Unleash Godframe
4 Chapter 4
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Unleash Godframe
Author :DarylA
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4 Chapter 4

What I see is the avatar that I created in the game, it looks like me but I change a lot. I changed my hair color and eye color when I was still creating my character. The color of my hair was black and now? it's silverish, also my eyes are now color blue. I'm taller than my old self and my body is muscularly lean. I also

look really handsome.

"Well, It's better this way I guess?"

In God frame, you can use your real appearance in the real world and you can freely edit it. You can make your self taller or shorter, thin or fat. Everything and anything that you want.

"Now then, time to finish and clear each floor. God frame, Initiate battle mode"

=Battle mode activated=

Still on the 34th floor, around me are all Demon Orcs.

"Let's check how many are left"

I look at the map and there are over 20 Demon Orcs. I made a large sound by using the gunshots of my Akjagara to gather them"

"Good, they are coming in my direction"

All the red dots in every direction started to rush towards me.

Good, all of them are here.

"Radial Javelin!"

Javelins that are made by light with electric sparks effect appeared from nowhere. Each javelin has its own target. I released and the javelins launched towards the Demon Orcs.

=Ding! You have killed a Demon Orc=

=Ding! You have Ranked Up!=

=Ding! You have killed a Demon Orc=

=Ding! You have Ranked Up!=

=Ding! You have killed a Demon Orc=

=Ding! You have Ranked Up!=


I can hear announcements one after another, and I feel like a massive power source went inside my body.

All the monsters were impaled in the dungeon walls. After that, the body of the monsters turned into white and vanished with pixel effects"

"It really does feels like I'm in the game"

Edmund said the heroes will have a hard time killing Demon Orcs if they are many. But I killed them in merely 5 seconds.

The monsters dropped cores, I should sell this to the guild if I can get out here and meet my classmates.

"I forgot, they were the ones that betrayed me"

Miscast? Friendly fire? what a joke, even if they are my classmates. If they give me a reason to kill them. I really will kill them. I don't want to take revenge. But if they will give me a reason. Well? it can't be helped.

~33th floor~

"Demon ogres? 40 of them?"

The monsters were really aggressive, the moment they see me they immediately fired their bows.

Bang! Bang!

=Ding! You have killed a Demon Ogre=

=Ding! You have killed a Demon Ogre=

=Ding! You have killed a Demon Ogre=

Using my Akjagara, I fired it simultaneously. Because of my shield and armor. I welcomed their arrow and other long-range attacks.

Some of their arrows were deflected while the others will simply vanish when it reached my body.

While calmly walking towards them, I keep firing and firing simultaneously.

The monsters stepped back with fear from their faces, they shouted like "He's a demon!"

=Ding! You have killed a Demon Ogre=

=Ding! You have killed a Demon Ogre=


After a minute. I killed all of the Demon ogres and collected all of the cores. I wonder how much will I earn with this.

The low-level cores like from the slimes and goblins can amount up to 20 bronze coins. But the cores that I have are from the higher level monsters.

"If slaves exist in this world. I should try to buy one"

I wanted someone to be by my side. It's very lonely fighting monsters and exploring dungeons alone.

Time passed and it's been six days since I slowly clearing this dungeon. I'm on the 15th floor now. The monsters are getting weaker and weaker. I wanted to test my full strength but it seems like there is no one yet capable of facing me.

~Euphoria Kingdom~

It's been six days since Deejay is stuck in the dungeon. I hope he's okay. I really wanted to see him.

"Mia? Tomorrow is the day where we look for Deejay. Are you ready to accept if he is... no, nevermind" Lusha stopped her words, but I know what she is trying to say?

"No, it's fine Lusha, I just want to make sure that he will have a good rest if he's up there already, even his body is just enough and I will personally ask the king of giving him a hero's burial" (Mia)

"Yes, your right Mia. He deserves it" Lusha said while smiling.

Knock! Knock!

"Mia? Lusha? are you there?"

"Yes, Ms. Selina! Wait!" Lusha went to the door then opened it.

Ms. Selina approached me and started to talk.

"Mia? I just want to tell you that no matter what the result will be in this mission. We must accept it okay?" Ms. Selina said while holding both of my hands.

I simply nodded and listened to what she said. We continued our conversation for almost an hour. They comforted me even thou I was harsh at them.

Because of Ms. Selina and Lusha, I felt a little bit happy. I'm curious about something. Does Ms. Selina like Deejay? No, no! that can't be. She's a teacher Mia okay? stop thinking stupid things!

- - - - -

"Status board"

=Deejay Reese=

God Frame - Rank 50

Primary Weapon - Rank 50

Secondary Weapon Rank 50

Health: 50000

Power: 25000

Shield: 50000

Energy: 50000

Armor: 11250

My state really rises at a fast pace, if this keeps going, maybe I can rival a God in this world.

I should keep getting stronger and to find a way to return home. Should I bring my classmates? Sigh... What have I been thinking? I should not involve my other classmates. I hope Mia is fine, we don't have any kind of relationship but I wonder why she treats me like that.

In my player interface, the moon icon appeared. Oh well. Its time to rest. Tomorrow will be on the 15th floor! The monsters are getting weaker and weaker. So I can keep my guard down.


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