The specialist
10 Are you sure about that?
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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10 Are you sure about that?

The howling wind is all around the classroom as well as the red and blue fast flashes.

I looked at the students expressions and was amused because all of them had their jaws dropped and eyes bulging, It looked hilarious. When I turned around, I saw Akane looking at me with his natural, beautiful smile. All the girls in the classroom squealed. This made the boys angry and made the teacher jealous. She said in a whisper:" young is what I used to be. Sigh." I happened to hear this and so did Akane and we both said to her in a low whisper:" young is forever ones heart." She hears this and a beautiful smile spreads across her face making her look like the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, not even lady Hu could top her. The other students did not seem to of noticed anything probably because they are now staring at each other with frosty eyes. I thought to my self: girls vs boys, is like cats vs dogs. You don't know what suits which sex, nor do you know who would win. The teacher then says to me "seems it's your turn."

I then do the same as Akane and colour then burst forth, all colours. Again I got to see a b spectrum of colours making a beautiful sight. This time their expressions stayed the same.( the same hlierrious expression ) oh and by the way I said the same thing as Akane ( you know what we said to the teacher) because he talked me in my mind, I will explain later about that. So anyway after the teacher had tested us, she said:" you two shouldn't stay here. Instead you should straight away join a clan." Akane explained in my head:" clans are the ones with the best resources and with that you can get a skill book straight away and learn it." I replied in my head:" okay, so which clan should I join?" Akane:" don't worry I have one in mind but for now I won't tell you because we need to inform people that we will be leaving, as well as we would have to ask for permission first." I then say:" okays." The teacher then says:" right. Now I will bring you to the vice principal." She then proceeds to the door and before leaving she says:" students no messing around and no leaving the classroom." The students:" yes mam!"

All three of us walk to the vice principals office and the door immediately opened after we had said what was necessary. We went in and the vice principal invited us to sit down on some comfy chairs in the corner, which for some reason I had not seen before. To help me understand Akane explains to me that it is creation magic of a high level. In any case I sit down on the chair closest to Akane and the vice principal seems to have an annoyed expression, but then he seems to notice that I was looking at him and suddenly went back to his normal calm and dominating expression and Qi. This made me think he was interesting and so I shared a smile with him, this seemed to lift his expression, so I was satisfied. However when I turned to look at Akane he was frowning angrily at the vice principal. The teacher with us seemed frightened by the two and turned to look at me and then noticed that I was confused, she sighed and accidentally said out loud:" right of course he is dense he is a little boy, only one year old." I sighed in my heart saying: Are you sure about that?

After that happened the other two seemed to of noticed something and turned to look at me, to see if I would rebuke her. But I did not instead I just asked:"so what should i do about getting myself a leave?" The teacher seemed shocked as to how I stopped their fight so easily, Akane and the vice principal were both looking at me with dodgy eyes, it looked so cute. Did I just say that?🤭🤫Akane's cheeks seemed to burn bright red, which made him look even cuter. When the teacher saw this she was at a loss, so I just said:" he can read thoughts...." She just looked at him like a monster then quickly began to think he looked cute, which seemed to make Akane annoyed, as his thoughts accidentally went into mine: I don't mind being called cute by xian but I am definitely not being called cute by a women. This made me blush and seeing that vice principal, looked at me adoringly and then gave Akane the death stare. Akane then realised he was being stared at by vice principal and so he turned around and gave the death stare back at the vice principal. This some what seemed to be like a starring contest. I then said to them:" Stop, that is enough we can't even hold a conversation if you two are like that!" The both of them looked scared, which made me confused none the less I then asked:" so how can I sort out my leave." Vice principal:" you just need to fill in these three documents and then you are done." I then filled in them with a pen that the vice principal gave me.


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