The specialist
16 Oh my....
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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16 Oh my....

When we are walking to the room people stop and stare, which if I am honest is very scary. Luckily Akane glared back at them so they stopped. When we got to the room the women left, so we went in the room, Akane used magic to enter so people stared so I glared back at them surprising they stopped. We then go in and I can see the room is very royal looking. Sparkling. Anyway we go in and both sit on the bed. Akane: so should we unpack and then go to sleep as it is getting late? Me: yes. We then go and unpack not that we have much tho then we get changed and get into bed, where Akane kisses me on my head and then lays down, he then falls asleep. I sigh and fall asleep to. When i woke up I could see that Akane was already awake and cultivating, I then see his cultivation and it is: beyond saint! Akane: you saw. Me: yes. Akane: " Sigh " : I guess that I can't keep it from you. Me:"???"

Akane: well you see I am in the immortal king rank, 3rd grade. Me: what do you mean exactly? Akane: well I will explain cultivation rank again but with more. Ok. Primary core grades, bronze core rank, silver, gold, black gold, platinum are just the beginning. Those are mortal in them. Then of course you have the eclipse where you would be half saint, then saint core rank: with 1st core grade, and so on. Then you have half immortal which is the same as half saint. Then you have immortal core rank, first core grade and so on, then you have half immortal king, then immortal king with of course the 3 grades, then you have half God, then God: Earth, sky and heaven, then Half God immortal, God immoral: Earth, sky and heaven. Then half God immortal king, God immortal king: Earth, sky and heaven. That is all I know about that. So I am immortal king: 3rd grade.

Me: well that's a lot to take in. Akane: unfortunately there is more, you see because I am a higher being than you, you will get a huge raise in cultivation likely you will get to saint: 3rd grade with just one time then second you would likely get to immortal 3rd grade. Once you get to immortal 3rd grade it won't have as much effect but it would still get you to half immortal king. Then it would not have much effect as then I would also be getting some from you which would make it so that I would become half God and then you would not get any but the next time you would be able to reach immortal king, 3rd grade. Unfortunately there is a huge gap between immortal king and God that is why I have been stuck for ages.

Me: well ok but what about that token shouldn't it be even better. Akane: well you see the identity tokens can only be created by earth magic as you know once you reach saint rank you will be able to absorb from all materials but not only do you have to have an affinity with earth and be at Earth rank you also have to be able to use creation magic spells, therefore they are hard to get, there are also levels of creation magic spells which are of course primary, bronze, silver,gold,black gold,platinum and eclipse. Eclipse is the highest I know of, tho there are probably more better ones. Me: oh that makes more sense, wait hang on you don't know creation magic nor do you have the earth affinity, so how. Akane: I have a friend who was, and the only reason your family have three is because I asked my friend for them. Tho he did not think your family as important so he just gave you bronze.

Me: if they are so rare then why did the women ask for it?

Akane: well this is a clan and so they have involvement with every body so they had to ask as some of us they can not afford to annoy. It seems it is almost dinner time wow that took longer than expected. Any way let's go down and have some dinner. Me: sure. We then head down for dinner, Akane shows his token and we don't have to pay. Me:" ah. Yum." Akane: let's go back to our bedroom. Me: sure. We then go back to our bedroom and then Akane says: you go ahead and get into the bath. Me: ok. I then go and undress and get in the bath. Akane then walks in not long after me. Akane: let's have sex. He says with a happy face. I then say: what about the condom? Akane: they put some in the drawers so I took one. Me: okay. Akane then sits next to me in the bath he then says, why don't we carry on from where we left off? I then climb on to his lap.

Akane's thing then rises and touches my whole again. I then say: are you doing to put it in? Akane: yes. I then feel his thing enter my whole me: "ahnnnnmmn" "ha ha ha" "mmmnnn" Akane then keeps going until he is completely in and we both cum at the same time, I then feel my body going up in all my affinity's and my quick rise in cultivation. Me: "mmmmmnnnnnn" Akane: "ha ha ha" Akane then feels that my cultivation has reached saint rank, 3rd grade so he starts to pull out. When we are separated. Akane says looking at me: "Oh my...."


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