The specialist
14 Old habits die hard
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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14 Old habits die hard

Akane then said: should we get rid of the weird supporters? The spirit: hehe. no let's not we would be getting attention from that but if they attack us first then we should, for now let's just stay close to Xian. Akane: right.

After getting home I went to my room to train until dinner. There came a knock on my door so I said:" come in." They open the door and come in. Akane says:"umm can I help you with training?' Me:" sure" I think to myself: I bet he only wants to talk to me about our relationship now. He then surprised me by saying:" actually I came here to talk about are relationship and about something else." Me:" oh. Something else?" Akane:"yes."

Akane:"How about I start by saying about the something else." I then say:" sure." Akane:" well you see me and your sword found some people spying through the windows in the classroom and so we came to the conclusion that one of us or both should always be with you, I hope you understand that." I then say:" I don't mind, I would prefer always being in your company than not, though I hope that they give up on spying on us." Akane:" okay. So about our relationship. Are we now lovers?"

Me:" yeah I guess we could be." I then pull him onto the bed and kiss him cheekily, he then opens my mouth with his fingers and reaches for my tongue with his. Us both:" mnn" I then open my eyes to see his eyes looking back at me. I pull out and turn my head.

Akane:" cute... oh you must of got to black gold rank, first grade. Wow." I then say:" was that the longest I could do that for?" Akane:" you should be able to do that for longer but to make sure we should test it." Akane then kisses me more violently which makes us both:" mmnnn" at the same time, this keeps happening for I am not sure how long but then we hear a knock at the door. Akane seems annoyed so I say:" ha we can carry on later." Akane:" ha I'd love to." It would be funny if the person outside the door could see 💞💞💞 coming from the room through the door.

I then go to the door and open it. A maid is standing there. She says:" young master your father calls for you as it is now dinner, you too Akane." The maid then leaves. Akane:" what!!!!!!?" Me:" hehehe let's go." We then go down stairs. When we get to the dinner table Akane bows to my father before sitting down next to me. My father:" son is this your friend Akane?" Me:" yes, father we will be leaving at 6:00am." My father:" okay I will see you at breakfast tomorrow then." I then finish of my last piece of cake and then look to see that Akane is now done so I get up. But before I go I see that my father stopped Akane from leaving to talk to him. Probably about our journey. I still don't know where we are going.

When I got to the door I nocked on it waiting for a response but no one answered? So I continued to wait. I then saw Akane walk up the stairs and then seeing me he said: " aren't you going to bed? Do you want to sleep together?" I then say:" but this is not...oh. sighhhh, yep the things you do often become habits." Akane:" what do you mean?" Me:" well as you know I am from another world and in that world I had a bad life and so I was an all alone so to get food I would always go around the houses to see if they had anything spare but they never gave me anything, with that I had to resort to stealing and what not." Akane:" oh. Well are we going to sleep together?" Me:" yes. Let's sleep in my room."

We then go in my room and I then say:" I am going to get a shower." Akane:" I'll come with." We then both go to the bath room that is very big, put our clothes out side the bath and then get in the bath. Whilst sitting there I feel Akane's hand on my back. Akane:" you should sit in my lap whilst I draw on your back, it is a game where you have to guess what I am drawing." I then blush and get on his lap, which makes my blush even more. I think: my face feels hot. Akane starts to draw on my back. Me:" hahahaha that tiggles, Akane then proceeds with his drawing and when he reaches my lower left waist I call in pleasure:"mmmmmhaha" Akane hears this and his and his thing stars to lift upward until I can feel it near my whole. Akane:" ah sorry."

I then say:" no please carry on you want to make me yours don't you?" Akane:" I don't have a condom." Me:" oh,do we need one?" Akane:" it will reduce the pain, so yes we do." Me:" you have done this before?" Akane:" no but when I was in college my friend forced me to watch a movie on it." Me:" oh, where would we find one?" Akane:" at the dual cultivation clan, I guess we could go there first as this is important. " me:" yes it is but I have one question does something happen when you know finish the job?" Akane:" we would both get a massive raise in cultivation, the better the sex the better the raise in cultivation." Me:" well that's scary." Akane:" it is. Well anyway we will be leaving tomorrow morning so we should gets some sleep."


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