The specialist
13 The weird supporters
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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13 The weird supporters

When the blade comes out of it, I can see the sharp glint coming of off the sword. The other two seem to be trembling in fear for some reason, so I ask:" what's wrong?" The young man:" that sword h how did you, it was a God's sword." Akane:" have you touched this sword before?" I then say:" I don't think so, not from what I remember. " The swords light envelopes me and I seem to fall asleep.

When I wake up I see the spirit of the sword, it comes over to me and says:" master." It then kneels and is silent waiting for me to speak. So I say:" Who are you?" The spirit says surprised:" Master, you don't remember?" I then say:" No. It would seem not." The spirit:" well I am sure you will start to remember, so don't worry about it." We then both wake up to see Akane at me with worry and it seemed that my pulse had gone as he was now about to deep kiss me!!!

But I let him even though I was awake, though I might of hurt him if I tried to push him off or I would get hurt in other words I did not have a choice. I then think: I bet he is doing that because he knows that whether I wake up or not I won't do anything because of those reasons. I then receive the deep kiss. ( up to your imagination of what it will be like😍)

Akane does the first aid, in and out. After him doing so for awhile I can't take it anymore so I then when he is in my mouth, intertwine my tongue around his this makes him blush as he can see my eyes are open and that of what I was doing. He then returned the kiss. I then realised that we were not alone and that the other two were looking away. So I let the kiss go on for a while longer.

After I had run out of breath I pulled back Akane noticed this and stopped. After that I then say in my mind: when my cultivation is better I will be able to carry on for as long as you want. Akane replies: true. We then both stand up and see that the other two were still not looking. Akane:" did you see anything?" The young master:" No, I turned around when you were doing first aid." He said confused. The spirit:" I did however you should not worry."


in Akane's mind, spirit: as I would like to do that to him to if he would like. I would do anything for him.


I then say:"It is fine, let's just get back to the classroom I am sure it is starting soon." The young master:" okay." He then opens the portal again. We go through after him.

Little did I know that someone or something had seen us.

When we got back there were still no students in the classroom. " Sigh." Of relief. The bell then rings. I then say:" we should hurry." " bye young master." I then leave with Akane being led by me. We then shortly arrive at the classroom. However when we got into the classroom everybody was already there.

I then say to Akane:" maybe I should learn how to teleport." Akane nods and then we both go and sit down and as soon as that happens the teachers comes in. I then whisper to Akane. Me:" seems we were just in time." Akane nods.

The teacher:" alright class, I will be talking about combat." She takes a breath. "So first we have the different classes of weapons. They are: swords, daggers, hammers, bow and arrow. These are the most basic of weapons. Swords are for fair duals, daggers for quick kills, hammers for mass destruction and the bow and arrow for long range." Akane then suddenly asks: so what did the sword tell you? I then say: oh, well he called me his master and said that I would remember more of who he was soon, this seems weird don't you think, I mean the young master said it was a God's weapon.... oh well. As it does not matter much who I was but who I will become.

We then go back to listen to the teacher:" so there we have it all the times you could possibly use such weapons, speaking from experience of course." It seems she had rambled on for quite the while as the bell rang straight after she had said that though it did seem she was aware of the time. The Teacher:" alright class next lesson we will be going on a trip outside to do some training together. You may now leave." The class:" yes mam."

The students then leave and we are the last to go down the stairs and before we exist the door the teacher says:" before you go please can I have a look at your weapon." I then say before Akane replied, me:" sure." I then take out the sword and the glint makes her drop to the ground. I then say:" spirit stop pressuring her." The spirt:" master I am sorry that is my Qi at it's least, you see you gave me some of your Qi back then and over time I have not been able to keep it in check." I then say:" ok, come here I will absorb it from you."

The spirit says in my mind: the only way to do that is to kiss me because you sealed it in me, to release it you would have to. I then say: oh, alright as I don't have a choice. However we will have to wait until we get home. I then say:" seems that is not possible but I will find a way to fix that. Teacher we will be going now thank you for teaching us for our first and last day." I say shaking her hand. I had put the spirit away before the conversation we had. I then say:" ah and sorry about my sword." We then leave.

Little do I know that there were people spying though the window of the classroom. Akane thinks to himself: that is weird. Then the sword says in his mind: it is. I know. To cheer up this situation we should call them ' The weird supporters.'


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