Transmigrator in Wuxia world
3 History part 1
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Transmigrator in Wuxia world
Author :Darkest_Knight
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3 History part 1

A Week has been gone by, and lin fan arrives at bamboo village to search for zephyr school

For a week lin fan searched and read all around the books he could find, turns out people

here don't know what this place called heck lin fan can't even know if this place is earth or not the only thing he found out is the history of this place.


There was a war for countless years between so called good and the so called evil sects the war was fierce eventually normal people manage to learn how to live with all these wars that is going on everything was like a hell normal people die martial artist raped use their power to humiliate or take whatever they wished for, from the looks of common people there is no difference between good and evil sects, they all protect their village took compensation for it and try to hunt down so called evil people ( good sect thinks evil sects are evil people evil sect thinks good sect are evil people) although Shaolin never killed they were no better than those ridiculous and idiotic sects who think they are above all, countless people died they prayed prayed for something something anything that could save them they wanted to live they wanted to enjoy their youth teenage and elderly years

Like everyone's voice has been heard at a single voice their comes a time of the golden generation, Nine very talented people were born at a single time it's truly a miracle not a second late all nine of them they all popped up in this world at the same day same minute heck even the same second


The League of Beggars, which was headquartered in Tianjin, readied themselves to defend the city's citizens against an attack. It is commonly said that, during times of war, it is a nation's beggars who are the first to fall.

Lao Hu and Shan Xiayu were both two-knot disciples of The League, recently married, and awaiting the birth of their first child, when the fighting began in Tianjin City. Despite her pregnancy, and against her husband's wishes, Shan strode out with The League's envoy. They expected the advancing warriors would see their great numbers and retreat, but they miscalculated.

While The League was successful in beating back Heavenly Demon's war party, they suffered several casualties. Among them was Shan, who was struck hard across the abdomen by an attacker's baton. Fearing for her life, and the life of their unborn child, Lao sat by her bedside day and night for two months. With the aid of every medicine and herb they could gather, Shan held on and gave birth to their daughter, who they named Shanshan. It is said the child would smile endlessly at all who came to visit, and the family's joy became the clan's joy.

Several weeks later, when Shan passed away, their sorrow became the clan's sorrow. The clan's leader, Drunken Fist, declared a month of clan mourning, in which no alcohol could be consumed and one tenth of all clan proceeds would be donated to Hu Lao and his daughter. And so, Hu Shanshan grew up in the care of The League, by all accounts a most precocious child.

When it came to begging, her beautiful, innocent young radiance and soulful eyes brought her more clan donations than any disciple. During game play, for The League is quite fond of their competitions, Hu Shanshan always proved herself to be clever and extremely lucky. No man could beat her at games of strategy, and always her father looked on with pride when she'd arrive at their barracks with blue ribbons of victory. By the time she reached the age of thirteen, she was admitted as a full-fledged League disciple and nicknamed, "The Flower of The League." A natural with the staff, she became a Third-knot disciple by the age of seventeen. It was once expressed by Drunken Fist that, "The baton strike which she suffered in her mother's womb left the indelible mark of a warrior upon her."

In her eighteenth year, The Emperor Heavenly Demon again sent his minions against Tianjin City, led by a Soul Lord called Burning Hands. The League's scouts saw Heavenly Demons' banners approaching, and Drunken Fist marshaled the disciples to meet them on the field of combat outside the city gates. On that first night, the Heavenly Demon Clan dealt a devastating defeat upon The League, ruthlessly slaughtering half their number. Drunken Fist sent out the call for reinforcements to the beggars of neighboring cities, to The League's friends of Shaolin Clan, and Wu-Tang, but feared the battle would be over long before any could respond.

On the second night of battle, when it appeared all was lost, Drunken Fist proposed a duel between himself and Burning Hands, and the Soul Lord agreed. His council argued against the duel, fearing Drunken Fist no match for direct combat with a Soul Lord of Heavenly Demon. But Drunken Fist saw no other choice, and so he drank down several flasks of The Leagues' strongest elixir, then strode out to fight for the life of his clan. Hu Shanshan and her aged father saw the battle from afar. It was over quite fast, as feared, for Drunken Fists Kung Fu and staff skills were of little use against the Flaming Saber and Soul-Siphon charms of Burning Hands. What chance is there for victory in man-to-man combat against one who can steal away his opponent's very life essence? As Drunken Fist fell, his body little more than a charred husk, Burning Hands called for the surrender of The League, and of Tianjin City. He gave them until the next night's full moon to comply.

The League's council was in chaos, some wishing to surrender and live to fight another day, some wishing to go out drunk and fighting, Han Shanshan was tearful what would happen to all those innocent people if league of beggar falls down

It was the first in time in life where Han Shanshan was tearful no one ever saw her tears not even when she was a baby and to think it fell for innocent people

And so, beneath the full moon of the following night, a beautiful young woman with battle dress with a staff came to fight and end it once and for all weather with her or his life

But she could way she could defeat him and she tried everything but someone saved her at the very last possible moment it was her father but he too fall in the demon hands after that, Burning Hands released Hu Lao, who fell lifeless to the ground, and turned back to Hu Shanshan.

"A most pathetic hope," he said with a sneer. "What hope does a young girl have of -- "

Burning Hands did not finish his sentence, because Hu Shanshan leapt forward and struck his face with the staff. Seeing the cold defiance in the girl, Burning Hands wiped the trail of blood from his nose, aware that his men were observing all this, and cried for his flaming saber.

Hu Shanshan and Burning Hands faced each other, readying their weapons, and then leaped into battle. Several blows were struck before Burning Hands realized that Hu Shanshan, well-trained and empassioned with rage, was nearly his equal with arms. And so he whispered a fierce incantation that would suck all the life from Hu Shanshan.

But as the charm took effect and Hu Shanshan's color drained, she cried, "There is more life in me than you could ever drain!" Hearing this, Burning Hands faltered in his enchantment, concerned that she might indeed be charmed.

And as he faltered, Hu Shanshan stepped in with a passionate war cry and delivered a crushing blow with her staff to the Soul Lord's throat. Burning Hands fell dead.

---- Dragon palm, Han Shanshan one of the golden generation----


The Elder Fachang, who had not left The Holy Temple farther than a stone's throw in over a decade, decided to see what life had become like in the village below. With five of his most trusted disciples, he went down the mountain and was greeted with praise by all whom he encountered. From every merchant came similar cries: "Master Fachang, try my wares!" "Our pleasure to feed you, Master Fachang, by my family's hearth!" "Master Fachang, no cost to you!" And many other similar entreaties, for this village, once a decrepit piece of land, had prospered well of late in the shadow of Shaolin Temple. Fachang humbly denied their supplications, one by one, and continued his walk. Eventually, his constant escapes from attention wore him down, and he asked his aide to knock upon the door of a modest cabin.

Fachang waited, and waited, and had grown weary of waiting when at last his aide returned. "I am sorry, Master. The parents are away, and the only one at home is a small boy, no older than ten years of age. He says we may not enter." Fachang was charmed by this. He went to the door of the cabin himself, and knocked. Once more, the boy answered the door. "As I told your friend, my parents are away. You may not enter."

"My boy," the Master said, "clearly you do not know who I am." The boy glared at him suspiciously. "My disciples and I mean you no harm, and surely your parents would—" But before the Master could finish, the boy slammed the door in his face.

All five disciples stepped forward, faces flushed, knuckles white on their staffs… but Fachang held up his hand to halt them. "This boy has taught me much," he said. "Six lessons on pride in barely a single moment." The disciples were astounded as their Master listed his lessons. "First, although I appeared humble in the village, indeed I was too full of pride to accept their kind invitations. Second, I allowed my pride to lead me here to exhaustion. Third, upon hearing our entry denied, I believed my noble position could reverse the outcome; again, pride. Fourth, the phrase "Clearly you do not know who I am?" also came forth from injured pride as I realized that indeed, to this boy I was no one. Realizing this, I felt shame, and tried to coerce him by telling him we meant no harm and presuming to usurp the voice and will of his parents. Yet another sinful display of pride."

"But Master," his aide said, after a long silence wherein Fachang merely stood, smiling at the closed door. "Those are only five lessons on pride." "Yes," the Master answered. "And the sixth is the overwhelming pride I cannot halt for this boy who has honored his parents' wishes, with rightful force, against five armed strangers."

The boy, Guangxian, would later be inducted to Shaolin, receive the name Faxian as his clan name, and become Fachang's personal student. In time, he grew, tall, strong and wise -- wiser, perhaps, than Fachang imagined.

Faxian was so disciplined in his martial arts training that soon other disciples began to look to him for their lessons, ignoring their trainers. Soon he was training by day and studying by night, taking little sleep. Often he was assigned to travel along on peace-keeping missions for the clan to settle disputes and enforce the will of The Imperial Emperor.

And than the day came when he appeared before Fachang to announce, "Master, I have learned Praying Mantis, Plum Blossom, Seven Stars, Secret Door, Jade Ring, and Dragging Hand. All seventy-two Shaolin arts are known to me." Fachang knew this to be true, and meditated long and hard on Faxian's miraculous progress, before proclaiming to the order that Faxian was indeed the reincarnation of Buddha.

Word spread throughout the Buddhist community that Shaolin had discovered a master of masters, and Faxian's followers grew. If a mission was placed by The Empire upon Shaolin, Faxian was the monk they demanded. He was always successful, even in disputes with other clans, and rumors spread that his Kung Fu was the greatest in The Land.

But he made a mistake he saved an incredibly beautiful but a very pitiful women, he saved her from evil of this world but in the end no one could marry her, Her life was as good as over, Because of an evil man who tried to raped her and when couldn't succeed started rumor about her, she became the slut, someone everyone looked down upon and try to bully her she tried to suicide but Fanxian saved her, he was the light in her life he not only protected her he made her happy despite there being no relation between them Fanxian was truly a man, a very kind and virtuous man but that couldn't hold; there spread the rumors around, the only option that seem possible to them is getting married but that's taboo for shaolin martial artists so he left the clan married the woman and become known as the immoral monk.....years later, it was said that he came back to seek his master along with his wife who became the love of his life; for acceptance but he never came out and the cries that are heard that day were rumored to be his and his wife was left alone in this world without the love of her life

----Immoral Monk, Faxian one of the golden generation----


Many years ago, Master Tianxing, the leader of Wu-Tang clan, had dark hair and few troubles. Today his hair is white and his brow is always furrowed. Like the sacred Yin-Yang itself, all stories and all pupils carry traits of light and darkness.

So it is written that a contest of swords was announced in Shiyan, a small city in Hubei Province, known for its steel manufacturing, to the South of Wu Tang Shan. As the time to recruit new disciples to Wu-Tang clan was drawing near again, The Master Tianxing brought an envoy of his followers to observe, in the hope of discovering fresh talent.

In attendance was a young swordsman, barely fifteen years of age, named Jeng Lei, who was nearly denied admission due to his youth. The contest lasted six full days and boasted over four hundred individual matches. It was during the final twelve matches, each fought in tandem, that Master Tianxing became aware of Jeng Li and his tremendous raw talent. Clearly, the boy was gifted, as he hammered away at his opponent with strikes that were at once both forceful and unexpected. "We have found one," Tianxing whispered to his advisor, Master Huanghuo. To which Huanghuo replied, "He appears to me a poor choice. Too much rage, and he relies far too heavily upon surprise attack." Nevertheless, when the contest concluded, Jeng Lei surprised all by taking second place, and Tianxing requested to meet him.

Honored beyond measure to be granted audience with Tianxing, young Jeng Lei and his father attended a dinner. Tianxing would later write that his first impression of Jeng, who sat at the far end of his table, was that of a shy, naive, pock-faced youth. As the meal concluded, Tianxing addressed the boy.

"Jeng Li, do you know that in Wu-Tang we practice a discipline called No-Sword?"

Jeng Li bowed his head. "No sir, I know nothing of this, but if the disciples of Wu-Tang practice it, it must be great indeed."

Tianxing nodded, then, without warning grabbed up a plum from a nearby dish and hurled it across the table at Jeng Li. Without hesitation the boy raised a single chopstick and skewered the fruit. A gasp came from the table. Tianxing smiled and said, "No sword, indeed."

And so Jeng Li was inducted into Wu-Tang's new class of Tao Apprentices and given the clan name Lingyun. However, at the presentation ceremony, where the apprentices were presented with their wooden training swords, Tianxing interceded with a whisper to the training Sifu, Master Xuanxuan. Then Xuanxuan stepped before the boy and announced, "Lingyun, Master Tianxing has decided that you shall carry no sword. Will you relinquish your weapon?" To which Lingyun bowed solemnly, then handed back the training sword.

So it was that, during the first year of training, Lingyun trained swordless alongside his fellow disciples. Again and again he was battered and bloodied during practice. But, slowly and painfully, he learned to gauge and anticipate the movements of his fellows, and thus to avoid their blows. In this way, wise Master Tianxing remained true to the warning of Master Huanghuo, and Lingyun learned to compensate his natural offensive gifts with sound defense.

At the beginning of his second year, Lingyun, now fully grown, was removed from his class to become a direct pupil of Master Tianxing. He was brought into the central armory by Huangho and told he might choose any sword he pleased.

thousand different styles of blades lined the walls; Wu Shu butterfly swords forged of chromed steel, Tai Chi swords with jade hilts, Kan Dao broadswords as thin and flexible and sharp as rice paper, and a myriad more. Knowing nothing of the lineage of swords, Lingyun's attention was drawn to a small, modest wooden box. "I want the sword that lies within this box," Lingyun told Huangho.

Huangho regarded him with fascination. "How do you know there is even a sword within?" he questioned.

"I have spent my training swordless," Lingyun answered. "But this box seems to call to me. I'll take my chances."

"In other circumstances, I might strike you dead," Huangho told him. "But Master Tianxing's instructions were clear: Any sword you wished." And as Huangho opened the box, Lingyun first laid eyes upon one of the clan's supreme artifacts: The Blue Destiny Sword.

Now, the question has often been posed: did all of Lingyun's natural talents flourish under the tutelage of Master Tianxing, or was Lingyun truly possessed by the grandeur of The Blue Destiny Sword itself? Perhaps the truth lies in a combination within the two, as truth so often does. What is known is that within a year's time, Lingyun achieved what no disciple since the clan's founder, Zhang Sanfeng, had achieved: The culmination of the state of No-mindedness. It was so evident among both the disciples and Master Tianxing himself that it needed not be spoken of. Lingyun had gone to sleep one day as a proud pupil and had awoken the next with no sense of ego, desire, or even sense of membership within the clan.

On the ceremony day that Master Tianxing set aside to entitle Lingyun as Master Lingyun, the young man failed to show up. Instead, they found him sitting alone outside the monastery, whittling a set of chopsticks from the branch of a tree. "Today is the day you were to receive the title of Master," Huangho told him. "Really?" Lingyun asked, sincerely. "How did it go?"

Months later, there was an announcement brought to Wu Tang Shan that a Grand Championship, sponsored by Heaven's Gate Clan, was to be held in the name of The Imperial Emperor, and Wu Tang was ordered to send its best swordsman. "Must I go?" Master Lingyun asked. Tianxing ordered it so.

The competition was held in the faraway city of aldrien, and The Master Tianxing again assembled an envoy of chosen disciples to accompany Lingyun. On the road to aldrien, their banners held high, the caravan was attacked by a full battalion of warriors from evil clan. This was Master Lingyun's first experience in actual battle, and he fought admirably. It is recorded that he personally dispatched nineteen opponents. Lingyun would later record in his journal that he was deeply saddened for having slain these evil disciples, but that it was indeed The Blue Destiny Sword's will, not his own

During that encounter, Master Lingyun fought his way through the wood into the evil camp, and there rescued a beautiful young captive named Tara Mayoung. Some call this meeting a blessing, some a curse, but when the two laid eyes upon one another, twin fires of passion ignited.

Much to the dismay of Master Huangho, Lingyun introduced himself to Tara Mayoung not by his clan name, but by his given name, Jeng Li. He then offered her safe passage and gave up his seat in the carriage, choosing to walk alongside her. As she told Lingyun the tale of her capture and torture, Huangho listened with a discerning ear, but the boy was enrapt. They spent countless night together slowly but surely falling in deep love

Tara Mayoung is one of evil sect top assassin whose mission was Master Lingyun. She had the chance but she didn' it should be said that she couldn't not to him it was the first time she ever fell in an attempt of assasination

When Lingyun found out he was devastated and they fought two days and one night straight with no food sleep or rest...they just fought

It was truly surprising that how much of a talent this young women had both of them fought with all their might yet no one fell down, in the end she lost "it would be good if he is the one who kill me" she thought and closed her eyes smiling but to her surprise the sword never came down she looked but found out there was lingyun the greatest swordsman alive in this world crying like a little baby, she smiled and hugged him tears falling from her eyes

Later it was rumored that both left their sects to go off living somewhere for their forbidden love that will never ever be accepted they left their weapons and their heretical rights back in the sect and go to live in peaceful place with nothing with either of them

----Master Lingyun, Destiny swordsman, one of the golden generation----

-------------TO BE CONTINUED---------------


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