The specialist
15 So
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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15 So

We then get out of the bath and go and scrub of and rinse of, we then get back in. I then say:" shouldn't we go to sleep?" Akane:" yes we should." We then both get up and go and get dry and then put our clothes on and get into bed.

The next morning we both wake up to the sound of a nock on the door, it is the maid again. We then go down stairs and have breakfast. My father, my brother, my mum and some maids are there. My father:" eat as much as you would like." Me:" I will." After I had finished my mother came over to me. My mother:" here are some cookies and some cups, I am sure with Akane's guidance you will be able to find water." Me:" yes, thank you mother." Akane gets up and thanks her to.

After breakfast we go up stairs to brush our teeth then we head down stairs and to the door. A butler opens the door and we then go out where we meet the rest of the family all ready standing there, my father:" your wagon is ready son. But before you go I have something for you." He then slips something over my neck. My father:" this is your very own identity token." My mother:" huh. Even I did not get one. You are so lucky." My father:" don't worry my wife your birthday is coming up is it not."my mother:" really you will let me have one?" My father:" you will have to wait and see."

I then hug them both. My brother:" Dad I want to go with them, can't I?" My father:" unfortunately you can't." My brother:" mum can I ?" My mother:" you dads words are final." My brother starts to cry and sniff. My brother:" brother I will get to see you again right?" Me:" we will have to see about that, but I guess we would, well it is most likely." My brother:" mm okay" I then get in the wagon with Akane. Akane then takes of and I wave to my mum and dad.


Little did I know that when we were out of sight my father said:" son unfortunately we can't let you stay here either because my mother will be coming back and she does not like children even though she had me she only let that slide because I was a genius in cultivation however I fear the worst for you....You will have to go back to the sellers men until she is gone." My brother:" wawawawawa."


When me and Akane where in flight I asked:" should we really be doing this? I mean my body is still of a 1 year old." Akane:" once you reach half rank saint you will be able to change your body." Me:" oh, okay, should I start absorbing now then?" Akane:" unfortunately you can't unless you have a lot of control over what you absorb and what you don't." Me:" oh okay."

After 3 days of flying Akane said: we are almost there. (Of course in stead of training Akane was teaching me about other magics. Like how he can talk in my mind, unfortunately he only learned how to do that one or in other words his understanding of the others were non existent as well as he did not have an affinity for them, to test if you had an affinity for it you would have to try out a chant, and for mind reading and what not. you had to chant. Mind location. I know it is weird but it is true.)

We then land and Akane gets out and opens the door for me, so I get out. And say to Akane. Me: you doing that. Does that mean I am the more feminine out of both of us? Akane: hahahaha no that is not the reason but yes you are. Me: so what is the reason. I say pouting. Akane: cute.. well I am Ment

To be acting as your body guard or butler or both so it makes the most sense for me to do that. Me: oh okay.

We then go to the door of the very large clan and then Akane opens it. When we go in we can see that the place is thriving. Me: sooo many people. Akane: well of course. You know not many people would not want to try sex when they can have pleasure and raise their cultivation. We then walk over to the reception and there is a young woman there. Who says to us with out looking at us:" so how many nights here?" Akane:" 1 week." The women:" alright I will need your identity token or money." Akane gets out a platinum colour token and gives it to the women. The women looks up straight away and sees Akane and says:" I am sorry sir I did not realise." She says whilst slamming her head on the table. Me:" you don't have to worry He is not going to hurt you. Will you?" Akane:" of course I won't if you order it young master." The women:" He is only 1 years old." She says with a shocked expression. Akane:" so?" The women:" sorry sorry sorry I will lead you to the best room we have." She then says to her co worker :" you will have to cover for a while." She says in a whisper. Which we can hear.


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