I went mad.

Lily tried to stop me. I wasn't a match for the creature. But nothing could stop me at that time. I wanted revenge.

I spent several months tailing it before I found an opportunity to strike.

While it was sleeping in its lair, I blew the whole mountain up.

This didn't manage to kill that thing, but when it climbed its way out of the fallen rocks it was greatly wounded.

We fought for three days, and in the end, I managed to kill it.

As a reward, the System made me break through.



Everything was strange.

The System was giving me quests and rewards.

Quest [Kill the Vicious Wyrm] was one of them. And the reward was an advancement in the cultivation stage.

It was a common knowledge that after starting your path to ascension you won't be able to reincarnate unless you reach the True Immortal stage. Otherwise, your body won't be able to bear it and you'll cease to be human. Because the human without the body is only a ghost.

Strange, why couldn't I remember it earlier?

It looks like someone meddled with my memory.

What else have I forgotten?

Whoever it was, he was highly professional. There were no loopholes in it.

Whatever I tried to remember, I could. There was no inconsistency in my memories.

Someone definitely stood behind all this, but for now, I didn't have the means to find out anything.

Now what?

The path I started practicing in this world may not be the worst one, but it was obviously far cry from the one my main body practiced. My main body was an immortal after all. Not the one on the path to ascension but the real true-blue immortal.

I might have advanced to the Foundation Establishment stage but this body was already over forty years old. The prime time to cultivate was already lost.

The worst thing is that in this world there are many advanced and high-level magical treasures but there is next to nil treasures for low levels.

Trying to use those powerful treasures with low-level cultivation is akin to a suicide.

But I am left with no choice.

The people here don't know of the uses these treasures have, but I do.

The chance for me to survive is very small.

I am looking at the System.

[Quest: Absorb the power of the Blackfire Crystal. Chance to die 99.99999387%.

Reward: You live.]

This power the Crystal contains can allow me to skip several lower stages at once.

I am looking at a grand formation at my feet. I am the only one in this world who can use something of this caliber. It wasn't easy to get all resources for it. I have spent fifty years searching for them.

Finally, everything is in place.

I am starting the chanting. The formation before me is slowly lightening up and is filling with the power.

If I fail - I die.

They should pray that I fail.


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