Unleash Godframe
2 Chapter 2
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Unleash Godframe
Author :DarylA
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2 Chapter 2

~Outside the dungeon~

"Teacher Selina! They are finished training too!" (Female student 1)

"Thank goodness! I was worried because it took you so long! And we felt the dungeon shaking. Wait? Where's Deejay?" Answer me!" (Selina)

Selina asked while felt nervous, one of his students was missing and the faces of her students were gloomy.

"Teacher! Uwaaaa!" (Mia)

Mia leaped towards Selina's chest while crying. Selina's heart started to tremble. Deejay, is one of the closest students that she ever have. It's like Deejay is a family to her. But, in front of her. He was not there, he was not to be seen.

"Explain please" Selina"s tears started to fall then Edmund started to talk.

"We were chased by an S-class Demon Crawler, It was too powerful to the current heroes for now. One of your students misfired because of getting nervous. Deejay fell down from the earth magic with the monster. We were not expecting for an S-class monster to show up in that dungeon" While saying does words, Edmund felt guilty. One of the heroes is in danger because he can't do anything. All he can do is look down to the ground while clenching his fist.

"Ms. Selina. I'm sorry!" (Howard)

Howard is the student who used the earth magic. Ms. Selina did not say anything, but her heart is shrunken as if she was drowning in cold water.

Looking at the two women hugging each other. Lusha also approached Mia and Selina. Lusha caressed Mia's back while few tears falling from her eyes as well.

All of his classmates remained silent.

Then a few minutes have passed. They offered a prayer outside the dungeon entrance. Mia wanted to go back but Selina stopped her. They decided to go back to the kingdom to rest.

They arrived at the kingdom and the king hears the news about it.

"Your student is still alive. The crystal ball manages to track the ring and it is still blinking. It means, he is still in that dungeon roaming around"

"R-really?" Selina's voice sounded while stuttering because of crying.

"But, it seems like he's struggling. The way the ring is blinking is getting slower and slower" (King)

"Your Majesty! Can I hold the crystal ball please!" (Mia)

"O-okay" (Okay)

The king let one of the maids hand off the crystal ball to Mia. While still inside the castle hall. All of them stared at the crystal ball.

- - - - -

"I can't do it! Why am I so weak!"

I can't defeat the centipede in front of me. One of my left arms is gone, being chewed by the demon in front of me. The blood is still flowing like it won't stop.

"If only I am stronger!"

I rushed to the Demon Crawler once again and tried to cut its legs. But a sound "ping" sounded and my sword shattered.

"Heh, it seems this is my end. I wanted to see Mia and Lusha smile once again but, that can't be happening anymore"

I fell down and felt dizzy, too much blood loss from my body. I should give up. I can't do anything.

"Father, mother. I'm sorry. I won't be coming back anymore" Tears started to flow in my eyes" I also wanted to see my parents face even just for a short time, but...


~Inside the castle hall~

"No! no! why?!!! Why is this happening?!" Mia shouted while crying very hard. The blinking of the ring that is tracked by the crystal ball stopped.

"Deejay. No."

Selina kneeled as if she lost her strength to stand up. Her students assisted her but she refused to be touched.

Lusha rushed towards Mia then hugged her. Lusha gritted her teeth while tears started flowing down from her eyes as well.

From that day, the castle remained silent.

- - - - -

My vision is covered in black, all I can see is black. Everywhere is dark around me. No matter where I look.

"State your desire"

A text that is colored in white suddenly appeared in front of me.

"I just wanted to survive. That is my desire"

"If you are given a chance. What would you like to do?"

"I just want to play God frame. I'm tired of everything that is happening to me"

"Initializing answer"

I can hear a "toot" sound effect like a robot computer.

=Answer Complete. Initializing Godframe=

=Recreating Avatar=

=Creation Complete. In a few seconds, you will be teleported in the dungeon where you died. With your Avatar and equipment=


=Teleportation complete=

=Unlease God frame ProjectDeejay=

"Eh?! What's happening to me?!"

I only thought that because of death, I heard a robotic and seeing weird texts. But? Why am I back in the dungeon?

I rubbed my eyes and open it once again, and surely I'm back in the dungeon.

=Welcome ProjectDeejay=

=Please Select a weapon by saying "Inventory"=

I heard a robotic female voice. I am shocked for a moment but decided to listen to what she said.


=Opening Inventory=

"The hell?! These are my equipment in the game!"

A projector screen that is floating steadily appeared in front of me. All my equipment from the game is here!

Without wasting any time. I choose my primary weapon Dark Split-Sword and my secondary weapon Akjagara.

=Equip Dark Split-Sword=

=Equip Akjagara=

The Dark Split-Sword is a melee weapon with the unique ability to change weapon type depending on the stance mod with which it is equipped: a double-bladed greatsword when equipped with Heavy Blade stances or wielded as two separate blades when using Dual Sword stances.

While the Akjagara is are a pair of burst-fire bladed double-barreled pistols, both firing a bullet simultaneously per burst, and primarily focused on delivering slash damage.

"Well? This is to be expected"

I have all my equipment but the rank fell to 1, so it means, I need to level up this weapon huh.

"Oh yeah, I forgot. I need to use God frame as an armor"

Using the projector screen. I pressed Excalibur.

=Equip Excalibur Complete=

=Would you like to use the Excalibur Prime?"


Excalibur prime is an upgraded version of Excalibur, more powerful and reliable when it comes to battle.

My whole body is covered by the very first God frame that I used in the game. The reason that I said "no" is I wanted to try the power of the God frame in this world.

Excalibur is a sword-themed God frame. With the power to channel energy into his summoned blade, it is a mobile swordsman with potent methods of execution. Excalibur is also good for new players in the game.

"It's not heavy? It feels very light as if I am naked"

I thought, wearing God frames in real life is heavy, because of the otherworldly materials that are being used to make it. In the game, just to craft a God frame you need to travel different kinds of planets by looking for blueprints, materials and different kinds of metals.

"I should check it's stats"

"Status board"

=Deejay Reese=

God Frame - Rank 1

Primary Weapon - Rank 1

Secondary Weapon Rank 1

Health: 1000

Power: 500

Shield: 1000

Energy: 1000

Armor: 2250

Looking at it, it really all fell to rank 1, maybe by slaying monsters in this world. I can rank them all up. Well? Maybe it's time for grinding!


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