Unleash Godframe
1 Chapter 1
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Unleash Godframe
Author :DarylA
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1 Chapter 1

Three hours ago, we were in training as heroes. There are thirty of us and we were divided into three groups.

As we were starting to group up. No one wants to be with me. I know I am the weakest of us but I am doing my best and train my self just to be useful to them.

One of my classmate, Mia, grabbed me while saying "I'll protect you!". The most beautiful female classmate in our room personally invited me to their group.

The males were against it but Mia and Lusha said "We chose him so if you're against it! Leave this group!".

My male classmates remained silent but I know they already hold a grudge against me.

Lusha is Mia's childhood friend, and I am also in the group with the strongest heroes. The stronger they are, the higher the chance they survive. But, it is only training so the other groups were fine about it.

Then, we started to travel to a dungeon with our trainer, Edmund. A 30-year old man with a large build body and muscular face, also he has black hair and eyes. Wearing a full plate Iron armor.

It took fifteen minutes to reach the nearest dungeon. Even though we were riding carriages.

We warmed up for a while outside the dungeon entrance. Some of my classmates were swinging their swords while others were using low-level magic, just for warming up.

I was sitting alone. I wanted to give up because I will be just a burden but Mia approached while saying.

"I promise I will protect you Deejay no matter what!"

Mia is our healer and also her skills are used to buff us. Like increasing our strength, speed, and damage. Also, she can cast shields to all of us.

Then a few minutes later, we decided to enter the dungeon with our trainer.

They gave us rings that are imbued with magic as a tracking device. If we are lost, the kingdom has a magic crystal ball where it can locate the owner of a ring. The ring is made of gold with few small pieces of magic stones imbued in it.

If an owner dies, it will give a signal to the crystal ball and put the name of the fallen hero.

The distribution was finished and we proceed to the dungeon.

We encountered humanoid creatures with green skin and ugly face, its body looks like from an elementary student.

"The heroes are truly really different. If you all are just normal adventurers. It will take you twenty minutes to eliminate this much of goblins. But, you guys only took five minutes to finish them all"

Edmund complimented us, but I did not participate in the battle. I am only standing at the side of Lusha and Mia.

Lusha is our archer with many abilities, she can change the elements of her arrows and many more. It was to be expected that she is very good because she was also included in the archery club in our school.

"Deejay? Don't leave in our side okay?" Mia said.

I nodded and obeyed her. I just keep on following her.

Mia has green eyes and blonde hair that reached up to her waist. Wearing a color blue priestess like a robe. It suits her because of how beautiful she is.

While Lusha with black eyes and black hair that is tied in a ponytail. Wearing a leather armor that suits for an archer. Lusha has a cute face but she doesn't talk too much.

Two beautiful girls saying that they will protect me no matter what. To be honest, I don't deserve their protection. As a man, I wanted to protect them as well. But this damn stupid world blessed me as the weakest hero.

We encountered different kinds of monsters. Trolls, Ogres, and Orcs.

The monsters in the dungeon are getting stronger and stronger. We stayed in the dungeon for almost five hours and decided to return to the kingdom.

As we were about to return, the dungeon started to shake. It's like an earthquake that is happening.

In front of us. It looks like a summoning circle started to appear. Glowing in violet color and a cloud of smoke started to cover the whole area.

"Regroup! Stay close together!" Edmund shouted and gave a command. We immediately listened to him and started to cover each other while preparing for a battle.

When the cloud of smoke disappeared. A large roar that pierced to our ears made us kneel.

It was a giant centipede, it's skin is like made by crystals that are colored in black. A giant centipede that is the same as the size of a traveling airplane on earth.

The dungeon is large so the giant centipede can freely crawl in the dungeon area.

"It's an S-class Demon Crawler! Retreat! Cover each other!"

While running, Mia keeps buffing us with speed enhancement magic. Our wizards and mages keep firing offensive type spells just to slow down the monster.

"Damn! It's too fast! If only there is someone that can distract it"

We can almost see the dungeon entrance, the Demon Crawler was very smart and used a skill that shakes the dungeon again. Rocks started to fall from the dungeon entrance.

"We're almost there" Mia shouted while still casting speed enhancement magic.

"Someone must sacrifice! The weakest one should do it" (Male classmate 1)

"Let's pretend to friendly fire him!" (Male classmate 2)

"What are you guys thinking?" (Male classmate 3)

"You don't like that Erick? If Deejay is gone! No one will disturb you and Mia!" (Male classmate 1)

One of my classmates cast earth magic and made a hole on the dungeon floor. I fell down with a huge centipede.

"The hell?!"

Edmund is about to grab me but it was too late. His hands did not reach me.

"Wait! No!"

Mia was about to jump to the hole caused by the earth magic but the girls stopped her while holding her with force.

"Please save him! Deejay! no!" I saw her tears falling down from her eyes.

I know they did that in purpose. I know they sacrificed me because I'm the weakest.

After a few seconds, I wake up and find my self in the deepest part of the dungeon.


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