Three King's
1 Three King“s
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Three King's
Author :Shimin
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1 Three King“s

In this world there are various groups that have different levels, "including the Witch Group, the Werewolf Group, the Hunter Group, and the Vampire Group. In the Hunter group, several groups were divided, including the Archer Group, the Shooter Group, the Sword Group, the Lancer Group, and the Human Group.

One day, the child of a child who came from the Archer Group was walking around the area of ​​the Werewolf Group, while walking he was accidentally run over by a member from the Werewolf Group who was walking alone, the child fell, he also saved the child, why they don't fight each other? Because the Archer and Werewolf Groups are groups that do not carelessly kill people, they only kill members of the Vampire Group, members of the Witch Group who use power wrongly, and other Hunter Group members who use their weapons to kill any weak and guilty group members. They stared at each other and fell in love, after he saved the child, they got acquainted with each other while going to the place where there were other Werewolf and Archer group members doing joint training. Finally, they even knew each other's names (Name of Archer member: Jonatan Hansol / Jo and Werewolf member: Mosavat Krist / Krist) Before they went to their respective training ground ", Krist invited Jo to go somewhere to get to know themselves" better again.

A few months later Krist and Jo knew each other, until "Krist was willing to turn into a Wolf to take Jo to their training ground one day. When the training was over, Krist invited everyone at the training ground to gather and surround him, when they had all gathered Krist with his pd called Jo, Jo went straight to Krist's place and when Jo arrived at Krist's place, Krist immediately revealed his feelings for Jo, Jo accepts it and the other members bear witness that they are dating and love each other.

A few years later Krist and Jo married and had an adopted child who was given by an easy couple who was married and had just had a child but was unable to take care of the child because of their inadequate economy, Krist and Jo were given with sincerity and they ( the child's parents) told Krist and Jo to make the child their biological child, initially Krist and Jo refused, but because they (the child's parents) continued to beg Krist and Jo finally agreed and gave the name to the child Nuel.

The day went by and kept on changing, initially Jo and Krist's small family life was fine but one day, when Krist came home from a bar with his friend named Farrel (a member of the magicians disguised as members of the Werewolf group), Jo saw Krist and Farrel heading towards an empty room in Krist and Jo's house, Jo carefully followed them and when Jo arrived in the room, how surprised he saw Krist and Farrel having sex, Jo immediately shouted Krist's name and immediately from quickly leaving Krist, Farrel and Nuel at home. Krist quickly put his clothes back on and immediately chased after Jo. Krist also got Jo and immediately explained that he was pretending to be hit by magic by Farrel, how did he know that ?, Apparently Krist saw a sign depicting the group of Witches on Farrel's neck at their bar, so how was Krist not bewitched? Krist quickly closed his eyes and immediately acted as though he had been bewitched.

Jo also understands and tells Krist to take revenge on Farrel, Krist agrees and their plan is to pretend to break up because of what Krist and Farrel did earlier.

A few months later Krist and Jo finally decided to end their game by showing a picture of the Witch's symbol on Farrel's neck, apparently Farrel was not so stupid, he kidnapped Nuel and put a weapon he got from his magic, Krist and Jo were initially confused how to save Nuel, but as you all know Krist and Jo are always together and one day Krist had taught Jo the power to run fast, Krist gave orders to Jo and Jo immediately understood it, and they immediately acted and finally Farrel lost and Nuel survived. Farrel was sentenced to death for daring to disguise himself as a member of the Werewolf and tried to disgrace the sheep of the members of the Werewolf group and members of the Archer group by damaging the relationship between Krist and Jo, who carried out the death sentence on Farrel was not Krist, neither Jo nor Jo was a member of the Werewolf and Archer group other, but rather Nuel, why? Because Nuel was a victim who did nothing wrong but Farrel involved him, finally Farrel was dead

i and Krist, Jo, Nuel and the rest of the group live peacefully and peacefully because Krist, Jo and Nuel were appointed to become 3 Kings who controlled the whole group, but in order not to bother them dividing the task of Nuel to control the Vampire group, Krist controlled the Werewolf group and all kinds of Hunter groups, then what about Jo? Jo he managed to make 2 groups that are outside their city (Human City) and true hostility since ancient times became reconciled and peaceful life, the group is the group HT (Human Tiger) and HL (Human Lion). ~ The end.


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