Timeless Love
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Timeless Love
Author :astridzeng
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Ever since the moon festival, Jiang Xi Yu never discussed what she had heard and Li Fei Long seemed completely unaware that she was there that night. The bloodshed Li Qing Feng did also seemed like it never really happened. No one talked about it because no one seemed to even know that even happened.

As days passed, Jiang Xi Yu's mind focused on the important words of Jing Guì Fēi's intention over her. Most of the time she would blankly stare at something, she played with her food, and she got quiet. Her mind builded scenarios on how Jing Guì Fēi would wipe her out from Duan Wang Fu.

"Wang fei, the imperial taiyi is here to give you acupuncture treatment." Entering Jiang Xi Yu's chamber, Ru Qing distrubed Jiang Xi Yu's mind.

Tilting her head, it took a while for Jiang Xi Yu to come to her senses then gave a nod to Ru Qing.

Ru Ming assisted her to take a comfortable chair in the center of the room while Ru Qing headed out to lead the imperial taiyi to the outer part of the living space of the main chamber.

The imperial taiyi was the one who checked her the very first time at Zhong Jing Palace. The Emperor acknowledged his records and allowed this taiyi to continue the treatment that he suggested.

After checking Jiang Xi Yu's pulse, the taiyi laid out his acupuncture needles. This was the first time Jiang Xi Yu experienced acupuncture treatment. She was worried at the length of the needle. But the taiyi seemed confident and calm.

His fingers worked skillfully looking for the point and when he poked the needle, Jiang Xi Yu felt a slight sting. First needle was nothing, came the second which caused a bit of electric sensation. The third was on her waist and caused Jiang Xi Yu to feel weird on her lower abdomen. The moment the fourth needle pierced her right leg, then she felt a huge stream coming out from her private part below.


"Wang ye!"

The scream welcomed Li Fei Long as he was returning from his routine palace assembly. That day he returned a little bit late because Jing Guì Fēi had asked him to pay a visit. Li Fei Long used that moment to confront his own mother for her attempt at the night of the Moon Festival. Their confrontation did not end well therefore Li Fei Long was in an ugly mood by the time he reached Duan Wang Fu.

If the one who screams full of fear if anybody else, Li Fei Long would end up scolding that person away. But it was Ru Qing who kneeled on the ground and cried, kowtow- ing at him.

His heart skipped a beat. Li Fei Long ran inside towards the main chamber where Jiang Xi Yu and him resided. Ignoring Ru Qing who followed him along with Ming He and Qian Chang Xin.

What he feared, actually happened that day.

The moment he entered the bed chamber, Ru Ming shouted at one of the pozi who cleaned up the blood on the ground. A small blood puddle was right next to a chair. Traces of blood drops from there lead to the bed where Jiang Xi Yu was laying there with eyes closed and looking very much pale. She was unconscious.

Li Fei Long growled angrily as he sat on the bed then shook Jiang Xi Yu.

"Wang ye, wang fei is losing a lot of blood. She is bleeding nonstop and according to the senior pozi, wang fei might having a miscarriage." Ru Ming explained in between her tears.

The word miscarriage hit his mind like a bullet was shot on him. Li Fei Long turned his head and by then he just realized the imperial taiyi was being held by two house guards. He stood and lashed out on the imperial taiyi who was kneeling down with his forehead touching the ground.

"Who did this?! Who made you do this?! She was pregnant and you did not inform this news!" Li Fei Long shouted, horrifying everyone inside the chamber. He pulled the imperial taiyi easily until his feets floated above the ground.

When he faced the imperial taiyi, the face was already blueish. A trace of blood came out on the tip of his mouth. The imperial taiyi already suicide before he channel his anger.

Li Fei Ling threw the body on the ground. Furiously, he looked at the two guards. One had a huge body and was tall, the other one was thin with average height. Both seemed shock that the subject their has been held already suicide before their master can send him for trial. Both guards dropped their knees on the ground in fear.

"Wang ye, nu has sent people to fetch Master Gao." Xiao Gan Zi gonggong bowed his head. Qian Chang Xin commanded some taijian to move the body of the imperial taiyi out of the chamber.

Li Fei Long stood still in the center of the room with his eyes fixed on the unconscious Jiang Xi Yu. For the first time in his life, he experienced the fear of losing someone. His hands were shaking. His mind was with Jiang Xi Yu.

His wife was with a child and the imperial taiyi never informed them. His fear mixed with anger. He recalled the argument he had with Jing Guì Fēi.

"If I lose her, I will never forgive…" The whisper stopped there. The thick blood smell filled the bedchamber like a slaughterhouse. Jiang Xi Yu's lower body was damp with blood. Obviously the imperial taiyi's plan was to kill both mother and child.

Ming He approached him quietly while some pozi and yahuan were still busy cleaning up the room. "Wang ye, Qian Chang Xin is inspecting the body. Nu also will investigate the motive."

"Drag out Ding mama and torture her to get confession. By the time Xi Yu conscious, I want her to see all the perpetrators get the punishment that is worth their crime." Said Li Fei Long.

Everyone inside the chamber witnessed the tone and aura their master gave. From Li Fei Long's tone, one could be sure he was capable of skinning alive of all the suspects with his own bare hand. His eyes got reddish as a result of his anger. His fist was so tight until his hands turned red.

Ming He nodded then went out. Subsequently, a taijian entered the room and whispered to Xiao Gan Zi gonggong. The latter rounded his eyes then jumped up and stopped next to Li Fei Long.

"The master is here, wang ye."

"Send him in. Assist him to treat wang fei." Like a glimmer light, Li Fei Long believed Master Gao could save Jiang Xi Yu.

As confidant of the last Emperor from the previous dynasty, Master Gao lived secluded in a mysterious place. His former title was ambiguous. Majority of the people never believed Master Gao existed. Some folks, who believed Master Gao was a real person, have an opinion that he had been killed along with others close allies of the previous dynasty. As the matter of why The Late Emperor and Emperor Shang Di never put him to death, and even let him to live secluded in an unknown place, never known by the outsider.

As to how Duan Wang Fu turned out to have close connection to Master Gao, that was because The Emperor had Master Gao secretly teach all of four qin wang the base martial arts techniques.

Appraising Xiao Gan Zi gonggong's decision to fetch Master Gao without even waiting for Li Fei Long's arrival, this proved on which side Xiao Gan Zi gonggong put his loyalty.

A taijian led Master Gao in. No courtesy given to Li Fei Long as Master Gao just simply nodded at him and proceeded to the bed and examined Jiang Xi Yu's state.

"Nu had arranged Master Gao to enter from the back of the fu and if Master Gao needed to stay, Nu had prepared a room for Master Gao to rest." Xiao Gan Zi gonggong whispered to Li Fei Long.

Li Fei Long just nodded and hurried to tag along behind Master Gao.

Master Gao put his point finger on Jiang Xi Yu's wrist. With closed eyes, he pressed his finger there. After a minute passed, he pressed the tip of his thumb under Jiang Xi Yu's nose. Then he checked all puncture marks on Jiang Xi Yu.

"Anyone who did this has expertise in acupuncture. The points he pinned was to abort the womb. If he pierce the last point here, this was to further launch the bleeding process and will result in instant death." Master Gao pointed on the back of Jiang Xi Yu's right foot.

Quickly dragged herself closer, with teary eyes, Ru Qing opened her mouth. "Ru Ming and I put an end to that attempt. That taiyi was going to pierce that point but at that time we both were already too astonished with the sudden flow of blood coming out from wang fei."

"The taiyi intentionally intended to send wang fei to death." Ru Ming said in shock.

Li Fei Long just kept silent and let Master Wong take out his expertise. His finger pressed some point around Jiang Xi Yu's neck then turned to her low abdomen. After that Master Gao reached out a small ceramic bottle which contained some pills from his animal skinned satchel.

Pouring a few of it, then Master Gao forced the pills into Jiang Xi Yu's mouth. He opened her mouth to check whether the pills had been swallowed or not.

"This drug was made from rare herbs I found on the outside west border. I planted some of it and made it as a drug and proven to effectively stop the internal bleeding."

The Master kept the rest of the bottle inside his old looking satchel. Master Gao's attitude surprised the servants around them. Casually patted Li Fei Long's shoulder, Master Gao tried to calm Li Fei Long's emotion like they were brothers of a common household.

"This two servants acted fast, they prevented this assassination attempt. Your wife can still be saved. The pregnancy was still in the early stage. The taiyi performed abortion accupunture so immidietaly the baby was gone. But it will not prevent her from bearing sons in the future. "

"Will she be fine?" The question was asked in a soft voice.

Master Gao pulled back his hand and stood by Li Fei Long's side, looking at the same subject. "She should be conscious in a couple hours. I will manage her diet for a few days."

The explanation made Li Fei Long breath in relief. His eyes fixed on the unconscious Jiang Xi Yu. Her face tone gradually back to normal. It seemed like she was in a deep sleep.


It was a regular supper at The Grand Chancellor's mansion. The main meals served on the table was personal selection made by The Grand Princess. Each meal always represents each family member's favorite. Han Hong Yuan was still at the border, even so his favorite cuisine was still served.

Han Yao Ying was always the last to take her seat around the table, and The Grand Chancellor and The Grand Princess were always waiting patiently.

"Today I went to the usual jewelry store and everyone along the street has been talking about the imperial taiyi who dare to kill the unborn fetus of Duan Wang Fei. The body of the crook and his family members are hanging in the middle of a public market on the main of Zhuque street. I heard that Duan Qin Wang wants that crook to hang there for a full three days." Took a seat in front of her parents, right away Han Yao Ying came out with the gossip.

The hot news actually irritated her. First, she was annoyed that Li Fei Long let Jiang Xi Yu have his child that fast. Knowing that fact was good enough to know that Li Fei Long really has his feelings for Jiang Xi Yu. Second was the fact that Jiang Xi Yu survived this assassination plot.

Casually starting the supper, Han Yao Ying let Li Liang Rong put some meat on top of Han Xiu Wen's bowl of rice before putting some of it on top of Han Yao Ying's bowl of rice. If Han Hong Yuan was there, Li Liang Rong would spare some meat for her older first before her.

Both of her parents were not moved by this news. Both have flat expressions, almost like this family did not have any soul inside. Everything needed to be done according to Li Liang Rong's arrangement and Han Xiu Wen would act like a good devoting husband who gave full respect toward his wife.

"The Minister of Justice, who is Jiang Xi Yu's maternal uncle, has to finalize the case in three days. The Emperor granted the Duke of Jiang and his wife to pay a visit to Duan Wang Fu. Duan Qin Wang asked permission to take leave from his official post during this winter and to go to his estate in Luoyang for the rest of winter season."

Han Xiu Wen added information to his daughter which made Han Yao Ying grow even more annoyed. Li Fei Long that she knew would never dare to leave his official post just for temporary resting. Especially with the current situation where every political side was watching between the qin wang who would be the crown prince.

"Li Fei Long is a person with caution. Even though it seemed like he was letting things off, it does not mean that he is giving up his chance." A simple warning by Li Liang Rong was said calmly between her casual movement. "The marriage degree was final. Your eyes and mind need to be focused on Li Qing Feng. The intention is still the same, just different on the ally."

"But, Jing Guì Fēi has promised me soon that the Duan Wang Fei title will be unoccupied." Argued, Han Yao Ying blurted out her mind.

It was too late to withdraw, her mother already angrily glared at her. Continued calmly enjoying her supper, Li Liang Rong replied at Han Yao Ying. "If Jing Guì Fēi ever makes any new attempt after the failed one with the taiyi, I would strongly disagree with your hope for Duan Wang Fei's position. It only proves that Jing Guì Fēi is not worthy to be both enemies or ally."

Han Yao Ying glanced at her father who kept silent the whole time. Knowing that her father's silent mode meant that he supported Li Liang Rong's opinion, Han Yao Ying shuted her mouth tightly. The trio continued enjoying their supper in deep silence until Pan Xi Yin entered the room.

She knew her brother once kept this lowly whore for a while until he got his heart broken when their own father took her away. Han Yao Ying always knew how weak Han Hong Yuan was. But to witness that her own father, The Grand Chancellor, who was famous for his wise and praiseworthy attitude, got in a deep affair with this dirty slut. Han Yao Ying was disgusted.

Entering the room accompanied by a servant, Pan Xi Yin smiled faintly and acted fragile. The dress she chose was simple but loose, on purpose to show off her long neck. She did not put too much makeup on and simply colored her lips in soft color to make her sex appeal shown even more. Like a ripe mango ready to be eaten.

"Laoye, furen, gong gege… " Pan Xi Yin greeted all of them, bending her knee then stood back up. Slowly approach the smiling Han Xiu Wen.

That whore cannot even give a proper bow!

"What is she doing here, father?" Han Yao Ying stared at Pan Xi Yin angrily. That dirty slut put her hand on Han Xiu Wen's shoulder and stood right beside him.

"As The Emperor's degree made me a second wife to laoye, qie thought it is natural that a second wife can join the family dinner. Am i wrong, laoye?" Asked Pan Xi Yin. Her face obviously showed she was acting as if she was worried she was doing wrong.

"The Emperor gave a degree?!" Han Yao Ying repeated, shouting in shock.

"Mèi mei, please have a seat." Li Liang Rong put down her chopstick on the table. Seeing her own mother acting not like she expected, Han Yao Ying was astonished with the whole situation.

Han Xiu Wen grabbed Pan Xi Yin's hands and gave her the affection she needed. "You are not wrong. Take a seat, my dear."

For the first time in her life, Han Yao Ying saw her own father act intimate with a woman. She never saw him like that with Li Liang Rong. Han Yao Ying shuddered in horror.

"Laoye, it looks like gong gege cannot accept qie for being here. It might be better if qie return to the bedchamber and wait for laoye there." Technically staring at the lovebirds, Han Yao Ying was too shocked to respond. Her father's arm circled around Pan Xi Yin's waist. His other hand was on Pan Xi Yin's buttock to give her a squeeze. Behind him, Li Liang Rong sat straight still and just gave a thin smile to Han Yao Ying.

No anger, no jealousy, nothing.

"Furen, I will retreat back to the bedchamber." Han Xiu Wen told Li Liang Rong without looking at her at all. He stood up and held hands with Pan Xi Yin.

With a stern face, Han Xiu Wen looked back at Han Yao Ying who built up her anger inside her. How can she not be angry if Pan Xi Yin stood there beside her father and gave her a winning face?!

"Furen, do teach manners to our dear daughter."

The statement made Han Yao Ying feel even angrier. Her father quickly stormed out with his whore. The whore's giggle kept ringing annoyingly in her ears. How come her mother who she thought held the power within this household could just sit still over there and let all of this happen?!

When Han Yao Ying was about to leave the room, Li Liang Rong opened her mouth to stop her. "You are angry, aren't you, my daughter?"

"Mother, how could you let a whore act like that? Moreover, you let father be infatuated over her."

Li Liang Rong scoffed at her. "So many things you still need to learn. Do you really think your father got infatuated so easily like that? And do you really think I, The Grand Princess, let a commoner act like that inside the fu?"

Amazed by her own mother, Han Yao Ying got enlightenment. Her back straightened and she focused to learn from her mother.

"This is what I have to do so your senseless brother can get a grip on his future." Li Liang Rong waved her hands as if she was showing Han Yao Ying everything. "This is how I show you how to be a Wang Fei. Through lust, give you only briefly in control. Only when you are using the right strategy, you will rule."


It has been three days since Jiang Xi Yu stayed in bed. Her health gradually getting better, her grief for the fetus gradually gone. Learned that she had conceived and then lost it and almost lost her life on one occasion, from there Jiang Xi Yu learned how easy one could lose their life in this era.

A mysterious man called Master Gao patiently took care of her diet and herbal intake. Regularly gave Jiang Xi Yu some pills and brewed herbal soup for Jiang Xi Yu, the Master never said much and would leave the room quietly. On the other hand, Li Fei Long would be very much occupied during the day and always stayed by her side at night. He would accompany Jiang Xi Yu, discussed about other things except what happened three days ago.

His birth mother wanted to get rid of his wife. Jiang Xi Yu knew Li Fei Long was restless. The moment when Li Fei Long suddenly suggested that they should spend the winter season at his estate in Luoyang. He said it was recommended by Master Gao but Jiang Xi Yu assumed that was all just to refrain from Jing Guì Fēi. At least until the wedding day of Li Qing Feng with Han Yao Ying.

Sat and leaned back on her bed, a thick blanket was covering half of her body. Everyone treated her like she was a fragile ceramic. Ru Ming came inside along with Master Gao who brought his herbal concoction soup. The bitter soup which contained cold vegetable and chicken breast was Jiang Xi Yu's midday meal. On the side Ru Ming would prepare a sweet side dish just so Jiang Xi Yu could swallow the soup.

Ru Qing who was accompanying her all alone in the room, quickly prepared a small wooden table and put it on the bed. They forbad Jiang Xi Yu to come down from the bed.

As they put down the meals on the table, Jiang Xi Yu sighed. "I need real food."

Her complaint made Ru Ming and Ru Qing laugh while Master Gao just grinned. "This would be the last. After that wang fei can eat anything wang fei wants. After wang ye done with the hearing at the main hall, wang ye will come and accompany wang fei.", explained Ru Ming.


Jiang Xi Yu's responses made both Ru Ming and Ru Qing look at each other. A little hesitated, Ru Ming answered her.

"Because the imperial taiyi suicided before he got into trial, The Emperor was furious with the report therefore put all the taiyi's family in death sentence and hung all of them at the public market to see for three days. The Emperor also commanded Jing Guì Fēi to stay at Da Zhuang Yan temple to pray for wang fei and the unborn fetus for a full week. Wang Ye decided to set punishment for the house guards who were responsible to hold down the taiyi and Ding mama after three days outside of the public knowledge."

"I want to witness it." Jiang Xi Yu flipped off the blanket from her body. As she was trying to stand up, her vision immediately turned. Her body shook as her feet were weak. Lucky enough Ru Ming and Ru Qing acted fast to hold her.

"Wang fei, please do not come out of bed. Wang Ye would be furious if he knew wang fei insist on joining the hearing." Begged Ru Qing.

"Call over Xiao Gan Zi gonggong to carry me out there. Was Ding mama involved with the taiyi?" Jiang Xi Yu ignored the fear in Ru Ming and Ru Qing's face.

Ru Ming shook her head. "Qian Chang Xin gonggong tortured Ding mama for days to get the confession. Ding mama only confessed that the appointed taiyi gave her incense. Beside that, she claimed she was innocent."

Jiang Xi Yu looked at the trio in turn. Her eyes stopped at the Master Gao who kept his mouth off from giving any comment.

"Helped me." She ordered Ru Ming and Ru Qing to lift her up. But the two still hesitated.

After some silence between them, the Master made a sound. "I will help you, wang fei."

Easily, Master Gao lifted Jiang Xi Yu up. Spontaneously she put her hand around his neck and herbs scent getting in her breath. Actually Jiang Xi Yu could not guess how old the Master was. He looked very much young but there was some white line clearly there on his hair.

Master Gao brought her to the main hall after Ru Ming winded a thick jacket on Jiang Xi Yu. Since Jiang Xi Yu was in Master Gao's arms, she can learn the details of his face. Without his grayish beard, the Master might look around the same age as Li Fei Long. The muscular body of his was quite fit for a young man. But his body form was not like general local people. Jiang Xi Yu got too curious about the identity of this Master.

Inside the main hall, Li Fei Long sat on the main seat with the Duke and Duchess of Jiang sat on the side. All of them focussed on two guards and Ding mama who were kneeling on the ground. The trio were in bad shape, especially Ding mama.

Jiang Xi Yu's appearance made a huge scene. Jumped out from his chair, Li Fei Long got close to them and took over Jiang Xi Yu from Master Gao's arms. He put Jiang Xi Yu down on the seat next to him before making sure Jiang Xi Yu's body got covered by the jacket and additional blanket.

"What makes you come out?" Li Fei Long sounded very much irritated.

"I am getting a lot better and I am sure I have the right to be here." replied Jiang Xi Yu in confidence. The deep eyes of Li Fei Long stayed on her for a minute. Knowing he could not do anything with her stubbornness, Li Fei Long gave up on her and went back to his seat.

Ding mama's condition was horrible to see. The old woman got torture so bad and was lucky enough to be there half alive. One of the guards attracted Jiang Xi Yu's attention. His face somehow reminded her of someone in her original time.

"Wang ye, qie has a request." Jiang Xi Yu said calmly. While all were waiting to hear her request, Jian Xi Yu continued, "Jing Guì Fēi bestowed Ding mama to serve qie. Qie believes Ding mama is innocent. Let her get treatment so she can serve qie properly."

"Mufei is staying at Da Zhuang Yan temple for you and our son in heaven. Wang fei does not need to be concerned about mufei's regretful feeling toward such a betrayer servant. Whoever conspires, must be punished."

To pray for a full seven days at Da Zhuang Yan temple was Jing Guì Fēi's forfeit. The mastermind got away easily while her accomplices sacrificed themselves. Putting Ding mama to death would just add more fuel inside Jing Guì Fēi's hatred towards her.

"And the subject has gotten his punishment. The whole city saw the culprit get hung up along with his family's death bodies. If wang ye wants qie to recuperate fast enough, let Ding mama fulfill her duty to serve Duan Wang Fu."

Li Fei Long's face turned sour. He kept silent while both her parents restless on their chairs could not give in their own opinion since Ding mama was a close attendant to Jing Guì Fēi. Taking advantage of the silent moment there, Jiang Xi Yu gave her order.

"Master Gao, are you willing to save that soul?" Asked Jang Xi Yu to Master Gao who stood still by the hall entrance. The Master nodded and slightly smiled at her.

"Ru Ming, Ru Qing, help Ding mama back to her room and assist Master Gao." The yahuan seemed hesitated before lifted up Ding mama and basically just dragged her out from the hall.

The old mama slightly opened her eyes. Whispered as she was being dragged past Jiang Xi Yu. "One hundred years of life to repay your kindness."


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