The specialist
9 Figures
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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9 Figures

The maids seemed to of seen us and so they quickly left. I then say:" well should we go then?" Akane:" yes, it is about the right time." We then both go down the stairs together. We get to the front door, get into the wagon and set of. It only took 5 mins to get over there and that time went very quickly because of the warmth, it was so nice and soothing. Akane then lands the wagon gets out and opens the wagon door for me. We then proceed to the main gate where some guards are, they asked to see our identities and I showed them principal Hu's, to say the least: they looked rather shocked but then it made sense to them. A 1 year old boy can walk. I thought to myself: seems my father has quite the repartition. We both head inside and reach the main door where a similar situation happened but before we got to go in, one of the guards said:" you will have to go to the vice principals office." The guard then gives me a map of the academy. I then show it to Akane and then we proceed to the vice principals office. When we are walking there I could see the floor had patterned tiles and the sealing had lights hanging from them and then the sun was shining though the windows on the right hand side of the hallway. We then got to the end of the hallway and made our way to right passing classrooms as we went, it seemed quite empty so I assumed that it was the students day of or something. When We had finally got to the door of the vice principal Akane nocked the door then blasted open and fresh air came right at us. When we were farther in we could both see that the windows were open and a oldish man was sitting on his chair all high and mighty.

He then spoke to us:" you are principal Hu's adopted son and you are?" Akane says:" his butler, Akane." The middle aged man seemed shocked and asked:" you have a name?" Akane:" yes. Also xian is young masters name." The vice principal then says:" well ok then. xian you have already passed the test as I can see that you can walk as a 1 year old, which implies that your magic skills are high quality, you will be sent to the genius classroom. Now go before the bell rings." I then see that akane is staying, but figured he had stuff to talk about with vice principal. So I left. I then go to find my classroom. When I get closer I can see that there were already lots of people there. I thought: what how come I did not see any earlier?! I then go into my classroom and see that the people are coming out of random portals. Weird!!? I then see a girl coming to me and ask:" did you get lost poor boy?" I then get annoyed 😠 and say:" no I am not, I am a new student." She seems flabbergasted, which makes me satisfied. The teacher then comes in From behind me and says:" class go to your seats!" They all quickly do as told, bearing in mind these people are nobles but they seem to be afraid of her. She then bumps into me: seems she did not see me. Though I don't get what is so scary about her. In any case I ask her:" mam where should I sit." She then sees me and says:" you must be one of the new students right, ok you can sit over there." She says pointing. It only occurs to me that she said one when I had sat down.

I then see another boy enter who seems to be around 12. He comes in and gets directions to his seat which happens to be next to me. I then ask him:" by any chance is your name Akane?" He then says:" yeah how'd you guess?" I then say:" figures, oh and I knew because your sent is the same." Akane:" you must mean my qi, oh and also when you look angry it looks like you are pouting." I then say:" how did you?" But I was stopped Because the teacher started talking because everyone had sat down and had gone quite:" you two boy tell us about your selfs." Akane then says:" my name is Akane and this is my young master and friend xian. I have affinity's with water, fire and wind." The whole class was shocked at this point, even the teacher. Akane then says:" believe it or not xian has a affinity with everything." The whole classes including the teacher had their jaws to the ground. We then both sit down and the class is very silent until the teacher then says:" I would like to confirm both of your affinity's, both of you come down here." I look at Akane and he just shrugs and so I figured it was fine and so I follow him down the stairs. We walked down the stairs with everyone looking at us, with puzzled expressions, I then decided to imagine that there was question marks above their heads, Which almost made me laugh out loud. When we get to the teacher and she gives both of us the same empty stone that Akane gave me that time. Akane then said:"I will go first." The teacher says:" ok you may start." Akane then starts to circulate his mana and then guides it to the stone, which busts with blue, red and a sound of howling wind.


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