Timeless Love
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Timeless Love
Author :astridzeng
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"Which royal family will go for winter retreat?"

A man who owns an accessories street vendor whispered to the other street vendor owner next to his stall when Lou Sheng, who led the Duan Wang Fu entourage, got closer to pass their stalls.

"You do not know?!" The toy stall owner looked at the other man in disbelief. "His Majesty has granted Duan Qin Wang to take Duan Wang Fei out from the city and let Jing Guì Fēi pray outside the palace after that horrible assassination attempt."

"I know about one of the imperial taiyi who dared to kill the heir of the Dragon family. I heard that taiyi held a grudge for not having been promoted in the seven years he served inside the palace. But, I did not know Duan Qin Wang even asked permission to take his wang fei for winter retreat." Said the accessories stall owner as the entourage started to pass them.

A lady behind the egg stall approached them to chipped in. "I heard Duan Qin Wang is deep in love with Duan Wang Fei. Night and day accompanied Duan Wang Fei fought back to life. The moment Duan Wang Fei opened her eyes, Duan Qin Wang reportedly asked permission to leave the imperial city to cheer up his wang fei. Even Jing Guì Fēi is willing to come out from the palace and pray for her life."

The Grand Carriage passed the crowd on the main street of the capital city. Not only the trio stall owners who whisper and gossip about Duan Wang Fu. Basically, everyone has self awareness about the recent misfortune that happened inside Duan Wang Fu and naturally made way so the entourage can easily pass.

"I say Duan Wang Fei is fortunate." The toy stall owner's statement made the egg stall lady's face change. Their customers around them were starting to approach this small group to hear the toy stall owner's opinion.

"I mean I know she just lost an heir. But Duan Qin Wang truly loves her and even The Majesty and Jing Guì Fēi adore her dearly." The toy stall owner continued his words.

The small groups grew larger as the people around added more stories and gossip. From one group to another group of people. The situation on the street was completely different with the atmosphere of the imperial city wall. The guards stayed on their position, looking from their each post toward the departure of the entourage.

Between the guards who stood on the top of the wall, Li Qing Feng stood there. Looking from far directly to the Grand Carriage which was in the middle of the entourage. Li Fei Long's personal taijian escorted the Grand Carriage, one on each side. Both of them rode their own horses and seemed like they were guarding from the side of the carriage.

The window on each side was covered in thick fabrics to block cold wind. Li Qing Feng could not see the person inside the Grand Carriage. He knew Li Fei Long and Jiang Xi Yu were inside but his heart was restless. Even though he knew Jiang Xi Yu managed to maintain her life, Li Qing Feng wanted to see her to convince himself that she was fine.

He saw the entourage slowly getting far from him. Before he lost sight of it, Li Qing Feng turned back and returned to his horse. Ignoring the head of the guards who were on duty at that time, Li Qing Feng rode his horse towards the palace.


Li Qing Feng entered Zhao Xiang Palace in a rush. Even the taijian did not have a chance to announce his arrival.

Zhao Xiang Palace was fully decorated with beautiful lanterns this time. From traditional lanterns to unique shapes of lanterns. Shu Guì Fēi purposely got the one which was made from a glass, to be hung up right in front of her main door. During the day, everyone can admire the ornament inside the lantern. After the sun went down and they lit the candle inside the lantern, everyone could admire the reflection of it.

Completely ignoring it, Li Qing Feng rushed to take his seat next to Shu Guì Fēi who clearly was not prepared to accept any guest at that time. The aroma of alcohol wafted clearly out of the teacup on the side table. Li Qing Feng had been aware of Shu Guì Fēi's addiction for wine ever since the day he realized that Li Fei Long was his main rival for the crown prince title.

Shu Guì Fēi waved away her taijian and other yahuan to get out of her chamber. After getting rid of the wine bottle and the cup, only Cheng mama stayed beside Shu Guì Fēi. She lowered her head down and acted invisible between the mother and son.

"What made you come in such a hurry?" Leaned on the side table, Shu Guì Fēi held the weight of her head with one hand. Li Qing Feng disturbed her leisure time. "Have you seen the rare glass lantern that The Emperor gave me?"

"What mufei knows from the misfortune that befell on Duan Wang Fu?"

The question hit Shu Guì Fēi's senses. She took a deep breath before straightening her back. "The matter was caused by Jing Guì Fēi's own mistake. Your wedding date has already been confirmed. Jing Guì Fēi was too confident to think that she could change the imperial edict by plotting to get rid of Jiang Xi Yu."

Shu Guì Fēi scoffed, "The unwise plot cost her a lot. The weather is getting cold, especially at Da Zhuang Yan temple."

"Does mufei think Jing Guì Fēi would not dare to launch another attempt?"

Shu Guì Fēi caught another mean by the question. She thought that Li Qing Feng worried if his wedding day with Han Yao Ying might get interrupted. Meanwhile Li Qing Feng was worrying about completely different things.

His ambition to get married as soon as possible with Han Yao Ying gradually faded. Ever since that Moon Festival night at the palace, Li Qing Feng started to think about Jing Guì Fēi's plan for Jiang Xi Yu. When he heard what happened to Jiang Xi Yu not long after that, Li Qing Feng realized he worried about her more than he should be.

Even Li Fei Long was willing to let go his post and took Jiang Xi Yu as far as possible from the imperial city. That means there were possibilities that Jing Guì Fēi still had more plans for Jiang Xi Yu.

Dearly tapped his hand, Shu Guì Fēi leaned over toward Li Qing Feng. The smell of alcohol hit Li Qing Feng's nose and made him irritated by it. "Do not worry, my son. Nothing will get in our way."

Li Qing Feng caught Shu Guì Fēi's hand. Grabbed it tightly as he whispered, "The oil?"

Shu Guì Fēi's eyes widened as she knew exactly what Li Qing Feng meant. She turned her gaze to Cheng mama who no longer posed like a dead sculpture. Pulled her hand away from her own son, Shu Guì Fēi avoided Li Qing Feng's stares

"Just wait for the result." The answer was more like a whisper but Li Qing Feng was quite relieved to hear it.


Ever since Pan Xi Yin resided in the second biggest quarter inside The Grand Chancellor's mansion, she made many changes and rules. The first thing she did was change her quarter name based on her mother's name, LangShi. She requested only young yahuan and taijian to serve her. She even asked her own kitchen to be built within her quarter. Her reason was because she needed a special diet for her assumption. The truth was actually because she was afraid if The Grand Princess and Han Yao Ying tried to potion her to get rid of her.

Every time meals were served, Bai Xia tested each meal in front of her using silver spoons. That afternoon, a yahuan accidentally dropped her favorite snack before Bai Xia could do the testing. The dish was scattered on the ground. Knowing how arrogant Pan Xi Yin was, the young yahuan quickly kneeled on the ground.

"You purposely dropped it, right?! Bai Xia, pick up some of it and put it inside her mouth." Pan Xi Yin yelled in anger.

"My Lady, nu never plan anything. This is pure clumsiness." The yahuan begged but Pan Xi Yin scoffed her in disbelief.

"Somebody hold her!"

A taijian who stood by close to her quickly held both of yahuan's hands on her back. Bai Xia looked hesitated for a moment but after she gave a glance towards the impatient Pan Xi Yin, she forced herself to take some of the crumbs on the ground.

"Stop!" Pan Xi Yin stopped her before she shoved it to the young maid's mouth. She put it back on the ground as her head turned over to check what her Lady wanted this time. Pointing to the ground, Pan Xi Yin smirked in satisfaction. "Step on it before you feed her."

Taken back at the horrible instruction, Bai Xia turned around and saw how pitiful the young maid's face was. In tears, the young maid could only nod to Bai Xia. A hint to make Bai Xia just do what the Lady wanted. Even the taijian just pretended to hold her hands tightly. He knew the young maid was just clumsy and could only helplessly follow Pan Xi Yin's command to prove that the maid was innocent.

Bai Xia stepped her shoes on the crumbs, then she picked up what was left from it. Mixed with dirt from her shoes, Bai Xia fed it into the young maid's mouth. She was wincing sadly as she was watching the young maid trying to swallow it all in once.

"Open her mouth!"

The taijian opened the young maid's mouth to show Pan Xi Yin that she swallowed everything. After making sure it all went down the throat, Pan Xi Yin laughed full satisfaction.

She stood up from her seat. Her fingers took the young maid's chin and brought the face closer to see.

"Your face is quite pretty for a maid. When did you start to join this fu?"

"My Lady, it was just two days ago the head taijian accepted me to work as a maid." The young maid closed her eyes even though her face was pulled up to face Pan Xi Yin. She did not dare to offend Pan Xi Yin even more.

The nail guard made of metal that protects Pan Xi Yin's middle, ring, and baby fingers touched the young maid's neck skin. It created a terrifying feeling in her. Pan Xi Yin knew the young maid was frightened and she enjoyed it.

"Was it The Grand Princess or Han Yao Ying or both?" Pan Xi Yin pushed the tip of her metal nail guard on the young maid's skin. She knew it hurt so much but she jabbed even stronger until the maid cried and screamed in pain.

"My Lady, please forgive me." The maid wailed in fright. "No one send me. I am just a mere servant."

The blood came out from that maid's neck. Bai Xia gasped in shock then fell down on the ground. Suddenly her feets felt weak since she was too frightened as Pan Xi Yin turned into a psycho mood.

"They send you to hit on laoye right?" Brought her face closer, Pan Xi Yin whispered to the maid.

The scent of blood filled the air inside the bedchamber. The maid cannot shake her head, she tried to push Pan Xi Yin away but she got no power to do so. Pan Xi Yin pulled the maid's hair with her other hand. Blood still flowing from the three points on her neck but Pan Xi Yin still wanted to torture her more.

"Bring me a scissor!"

Bai Xia stumbled to get up and look for the nearest scissors. The taijian was faster. With shaken hands, he handed a scissor which Pan Xi Yin snatched and started to cut out the maid's clothes.

"Hold her tight!" Her hands off the maid when the taijian along with Bai Xia took turns to hold the maid's hands.

Pan Xi Yin ran the scissor from the top of the maid's clothes down. As the cold tip of the scissor touched the skin of the maid, the horror peaked. Slowly the maid became naked under Pan Xi Yin's torture. Crying and begging to stop just made Pan Xi Yin turned evil even more.

"Tie her on the pillar over there. I want her to face my bed."

After the maid was completely naked, Pan Xi Yin retreated and then watched as Bai Xia and the taijian followed her instruction. At one time she turned to check outside her chamber. It was about the time Han Xiu Wen came back from his work and usually Han Xiu Wen would straight away look for her.

Her hand grabbed her hair accessories and pulled it out. Her hair loosen off and dropped to her waist. After letting the taijian tighten the hand ties of the maid on the pillar, Bai Xia stayed away from Pan Xi Yin and silently watched what her Lady was planning.

By then Pan Xi Yin began to loosen her clothes. After opening the waist strap, she left her shoulders open then showed off her long legs. She walked fast to her bed and sat there. Leaning back with her hands supported her, she opened her leg wide. Welcoming Han Xiu Wen who entered the room just as Pan Xi Yin had calculated before.

Bai Xia made her way towards the door. She knew what was going to happen. She watched them a few times. They made her watch them doing their deed and lately it got too harsh to watch as their master started to be more sadistic.

Han Xiu Wen stopped between the bed and the pillar. Starting to loosen the button on the wrist, he smiled at Pan Xi Yin.

"New toy?" Pointed to the pillar where the maid was half conscious.

"The new maid was planning to seduce laoye. Qie just give her a hand." Pan Xi Yin put her face expression flat as she wanted to show how annoyed she was. Her dress opened wider and showed off one side of her breasts.

"No one is prettier than you." Chuckled, Han Xiu Wen came close to Pan Xi Yin.

Pan Xi Yin's hand groped outside Han Xiu Wen's pants. Harshly forced the penis out from the pants and then pulled him closer towards her mouth.

"What should we do to her as punishment?" She asked before slowly sucking Han Xiu Wen.

Bai Xia leaned her back on the wall outside the bed. She realized the taijian was doing the same as she did next to her. She cannot risk staying far from the chamber because if Pan Xi Yin suddenly yelled to call her in and she was not there, Pan Xi Yin would punish her. It was better stayed by the door.

"What's inside your mind?"

Han Xiu Wen's voice sounded so much in happiness. The young maid did not have any luck. Just a few days joined in and already got troubled, Bai Xia could only shutted her eyes close and tried so hard to be sane.

But it was almost impossible to do. A loud painful scream startled her and the taijian next to her. The second scream caused them to shiver tremendously. The horrible sound followed with moaning and crying.

Dropped to the ground for the second time, Bai Xia covered her face with both her hands. In her mind, she prayed to be free from this creepy household.


They were naked. Dining their supper in an uplifting mood after long hours of love battle, Pan Xi Yin and Han Xiu Wen discussed general matters that happened recently. Han Xiu Wen got a few young taijian and young yahuan served them without their clothes on. Only Bai Xin was left out from the occasion. Pan Xi Yin told her to brew some herbs she believed could help her to get pregnant faster. A recipe she heard from some pozi when she strolled around the mansion.

"I guess the witch got into his head."

Pan Xi Yin put down her chopstick then folded her hands below her breast. She watched Han Xiu Wen dearly. "Duan Qin Wang certainly does not have high intelligence. Willingly to withdraw from his seat just to entertain Jiang Xi Yu. Laoye is lucky, Han Yao Ying gong gege is marrying Rui Qin Wang instead of him."

Without the slightest glance, Han Xiu Wen was still savouring his meal. Pan Xin Yin only liked to see so much food on the table but actually, she maintained her body weight very closely. She avoided rice and only ate meat and vegetables.

Irritated by Han Xiu Wen who clearly ignored her bait, Pan Xi Yin took her chopstick and picked up a slice of abalone then put it in Han Xiu Wen's bowl. "Did Tai Hao do well over there?"

Han Xiu Wen put down his bowl on the table. Clearly irritated with Pan Xi Yin's question, Han Xiu Wen put down his chopstick and stood up. This was the first time Pan Xi Yin made him angry.

She followed Han Xiu Wen and quickly hugged him from behind. Her nipples brushed his back and she purposely moved her body sensually to build his mood. Her hands knotted over his stomach and she put her cheek on his back.

"Laoye… qie just worried." Whispered sadly, Pan Xi Yin tried so hard to get her eyes wet. "It has been so long since the last time qie with Tai Hao. Tai Hao is the only son in qie's family. The favorite son qie's mother has. Qie worried if that woman knew that Tai Hao is inside their household. Qie cannot imagine losing the only brother qie has."

"Still. The walls have ears." Grumped, Han Xiu Wen let off her hands from him. He turned and pulled Pan Xi Yin's hair without mercy. A loud painful scream filled the room and Pan Xi Yin held Han Xiu Wen's hands to ease her pain.

"Laoye…" Frightened to receive the first anger Han Xiu Wen showed her, Pan Xi Yin tried hard to think of a way out to calm his anger. Her other hand tried to touch Han Xiu Wen's chest. "Qie will never be careless."

After she gave her promise, Pan Xi Yin continued to whisper. "Taste me, laoye. I am yours. Bite me…."

Their eyes met intensely. The grip started to loosen up as Pan Xi Yin continued to whisper seductively. "Punish me…"

Han Xiu Wen pulled her face and gave her a harsh wild kiss. His other hand attacked her lower part of her body. His fat fingers entered Pan Xi Yin's body fiercely. With the eyes contacted between them, Pan Xi Yin found the horror of Han Xiu Wen's anger. For the first time she felt scared and apparently it shown perfectly on her face.

The intensity of Han Xiu Wen's fingers was getting more sharp. He ignored her pain and her scream. The more he moved his fingers, Pan Xi Yin couldn't handle it. She scratched Han Xiu Wen's strong long hand but Han Xiu Wen did not plan to slow down at all.

The servants around them quickly stepped back and waited with their back against the wall. They could not lift up their heads. Pan Xi Yin noticed that and she caught the sensation of it.

Her eyes movement got noticed by Han Xiu Wen. He turned her body without letting both his hands off her body. He moved Pan Xi Yin to the table. Ignored the falling plates, cups, and any other things from the table. He forced Pan Xi Yin to lay down on the table top then pinned her stomach with his hand so Pan Xi Yin stayed low on the table.

"Lift up your heads!" Han Xiu Wen yelled at the servants and all could only obey him. They made Han Xiu Wen laugh in satisfaction while his fingers were still fingering Pan Xi Yin with no mercy. "Slowly you get the sensation right?"

Pan Xi Yin knew what Han Xiu Wen meant because she could feel herself getting wet. Gradually the pain got mixed up with sensuality. As long as Han Xiu Wen was still under her possession, Pan Xi Yin reminded herself to swallow every pain she got.


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