The specialist
19 25 years
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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19 25 years

immortal 3rd grade, the heat kept rising though making me cum. Then an qi spread it had all colours, me: that's mine!!? What!? How!?

Akane: oh I forgot to tell you that when you become an immortal you will be able to absorb all elements of the world with out trying and because of that your control will increase. So that qi is not qi yet but instead it is what you are absorbing.

Me: how can you not get to the God rank if you have this cheat?

Akane: 1) it is the biggest gap. 2) my talent does not match yours.

Me: okay. I guess that means we will be having sex quite often then.

Akane: if that's what you want xian.


Now going over to Sana's room.

Song:"what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller🎤(couldn't find the music 🎶 found them)

Sana: " sob sob sob sob sob..."

me: Sana.

Sana:" my lord!"

Me: it is xian. Remember.

Me: pain is the best teacher and gives an opportunity. If you over come the problem you will win and get stronger and if you fail you will most likely give up on life. I want the best for you as you gave me respect even tho I did not deserve it, I thank you for that.

Sana:" what do you mean opportunity?"

Me: well actions speak louder than words so to understand you will have to experience it first hand.


Akane: well aren't you good at pet talks?

Me: well I hope I did a good job tho she could of easily misunderstood.

Akane: what do you mean?

Me: she might still try to get me to be her husband?

Me: well anyway what do we do about the absorbing thing.

Akane: ermm...

Then we hear a sudden crash and then we see the door on the floor and a group of people barging in our room we then quickly cover our selfs with the blanket. I then say to Sana: Sana there are people in our room I would like you to get rid of them.

Sana:" yes"

After not even a second she had arrived and all of them nocked out. She then looks at me and Akane and realised what we were doing. She then realises that the opportunity I was talking about was of a different path or a different way of life and that she won her battle and so she got a new resolve and then said:" Xian I will be your maid and your guard." She said with a very very determined expression.

After all that I told her to take them to the forest and then go to sleep, as it was already to late to have dinner.

Which she did in a flash.

I then say: Akane we should go to sleep as well we can get a shower in the morning.

Akane: alright.

The next morning we both had a shower then we went to get breakfast where we slave auction people where setting up.

Me : I guess those people from before weren't the slave auction people.

Me and Akane then sat down and ordered breakfast.

After that I finally noticed that no one was saying about my qi?...

Akane: yeah um you mean that they cannot see that you are absorbing stuff. And the reason why no ones can see it is because their affinity or affinity's are not high enough to be able to see it.

Me: okays. Me: about all of those people before won't they spread stuff when they wake up?

Akane: well they would of done if Sana had not erased They memory of what happened.

Me: that makes sense. Oh do you think she would teach me how to erase minds?

Akane: yes she probably would.

The older women:" please can I talk to you about something."

Me:" sure what is it?"

The older women:" well I am sorry if this sounds selfish but I want you to, no I need you to protect this tavern, me and the workers here. Would you do that for me?"

Akane:" as long as you pay us."

The older women:"I will. Um how much do you want?"

Akane:"10000 spirit stones of the top grade."

The older women:" I am very sorry but we don't have that sort of thing here how about I give you 100 spirit stones middle rank, 50 high rank and 800000 gold. You might be able to find more spirit stones with the slave auctioneers."

Me:" when is it?"

The older women:" tonight."

Me:" okay we will do it."

We then start walking back to our room.

Akane: xian I was hoping that we would have sex every night and increase our cultivation quickly.

Me: why should we do things quickly when it is more fun to enjoy them slowly?

Akane: I suppose so as immortals can live until they are 500 years old.

Me: wow that's a long time. I hate to ask but how old are you?

Akane: 28.

Me: what? Well I was not expecting that.

Akane: how old did you think I was?

Me: 35

Akane: hmm well you weren't far off anyway how old are you?

Me: well I am 1 years old but if you count my previous life it would be 26.

Akane: wow so we are only 2 years apart.😄what should we do whilst waiting?

Me: I guess we could have sex again.

Akane: I thought that you didn't want to rush?

Me: this is not rushing. I mean I waited 25 years to meet you did I not?



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