The specialist
7 Of course
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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7 Of course

So we walked back to the wagon and once again Akane opened the door for me and I got in, he then got in and released a spell and we started to fly once again. This reminded me to not look for differences but look at the things that are the same. In the wagon we where both silent it was not a bad silence but a really warm one the type of warmth you would only get from family and close friends. When we got back I asked akane if I could start training now. He said that we could and so we went to the training ground together. We sat down on the ground and akane said:" before we go into your training, I will explain a few things first." He waited for my response so I nodded. He then began:"if you don't know what you are doing you could end up dead, so with that in mind I will tell you how to train, what you want to do is absorb energy and depending on what your affinity is you absorb what goes with your affinity or affinity's. For example I have 3 affinity's which are water, fire and wind, so I absorb heat, water and wind, also when you get stronger you will be able to absorb more forms of your affinity's, to do that you will have to test your affinity or affinity's." He then takes out a stone and gives it to me. He then says" to train your body you have to circulate your mana or magic so you can get your body used to containing it, then you can spread it though out your body and as you get stronger you can add more to it giving you more strength physically. To do all of that you need to absorb your affinity, so with that in mind circulate your magic once and then guide it to the stone."

I then try to circulate my mana and I start to feel it moving, so I continue to push it round until I had done a full circle, I then started to get it to move in the direction of the stone, this had only taken me a few moments. I then see that the stone is starting to change colour. A bright flash then occurs, full of all colours, that had seem ably ever existed. It was a beautiful sight it then disappeared and all it left was a sense of yearning, for nothing but to see that amazing sight again. Soon afterwards akane said to me:" I was definitely not expecting you to have all of them, I mean maybe 8 at most but all?" He then sighed and turned to me while calming his self down, he then asked:" so is one or two of your affinity's higher than the others?" I then respond:" no that is not the case why do you ask?" I say returning a question back to him. He then says :" it is normal to have some higher than others. but it seems you don't apply to that rule." He says sighing once again. I then say:" okay, so now that I have all the affinity's, can I absorb anything?" Akane:" yes i suppose you could, you might as well start now." I then say:" sure why not." I then begin to absorb everything in existence that is not living.


Whilst that is happening akane is extremely shocked as he believed that the stone was faulty, but then realised it was telling the truth because the energy in the air and from everything else was being absorbed into Xians core.

He maybe honest but he was not willing to be embarrassed in front of his first and new friend.


When I woke up I can feel my core overflowing with energy, I then decided to circulate the energy.

A moment later it was done, apparently the higher your core grade is the easer it is but the harder it is to absorb things. Well anyway I was done. Then I finally realised that I had been in the training ground beforehand and now I was in my room." I guess akane put me here." I then noticed that there was something next to me in my bed and of course it was akane. I spring out of bed like a jack in the box and hit the roof, although it did not hurt it made me extremely embarrassed 😳 and I quickly got down hoping akane did not see that, to my surprise he was still asleep. Little did I know he was not, but was extremely embarrassed because he had slept in my bed and that if I was to find out I might tell my father and have him gone. I then went to get changed into different clothes and by the time I came back I saw akane starting to wake up, so I said:" you up?" He replied:" yes..." I then said:" you should go as soon as possible, I mean if principal Hu saw you in here who knows what he will do."

Akane then said:" right you are, I will be going now I will see you in an hour." He said walking out the door. It was at that moment that I realised that my door needed a lock, unfortunately for the door it had met me and I had broken it my first day here.

So I began thinking of how I could do it and then realised I would have to use a spell. "Sigh"


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