The specialist
17 So called boss.
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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17 So called boss.

I say: Akane how do I look? Akane: errr. You have ears. Me: so. I did before. Akane: no they are different. Just look in the mirror. Akane then held up a mirror and I saw that I had cat ears and a devils tail and magnificent eyes of a demon not only that it seemed that I also had vampire teeth. WHAT??????!!!!!?!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!okay calm down self.

I then turn to Akane and say: what is happening? Akane: hmm I am not sure but I think it might have something to do with the spell you cast, you see you made your body look older and with that everything that is a part of your body with of course grow with it but I must say I am surprised as I have never seen anybody with so many races not only that you might have even more. Me: What!? Sigh what do we do? Akane: have sex again as I want your older body to. I then blush and ask: is sex all you think about? Akane: well just seeing you makes me want to do it so I suppose so. I then blush even harder understanding the hidden meaning in his words. (By the way he means that yes he is always thinking of sex but only because all he can ever think about is Xian)

Akane then says: but I better not as it is lunch time. Okay now what do we do about your appearance I mean as much as you look soooo sexy I can't be showing the beautiful you to anyone else not only that we might get in trouble and that not all people agree in having all races allowed into the clan. Then there was silence as we tried to figure out what would work and in the end decide to cover my ears and my tails and then Akane cast a spell to hid my vampire teeth and my demon eye.

We then went downstairs to the tavern where we saw an older looking women who said to us when we came over: "here for the slave auction? I here it is going to be the best one of the lot because of a special something." Akane then says: " we are not here for the slave auction." The older women:" oh good I cannot tell you how much I hate them especially there boss." She said in a whisper. I then say:"are they that bad? What did they do?" The older women:" they force themselves on to little girls and get the boys to earn money for them. If this is not bad enough they also will do whatever to get what they want even if it is murder not only that when I was younger me and a few friends of mine saw them burning a town down just to get one girl and kill her, we were forced to watch the whole thing as are body's were stiff. She says with tainted eyes.

Me:" that sounds horrible. Akane:" unfortunately it is very common. Feel yourself lucky that you did not get involved with their experiments."

We then here a crash and the older women then goes to the door and opens it to find evil looking men with girls by their sides, they then came in ignoring the older women and then one of the 4 said:" old hag where are you it is time for you to give us all your dishes and the best room in the house!!!" The older women said:" how dare you. did you forget this is my clan!!!" Another of the 4 said:" oi you hag you are no longer part of this so called clan as you lost your husband." Another one said:" yah and it was just as well as you were not good enough for him. Not only that he himself was not worthy of this place. You are just a despicable hag. To say that this is your clan. No it is not it is only my clan." The boss of the group said:" no you are wrong it is mine not yours." He said raising his fist. The older women:" NO VIOLENCE IN MY CLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The boss:" we haven't even started and your complaining. Ugh hags so unreasonable." He then went forward to strike her.

Suddenly his fist was stopped by something and then he was blasted away out of the door and then kicked from the behind then the front repeatedly until finally it stopped and I could see the so called boss laying on the ground and if his mother were here even she would not be able to recognise him.

The person then appeared in front of me and then kneeled and said:" my lord... are you alright? How have you been?" Me: not again. Here we go again. " I don't know who you are and your calling me your lord, how can I be your lord?" The person:" my lord, you don't remember me?" Me:" no." The person:"I was the one you married first. your 1st wife. She says showing some of her beautiful face. It is me. please say my name." Me:" I truly don't know who you are." She starts to tear up and then I say:" don't worry I am sure I will remember soon just as my sword said." First wife:" okay my lord, you have your sword please could I see him." Me:" I haven't fixed his qi problem yet but at how you handled the so called boss you should be fine." I then pull out my sword and give it to the first wife. She then takes it and they seem to be very silent after a while the older women could not take it so she asked:" what is going on?" Akane:" they are probably communicating via the mind, as my sword spirit can talk in my mind he should be able to do the same with her."


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