Transmigrator in Wuxia world
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Transmigrator in Wuxia world
Author :Darkest_Knight
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2 Cheat Codes?

Fan'er...Fan'er came the whispering of an old man who hurriedly came to Loki now somehow this fan'er

"Fan'er take this and take out the treasure and go.....go far away from here, remember this my child this is our village treasure that can not be taken in by others take care of it alright"

Before Fan'er could even respond the old man's voice resounded again

"Listen all of us man are going to stand on guard here letting at least one of our descendant escape"

"YES CHIEF"!!!!!!!

Fan'er wanted to help he truly wanted to help but he didn't wanted to die not like this not here....but what about all these people who are risking their life just so at the very least one of their descendant remains alive in this world? Wait...descendant? doesn't that means this entire village is

"Chief what's your name"? asked fan'er some random question

"Huh? what's with this question" asked the chief bewildered by this random question also everyone surrounding them blinked stunned by this question as well

PLEASE TELL ME!!!!! Fan'er nearly yelled and bowed his head asking the same question

"Lin Miamoto" said the village chief

"Thank you !!! I will revive our Lin clan even if it's the last thing i do, i swear thy on the name of heavens"

After that he ran.....he ran without hearing the answer or the respond of the chief or any other person he just ran

"I am sure you will my child........ i am sure you will" village chief smiled a very very charming smile that is worthy of being a leader

"But.....chief what does it mean by thy and also why did he asked your name"?

"ha ha ha ha like hell i know" said the village chief laughing like a maniac and that too in the face of absolute death.


Lin Fan already remembered the entire map given by the chief with just one glance this was one of the moment where he is happy about being a genius and his photographic memory

He quickly made his way in the old and shabby looking house turned the vase according to the map description then suddenly a secret door open up

Lin Fan didn't have the time to look around no matter how mystifying the now opened up cave. the cave has nothing...nothing but a single golden pallet in the middle of the altar figuring this is the treasure Lin fang just take it in order to run

The moment his hand touched the pallet something happened the pallet melted ....and a hologram from the looks of it emerged from it ; an old man with pure white silk clothes

"I have waited 85 years for a worthy successor to arrive yet no one could satisfy this old man but somehow a man from another world satisfy the condition of this old man be it".

"I hereby name this boy name Lin fan as my Lord Zephyr successor"

"I Shall grant you my precious internal skill making your Qi formidable, Qi is required to perform martial arts, the more powerful martial arts the more Qi it requires, alone a formidable internal skill does not make you strong..... no it is absolutely useless... this internal skill is precious and should never be taught to anyone except the next zephyr master so remember it my successor"

"I Shall grant you my precious eye technique, this eye technique is extremely precious with this eye technique you can see things in slow-motion, the faster the motion the slower it seems with this eye technique nothing will ever be fast for you......this eye technique is precious and should never be taught to anyone except the next zephyr master so remember it my successor"

"I Shall grant you my precious weapon the inkfan, a weapon alone is useless in a battle, a weapon is nothing without it's master; just like this a master is useless without his/her weapon, a weapon could be anything a fan, rock, sword, hands, feet anything could be a weapon the only question is in which weapon are you trained in, i lord zephyr master the arts of a fan martial arts and this is my very own weapon this weapon is only given to master of the my school and should never ever be given to any other person except the next zephyr master so remember it my successor"

"I Shall grant you the token of Zephyr this thing will prove you are my successor and is the the next zephyr master. This token who ever has it they are automatically known as the next zephyr master so be careful with it"

"I only wish my school that i created and founded it remains faithful to it's Taoist teachings and not get seduced by power that this world and Taoism has to offer ; this is yours responsibility my successor." Lord zephyr was smiling kindly like the next door grandpa feeling proud and happy that he finally has the successor

"W-Wait grandpa i-i mean master, B-but i wish to go back to my world (after all he can't let those bastards take a bite of this fatty fish) i can't take this responsibility maybe if you tell me i could pass these things onto your next WORTHY successor huh? what do you think."

"you are the next zephyr master i chose as my successor even if you wish to pass all these things to someone else you can, but know that they will be your successor not mine" good luck my successor master's time is up".

"WAIT.....AAAAAGHHHHHHH damn you old geezer" lin fan has no choice but to run, those idiots are coming to kill and take the treasure

"wait....wait wait wait; they are coming for treasure then why did the old man...cough, cough i mean master why did he said that he waited for 85 years to find a worthy successor yet no one could satisfy him so.....doesn't that mean he looked for nearly everywhere"? Also why are those idiots coming for treasure didn't master meant one has to satisfy him in order to have the treasure."

"NO the question is how did those bastards even know about the treasure, isn't treasure is something you keep a secret so.....does that mean?

Lin fan ran to see the face of the traitor of the one who betrayed the village

"r-ryo W-WHY? were the last words hanging on the face of chief the supposedly last remaining member of this village

where is that treasure? said the young man with a blood soaked sword

"I-It's here young master" said lin ryo

"Hmm...lead the way" said the young master

Lin fan stealthily made his way out of the village he know he know the very moment that young master see the now empty treasure he will kill lin ryo as the last remaining member of lin family/clan

and that idiot of the young master will never ever know that ryo never told him a single lie the treasure was for real that nobody saw

This way the only person that know about the treasure is remain in this world as Lin fan


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