Unleash Godframe
3 Chapter 3
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Unleash Godframe
Author :DarylA
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3 Chapter 3

~Mia's Room~

"Mia? can you please eat? even just a little? Please? Deejay will be mad if he will see you like this." Selina said while holding Mia's hand.

"Ms. Selina is right Mia, if Deejay is here, he will get really mad" Lusha also said while holding Mia's other hand.

"Yeah, if he's here. If only he is here! I rather see him mad at me than him not with us!" Mia's voice where stuttering like she is about to cry again.

"Calmed down Mia please, don't worry! The king ordered us to look for him in the dungeon okay?" Lusha grabbed both of Mia's shoulder while saying it face to face.

"R-really?! Let's head up there now!" Mia stood up excitedly and is about to prepare to leave.

"Wait, Mia! The king said we will need a whole week to prepare! There is an S-class Demon Crawler in that dungeon! So we have to prepare!" Selina stopped her by grabbing her arms.

"We need to wait for a week?! What if he is still alive and trying to survive? He needs food and water! Please! We have to go their as soon as possible!" Mia started to use her strength just to remove Selina's hand.

"We are sorry Mia, but all we have to do is pray! I know that you have loved him so much in secret but we don't have any choice don't we?" Lusha said in a calm tone.

- - - - -

~Indside the D-class dungeon~

Using the map option, it seems like I'm on the very last floor. By looking at the map. The dungeon is like a maze. There are also secret rooms where a treasure Icon can be seen. It's like I'm hacking because of this map.

Now then, time to hunt some monsters.

In the darkest part of the area, all I can see is rocks and the sound of water drops inside the dungeon. I decided to check the map again and I'm on the 34th floor.

I will face not just orcs but they are called Demon Orcs, Their skin is black with red eyes, large tusk and having a huge body, they were also wearing a mixed type of equipment.

In the map, I can see four red dots, so obviously these are the Demon orcs.

I have no choice but to fight safely for now. I don't know the current strength of God frames in this world so I must play safe.

They are positioned far from each other so this will be easy.

I always use stealth kill when I was still a beginner. So better start from scratch.

Crouching while moving forward slowly. The Demon Orc did not notice me.

In my helmet hud, there is a signal that I can now do stealth kill.

Just by crouching at its back. As if I'm clicking the right mouse button in the game. I performed a stealth kill.

I dig my knee to its spine then pulling back as hard as I can. Using all my strength to break its neck.

=Ding! You have Killed Demon Orc!=

=Ding! You have Rank Up!=

I was shocked not because of the notification about me ranking up. It's about the high-level Demon Orc. When I tried to break its neck. I feel like I was ripping a piece of paper.

I unsheathe my, Dark split sword and decided to use the double bladed heavy sword option. I'm facing a large monster so it's better to use a large weapon.

I rushed towards a Demon Orc and when it spotted me, It swung its large weapon. I perform a slide passing through in between its legs, now I'm at his back. I jumped to reach the height of its head and swing my sword.

=Ding! You have killed a Demon Orc=

=Ding! You have Ranked Up!=

Amazing! It really feels like I'm cutting some piece of papers. It immediately made a clean cut to the Demon Orc's neck.

The Impact of the dead body of the Demon Orc shakes the ground for an instant.

The two Demon Orcs that remained noticed and spotted me.

They rushed towards me together. I sheath my melee weapon then decided to use my Akjagara.


A large gun sound echoed inside the dungeon area.

=Ding! You have killed a Demon Orc=

=Ding! You have Ranked Up!=

=Ding! You have killed a Demon Orc=

=Ding! You have Ranked Up!=

It blew the head of the Demon orcs in an instant! I accidentally let go of my Akjagara because of how strong it is.

It took a few seconds to regain my senses, I just realized how overpowered the God frame equipment is.

I should check my status board.

=Deejay Reese=

God Frame - Rank 20

Primary Weapon - Rank 20

Secondary Weapon Rank 20

Health: 20000

Power: 10000

Shield: 20000

Energy: 20000

Armor: 4500

"Eh?! Why did it grow so much?! I thought I only rank up four times?!"

The notification only announced four times. But Why? It is because of the dungeon monsters are strong in this world? or is my God frame system a cheat?

By the way. The stats of the heroes were Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Sense.

Mine is a lot more different than them.

In the castle. We studied a few things in this world if a dungeon is conquered. It will cause an earthquake. After that, it will convert into a large diamond-like ore. The size matters of how strong the monsters inside the dungeon is, or the grade of the dungeon. The largest one is the size of the head of a full-grown man.

It's either you sell it to the guild, find a place to plant it and make your own personal dungeon or let a blacksmith make you a high-grade weapon or different kinds of equipment that you want.

"Can I remove the visibility of my God frame?"

I checked my God frame options and press equipment. There is an option that I can remove the God frame armor, and only they can see my normal shirt.

Maybe it's better if it's like this for now. Because if the people in this world will see a weird or mysterious type of metal, it will cause commotions or worse, they will hunt me.

"Wait?! is this me?!"

After removing the visibility of my God frame. I see my appearance.


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