The specialist
6 where am I?
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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6 where am I?

I then step down and then he asks:" what would you like to do first?" I then reply:" let's get a drink first." The man then says:" yes young master." I then say to him:" there is no need to hold the formalities with me." The man says:" if that is your wish, then I shall do so, what should I call you?" I then say:" I am not sure. What do you think?" The man ponders for a little while and then replies with:" hmm I think the name that would suit you would be Xian." I then say :" okay I like it, now what should I call you?" The man smiles and says:" akane would be alright." With all that sorted I left with akane to walk around the city. I saw lots of beautiful buildings and stylish nobles, in the city. After we had walked for awhile a bell sung, and then akane stopped and said to me:" that is the 12:00pm Bell, but most people call it the lunch bell, I think we should get some lunch, oh and don't worry about cues." He says showing a card and smiling sillily. We then continue walking with me following him.

I then ask him:" I know that I am unusual but they don't have to stare so much." I sigh and then hear akane say:" I have found a place, just over there that should do fine." He seemed to have not heard me. Any how I follow him into the tavern and as I walk in I smell liquor and akane says:" maybe not this place." I then say:" have you forgotten that my insides and strength are very much not weak, so I will be fine." Little did I know that was not the reason for akane's reaction. In any case we go to the counter where a strong looking person was serving drinks.

He looked at akane with a knowing smile and asks:" what can I serve you...both." He says while realising that he had come to the wrong conclusion and that we were here for something else. A man sitting in the corner gave akane and me a weird look and then stood up and said:" boss we don't sell to children do we?" The boss:" ah no we don't, you will have to go somewhere else." A person behind the smoking man suddenly moved from the shadows and tried to hurt me, he seemed unlike a being with a soul, almost like a zombie. When It was very close to me the boss said:" wait! Don't spill blood in here, I will have to pay for it to be cleaned up!" The smoking man then says to the boss:"you earn plenty to be able to do that, so if you don't want mess, stop it your self." At that moment a flash was seen and when they were able to see again they could tell that the man had gone along with the smoking man and his no soul being.


They also realised that they were trapped too, soon the man who entered with the child appeared and then he said :"they are gone and won't come back, I ask you not to spread this." All the people on the locked space nodded their heads. With that they all returned, but of course the two men did not appear.


I then realised that the one trying to get me is gone and that the other person is gone to, I then turn to akane and ask:" did you get rid of them?" Akane is silent for awhile before saying slowly:" yes, I did."


Naturally the smoking man was not dead. But instead he was about to receive endless torture.

The smoking man then asks out loud:" where am I?"


With that answer I could only guess what happened. I then ask akane to buy us some lunch, which he then does with my preference already known. I then realise that all the people are looking respectfully at akane and then they turn to me in envy.


I soon calm down and eat my lunch, after that I then ask:" so tell me more about magic." Akane then replied saying:" well there are lots of different amounts of magic people have in their core so there is a system of different grades starting from primary core grades: first core grade, second core grade, third core grade, those are the most basic and easy to pass if you have a talent with magic. Then we have the bronze core rank, which is the same amount and called the same way as the primary core grades, there is then there is silver core rank, gold core rank, black gold core rank, platinum core rank and then the eclipse which is between human and saint." I then ask:" what rank am I?" Akane then says as if knowing I would ask says:" you are in the bronze rank at the first core grade, you should be proud of yourself as the most someone has awakened to is the primary second core grade." He then stops and then seems to of remembered something and so he says:" your adopted father has given a request to the academy if you can go there, if you get in you will get to learn about spells amongst other things, so it is worth going, if you would like I could help you train whilst you wait to find out if you got in." I then smile and say:" yes that would be great."

With out realising I had released an emotion that I had never before.



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